FIFA International Date: February 6

For some reason FIFA has decided to set an international date tomorrow as a bunch of teams will play meaningless friendlies in preparation for the next round of 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Here is the Canadian TV schedule. Note that Sportnet has recently made a change, moving England v Brazil to Sportsnet ONE for some reason. Considering they are two of the most popular teams in the world, I really don’t understand it.

Here is the complete schedule. All times Eastern.

1:00pm, Spain vs. Uruguay (from Doha) – Sportsnet
2:30pm, England vs. Brazil (from London) – Sportsnet ONE (encore: 10pm)
2:30pm, Holland vs. Italy (from Amsterdam) – Sportsnet World
2:30pm, Sweden vs. Argentina (from Stockholm) – GolTV (encore: 11pm)
3:00pm, France vs. Germany (from Paris) – Sportsnet
4:30pm, Ireland vs. Poland (from Dublin) – GolTV

10 thoughts on “FIFA International Date: February 6

  1. Far from meaningless, they serve as a warm up and analysis for WC qualifier games. And, thank goodness there are no ridicolous half time shows. These are matches where the game matters, not the ads.

  2. Anywhere I can watch the Italy game online as i don’t have Sportsnet world…?

  3. The England vs. Brazil match is also being showing on Sportsnet World at 9 pm

  4. These “FRIENDLIES” do matter. A LOT. preparing for the WC qualifiers are very much important.

  5. They move popular games to SN1 so that people have to pay for the channel!

    • It was to make a doubleheader, like Dan said. Sportsnet hasn’t moved any big games to Sportsnet One for any reason other than scheduling in at least a year. They don’t even really do it with Sportsnet World anymore. Sportsnet has the 3 Champions League games featuring the 3 British teams plus Milan v Barcelona in the next 2 weeks while World has the “lesser” of the games.

  6. Looks to me like Sportsnet changed the game so they could show a doubleheader?

  7. It ALWAYS matters when we beat Brazil.

  8. the international date also actually includes World Cup qualifers like in our region where Mexico tied at home – shocker and the US lost in Honduras – not entirely surprising except to the Americans who can’t still figure out why they can’t dominate the sport like they do elsewhere being the world’s lone superpower which was the post-mortem headline in the WSJ.

    • I guess my issue isn’t so much with having one, it’s the timing. They should have Champions League on the 6, 13 and then February 27 and March 6. Then have the international date the week of March 13, where it’s a bit closer to the qualifiers.

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