NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 17

Not sure whether I’ll bother doing this next year or not, but here it is for the last week of 2012 anyway. Maybe if everyone could leave a comment about how much they need or like this (be honest, I don’t care if you think its useless), then it will help with my decision and be much appreciated.

First I’d like to say Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for reading in 2012. EURO 2012 and the London Olympics helped this be the most viewed year ever as the site continues to grow. Let’s hope hockey gets back in 2013 so I have something to write about, but even if it doesn’t I have a couple posts planned on suggestions for those who are trying to fill time when they usually watch hockey. I know cold, winter Sunday (and Saturday really) afternoons will be one for me once football is done.

Here is a great playoff scenario generator on Just for this week I’ve decided to include games available to many Canadians on American networks as well since both CBS and FOX have doubleheaders and it is the last week of the season.

Sunday December 30
1:00pm, Philadelphia Eagles (4-11) @ New York Giants (8-7)
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener, Northern Ontario

1:00pm, Chicago Bears (9-6) @ Detroit Lions (4-11)

1:00pm, Houston Texans (12-3) @ Indianapolis Colts (10-5)
CTV Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC

4:25pm, Green Bay Packers (11-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (9-6)
Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg; SN East, West, Pacific; RDS

4:25pm, St. Louis Rams (7-7-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (10-5)
Citytv Alberta, Vancouver; SN Ontario

4:25pm, Miami Dolphins (7-8) @ New England Patriots (11-4)
CBS Boston, Detroit, Burlington

4:25pm, Kansas City Chiefs (2-13) @ Denver Broncos (11-3)
CBS Spokane

8:30pm, Dallas Cowboys (8-7) @ Washington Redskins (9-6)

The biggest game is Cowboys @ Redskins where the winner will win the NFC East and get the fourth seed. Green Bay clinches a bye with a win, while the Vikings would clinch a playoff birth if they win. Chicago needs to win to have a chance, while the Giants need a win and losses by Chicago and Minnesota to make the playoffs. The Seahawks have clinched the 5 seed, so I’m honestly a bit disappointed Rogers is even bothering to show it.

The AFC is a great deal simpler. Texans-Colts means nothing for Indy (they’ve locked the five seed). Houston needs a win to secure the top seed, while a loss could mean they will miss out on a bye entirely. Baltimore-Cincinnati is only interesting if New England loses, in that case a Baltimore win would set up a Bengals-Ravens rematch next weekend. If the Patriots win, then they need a loss by Denver or Houston to get a bye. Denver will secure a bye with a win over Kansas City.

Confused yet? Basically Green Bay-Minnesota and Dallas-Washington are the two biggest games; however, plenty of others have seeding implications. Chances are Eagles-Giants won’t matter.

29 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 17

  1. I like to have this post every week because I am a fan of Green Bay and this tells me every week if they will be on.

  2. This is the post I most look forward to each week. Keep it going. Also your bowl schedule is a must!

  3. I’m also a Packers fan without Sunday Ticket, so I appreciate this feature.

    Also, the Seahawks game does matter. If Seattle wins and the 49ers lose to Arizona, the Seahawks win the NFC West.

    • You are correct. I guess the difference is the Broncos control their own destiny and the Seahawks don’t. Obviously they can only simsub the Seahawks game in BC, which is a big factor. Both games can be simulcast in Alberta.

  4. Keep the football posts going for next season. It is great to read and debate.

  5. I enjoy the banter and debates, the schedule is really not important to me simply because the schedule is so easy to get now. With the easiest way simply being scrolling ahead on your remote, normally the information is updated on both bell and Shaw Dish by Tues.

  6. Josh, this does help a lot, I can now schedule my sundays, around the particular games that I want. Keep up the good work!

  7. Exactly what Solanges said. To debate which areas get which games and the decisions behind why the networks choose the games that they decide to air in (insert city) makes for excellent discussion. It will be greatly missed if these kind of posts and the debates that go with it disappear.

    • The majority of the posts aren’t debates or even media related but largely people complaining about their fave team not being shown. That belongs on some NFL blog rather than a media blog.

      What a local American channel decides to show can be considered media related but is it really relevant for a Cdn media blog and the decision are mostly driven by what is the closest team or closest division rival – not much to chew on.

      What CTV shows is certainly a valid discussion but since most of it is dictated by sim sub reasons and that is driven by what was just said above. So, again, not that interesting from a media perspective.

      • I guess one could argue there aren’t really any NFL blogs in Canada. At least any big ones I know of.

        The biggest reason I began doing this in the first place was because Sportsnet rarely sent out schedule updates and CTV’s were sometimes hard to find. Now they both send out pressers on Wednesday afternoons every week. Everyone has access to them if they know where to look. If anything, I think I’ll just re-post those next season.

        And you’re right about the simsubs. It isn’t really an interesting discussion. Not to mention everything that anyone wants to say about it has already been said a hundred times.

  8. I find it useful, if only to find out what options I have to either take a pass on the BUF game or find out if the DET game made local coverage (yes, I know, glutton for punishment I am)

  9. On a side note Josh, is there anyway that you can allow readers of this site to start their own ‘topics of discussion’? It was mentioned on a another media site with no response. Not sure if you ever used to go to Bob McCown’s old website called It had regular posters with different topics along with individuals creating their own blog. I used to love it and it seemed pretty popular as far as generating traffic, just a thought.

