Incredible Deadspin Reporting on Manti Te’o

College football fans, or even more particular, Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans, like myself, are probably familiar with the Manti Te’o story. In a matter of days he lost his Grandmother and girlfriend in September. Then he put the team on his back and beat Michigan State and Michigan. Only problem, the girlfriend never existed. The Deadspin story on this is simply incredible. Despite its length, it is worth reading every word.

Deadspin becoming more and more respected for its investigative reporting. The Sarah Phillips (fraud sports better) story last year was interesting enough. This takes it, as well as Notre Dame legend and lore, to a whole new level. Te’o is a household name in the US. He’s gained many fans because of what he has (or hasn’t) been through. He’s projected to go in the first round of the NFL Draft in June. Some analysts put him as high as the top ten. I’m very interested to see where this story goes. Honestly I prefer reading Deadspin over traditional long form sports writing, like Sports Illustrated or ESPN Magazine, now.

4 thoughts on “Incredible Deadspin Reporting on Manti Te’o

  1. I don’t pay much attention to college football, so somehow I’d missed the whole Te’o thing to begin with, but man this is a great piece of reporting. I can’t believe so many places skipped the most basic fact-checking processes!

  2. I was floored… Notre Dame (and the media for that matter) made him out to be holier than thou. He may still be, but there are too many unanswered questions to know for sure. You’ve gotta think the whole story will come out at some point?

  3. Deadspin was also a leader in investigating the Penn State scandal before it was picked up by the MSM.

  4. Another blow for US sports media to be fall for this story without even verifying that his girlfriend existed in the first place. Add in the Lance story, Bonds/McGwire, NFL steriods/concussion, everyone has been blinded by being too close to the action and cheerleading any sports they hold the rights to.

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