Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 3, 2013

The round robin of the World Juniors is now over. Between live and encore broadcasts all of Canada’s games topped the million mark. Here are the ratings from the last week of 2012. I’ll start fresh with 2013 ratings, hopefully including NCAA bowl games, more World Juniors and the NFL playoffs, next week.

CAN-GER, Dec 26, TSN: 372, 000 (1.066 million in encores)
CAN-SVK, Dec 28, TSN: 286, 000 (1.164 million in encores)
CAN-USA, Dec 30, TSN: 561, 000 (1.095 million in encores)
CAN-RUS, Dec 31, TSN: 1.6 million (918, 000 in encores)

DAL-WSH, Dec 30, TSN: 719, 000

HOU-CHI, Dec 25, TSN: 245, 000
DEN-LAC, Dec 25, TSN: 156, 000
TOR-SA, Dec 26, SN: 125, 000
DAL-OKC, Dec 27, TSN: 126, 000
BOS-LAC, Dec 27, TSN: 71, 000
TOR-ORL, Dec 29, TSN: 191, 000

To put the World Junior numbers in context, 178, 000 people watched the third airing of Canada beating Germany on TSN. Only 125, 000 watched the live Raptors game on Sportsnet at the same time. Then again, the Raptors were bested by 3 of the other 4 NBA games on in primetime on December 25 and 27 too. For more information on the World Junior ratings, see TSN’s press release.


6 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 3, 2013

  1. I’d say it’s because interest in the Raptors is negligible outside of Ontario.

  2. Hey Josh, any word on the ratings for Sportsnet’s replay of the 1992 World Series?

  3. For the prime time Dallas vs Washinton NFL match below the CFL avg per game will give the CFL some more leverage come contract time with TSN
    It may also give Rogers/MLSE to just eat their crow and begin promote or even buy the Argos. I mean enough is enough already it is time that the Biggest ownership group in the biggest sports and TV Market to become a part of the CFL. The Argos and the CFL are popular now Toronto FC and the MLS not as popular and the TV numbers prove that. It would be barely an expense for Rogers/MLSE they own the stadium in which they play and they already have the Media and Mechandise outlets already in place not adding the Argos now would seem to be bad business $$ wise and would also be good business from a publicity standpoint

    • I think that having four of the five major sports teams in Toronto owned by the same organization would not be good for competitiveness. I also doubt MLSE are interested because the Argonauts provide no live content since the CFL sells all of their games.

      And I honestly don’t know how NFL ratings give the CFL leverage. Truth is CFL needs TSN and TSN needs the CFL, regardless of any other sports. There is probably no other network that will buy rights to all 72 games, which gives TSN leverage, if anything. The only thing that really gives the CFL an advantage is if CBC makes a serious bid.

      • The one thing that does make sense is that Rogers is looking for one CFL game a week to show on the newly aquired score. A definate no right now but as Bob Young has found out that owners that help out the CFL may get contracts for other business ventures. Bob Young and the Hamilton Ti Cats = MRX and the CFL.
        Another network may only come if indeed a 10th team can get up and Running and there are 5 instead of 4 games per week. With Rogers Owning the Argos that is one less financial headache that the CFL will need to deal with could mean more help in getting a 10th team and stadium from the CFL.

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