    • I’m not sure. I don’t really have too much of a problem with readers hijacking a comments to talk about something completely different if its relevant to media. I’d like to start doing a weekly post again, which would give everyone a place to talk about these things each week. Not guaranteeing I will though,

  10. Like the Sunday game breakdown. And, congrats on a great year.

  11. I appreciate the Canadian TV NFL schedule very much. I’m always checking on Wednesdays to if you posted it.

    Thank you for all the hard work.

  12. Please continue! I really enjoy your website and appreciate all your efforts. Keep up the great work.

  13. I also vote yes to keep this feature going next year but I have something else I want to bring up.

    You mentioned a few months ago how your life is busier lately and this website has taken a backseat and you did the name change and now your thinking about stopping this post for next year and you have been writing less and less the past few months … I honestly mean this in a nice way because I am a fan of this blog and I visit it all the time … do you even enjoy doing this anymore?

    When I first began visiting this blog a couple of years ago, you had a lot of interesting features and you updated it daily and it was just a great blog to visit throughout the day for me. And now it has become a shell of itself and It is totally your blog so you have every right to not listen to a word that I’m saying but it’s one of those things that feels like, you should either do it good and with all your heart and don’t do it at all.

    Again, I mean this in a totally constructive way because I like your blog. Have you thought about either upping your material again or maybe asking a few of the readers on here to help you out and they can start posting some stuff throughout the week as well?

    Like I said earlier, this is your blog and you have every right to tell me to F off but I honestly hate to see such a great blog that is important to us Canadian sports fans that love discussing the media side of it as well, be a shell of its former self.

    • Yeah, you know, its a combination of a number of things. Time certainly is one. I’m a university student. That’s gotta come first and everything that goes with it has gotta come second. Then all the other things I enjoy doing in my spare time come after that. This is one of those things. Last year I was only working part-time so I had a lot more time to put into this. And honestly I was spending way to much time on this before. There is a lot of research that goes into a lot of it.

      By the summer (when I was working some 43 hours a week), I found it was way too much and I stopped enjoying it. So after the Olympics I decided to take a break. I needed it. One of the reasons why I haven’t posted a whole lot since then is I don’t have a lot to talk about. And when I do have something to say (the sale of theScore and the Jovan Belcher stories come to mind), I want to have the time and interest then to write about those big issues. Canadian sports media is actually pretty stagnant right now after going crazy for about two years. Except for CFL and NHL, most sports rights have been sold for years to come. I’m sure those will be big stories next year. Without NHL I honestly haven’t watched any sports other than NFL and some NCAA football the past month. There are already enough Americans talking about those broadcasts.

      As far as this post, I just don’t want to do it if everyone finds it useless. It seems they don’t, so I’ll probably keep doing it. Likely I’ll just post the press releases from CTV and Sportsnet next year though. That will probably save 15-20 minutes a week.

      Truth is I’ll probably never be able to put my entire heart into it again. But, I’m certainly not going to completely stop. When big stories break, I want to spread the news and share my opinion.

      Readers are always welcome to help out. The daily sports listings (now on a different site) are done by someone else now. And honestly they are way better than I ever could have did them because I didn’t have the time or interest.

      And the other thing is, I want this to be less about schedules and more about issues in sports media, kind of like “moosey” alluded to a few comments up.

      So anyway, thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it. When I have something important to say, I’ll say it. When there’s big news, you’ll find it here. I’m not really concerned with the number of posts on here or the number of page views. More about quality. My best advice is to sub to email notifications or follow me on Twitter. Easy way to get info on new posts without taking the time to check here everyday.

      • Thanks for the clarification. And like I said earlier, I only post this because I enjoy your blog a lot and I myself am a university student as well and know how much time that takes up so I totally understand everything you just mentioned.

      • I just came upon this site at the beginning of the year so I guess I am a relative newbie here. Do I enjoy the site? Yes of course, especially when you cover major sports stories like the Javon Belcher incident. I’ve seen some ideas and maybe you almost need a few people to “assist” with content on the site. Just a thought.

        Oh and the daily sports listings done on that other site (that is linked at the top) is not better than your schedules and is, in fact, much worse. It shows what’s on today and what has been on in the past. I have a guide on the TV that can do that and plenty of sites that show that. The fact that you showed what was coming on in the near future was a huge plus for your readers as it allowed them to figure out their viewing time (and plan out their PVR….thanks for the bowl schedule to help me with that!).

        • Yeah, anyone who’s interested in assisting just needs to get in contact with me. I’m always open.

          In regards to your second paragraph, that’s the exact reason why I stopped doing that and handed it over to someone else. Seemed like a complete waste of time considering it took me upwards of 30 minutes a day. And because it took a daily commitment.

  14. Excellent work. A usual stop in my weekly routine of sports related material. Great journalism, more editorials would be even better especially considering it comes from an independent view.

  15. I like your NFL schedule, but it is available also on in the What’s On in Sports section.

  16. I love this feature and I use it every week. It’s my point of reference when I’m planning my weekend during the week. I hope you keep it up!

  17. Josh: I have enjoyed your columns and posts. I appreciate the schedules. Life definitely gets in the way of things.

  18. I enjoy reading the NFL schedules. As an American who writes about Canada, I’m fascinated with how Canadians gets so many more NFL games than Americans, especially if you are trapped in a market (Chicago) with a team.

    As a blogger, I totally relate to the “wanting to have a life” thought process. If it’s not too time-consuming, the feature is quite helpful

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