Canadian Sports Ratings Update: December 14

Here are the latest sports ratings. As usual, thanks to Whitey Fisk for posting many of these.

DET-GB, Dec 9, TSN: 480, 000
HOU-NE, Dec 10, TSN: 602, 000

UFC 154 Prelims, Nov 17, SN: 325, 000
Henderson-Diaz, Dec 8, SN: 454, 000

Niagara-London, Dec 7, SN: 200, 000

LAL-CLE, Dec 11, SN E/O/1: 54, 000

NFL ratings continue to hold steady. This is the second straight week that Monday Night Football has topped an average of 600, 000 viewers. The three primetime games this week averaged almost 500, 000 viewers, up slightly from 458, 000 last week.

According to a Sportsnet press release Friday Night Hockey ratings are up in all four regions over last season in the 25-54 demographic. In terms of total viewers, Friday Night Hockey is up 20% over last season.

The Henderson vs. Diaz fight on Saturday was the highest rated live UFC broadcast in Sportsnet history.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: December 14

  1. NFL ratings in the US are down 2% from last yr and 3% from 2010. MNF is up 3%.

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