NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 15

It seems that most of the best NFL games this weekend are in the Saturday 1pm ET slot. CTV is showing the best of them almost everywhere, while Packers and Bears fans will be disappointed to find that their teams aren’t on English Canadian TV this weekend. However, again RDS comes to the rescue (for those who subscribe to it).

Thursday December 13
8:30pm, Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (4-9)
Sportsnet, RDS (Brad Nessler & Mike Mayock)

Sunday December 16
1:00pm, Denver Broncos (10-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-4)
CTV (Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf)

1:00pm, New York Giants (8-5) @ Atlanta Falcons (11-2)
TSN2 (Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston & Tony Siragusa)

1:00pm, Green Bay Packers (9-4) @ Chicago Bears (8-5)

1:00pm, Minnesota Vikings (7-6) @ St. Louis Rams (6-6-1)
CTV Winnipeg (Gus Johnson & Charles Davis)

4:00pm, Seattle Seahawks (8-5) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-8) – in Toronto
Citytv; SN East (Dick Stockton & John Lynch)

4:25pm, Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-6)
SN Ontario, West, Pacific; RDS (Jim Nantz & Phil Simms)

8:30pm, San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) @ New England Patriots (10-3)
TSN, RDS (Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth)

Monday December 17
8:30pm, New York Jets (6-7) @ Tennessee Titans (4-9)
TSN, RDS (Mike Tirico & Jon Gruden)

Here are the maps for the US broadcasts.

17 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 15

  1. Disappointed that Indy @ Houston is not on as well as Washington @ Cleveland. Hopefully my aerial shows the Was/Cle game on FOX 28.1HD and also has the Indy/Hou game on CBS 7.1HD. Normally those channels have games on that are not on the bell express vu games, amd an even better chance this week with the Buffalo game being on @ 4:00. I assume Buck & Aikman are doing the GB/Chi game

  2. What happened to the Saturday doubleheader that used to be on usually for the last 2 Saturdays before Christmas, if my memory is right.

  3. Is this some kind of joke? Top two teams in NFC North and football’s oldest rivalry isn’t on TV? Someone miss the boat here? How about Marshall braking off at the Pack today. Not worth televising? Get serious.

    • Agreed. I thought it should have been on TSN2. Better matchup, and rivalry, than Giants and Falcons. Also can’t see there being many Falcons fans in Canada, compared to Green Bay and Chicago.

    • It is always about simultaneous substitution. What a JOKE that the Packers @ Bears game will not be televised in Canada on either CTV or TSN2.

    • Agreed, hopefully this is on OTA FOX

    • Bingo. What is CTV smoking? Only 2 games for CTV at this stage of the season? It’s dumb that the Packers @ Bears game isn’t on a CTV station. That game should be on CTV Northern Ontario and maybe Sask. The Giants on CTV Montreal and the Colts @ Texans on TSN2. Then get RDS to show the Redskins @ Browns. Yes, RDS does help out here again. It’s too bad that it’s only for the 3rd time this season, it should be almost weekly that it gets a game the english stations don’t get. The Vikings @ Rams game should be seen on CTV BC, Alberta, and maybe Sask. as this game impacts the Seahawks.

      • I disagree. The Washington @ Cleveland game has more of an impact on the Seahawks in the Wild Card. Cause the Seahawks already hold the advantage over the Vikings, as well, the Rams need to win 3 straight (which includes the Seahawks) in order to clinch a playoff spot. At least CTV is not airing games like the Jacksonville @ Miami.

      • I have no problem with CTV showing the Broncos-Ravens game to most of the country. It is the best game and CBS is showing it pretty much everywhere in the US. The Colts really haven’t beat anyone except for Green Bay this year. Plus neither they nor the Texans are very popular in Canada.

        So what if Vikings-Rams impacts the Seahawks? I’d argue that the Bears and Packers are of more impact on the Seahawks. I don’t think there are enough Seahawks fans out there to warrant that game. Plus, the Broncos have fans in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. No way a game between two teams that probably won’t make the playoffs, and can’t be simsubbed, should go anywhere except Winnipeg, where there are Viking fans.

        CTV doesn’t tell RDS what to show. RDS will show the game that will get the most eyeballs. Wouldn’t make any sense not to. Almost all of their viewers are Francophone in Quebec. Makes no sense to tell those viewers to watch Bears-Packers on an English station from western Canada that they may not even have access to. And Washington @ Cleveland? Are you kidding me? The Browns are horrible and neither team is very popular.

        I don’t think its dumb that Packers-Bears isn’t on CTV. If it was, then it would be on CTV. I do think it would make the most sense to put NYG-ATL on in Montreal because they can simsub it and the Giants have fans in Quebec (due to many of their games being on TV there). Packers and Bears makes sense for TSN2 because it is the 2nd best game.

        Think rationally when posting; don’t just say how you’d like things in an idealistic world.

        • I’m not saying the Broncos @ Ravens is a bad game. I should’ve said the Vikings @ Rams game for BC only. I agree that there are many Broncos fans in Alberta and a mix of fans in Sask. and there are plenty of Seahawks fans in BC. For the Packers @ Bears, it’s the one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL and CTV or TSN2 should be televising it. Networks that carry sports do drop the ball on not showing certain games and this is one of them. Some on this blog have said that about this game with similar comments on other canadian sites.

          The Colts have been a pleasant surprise with a LUCKy rookie and look to be a playoff team. The Texans are not that popular in Canada but are tied for the best record in the league. No, I wasn’t kidding about the Redskins @ Browns. We’ve seen the Browns @ Cowboys and Giants earlier this season on CTV and TSN2. Now that the game really means something for an NFC East team in the playoff race, SOL. The entire NFC East division is popular in Canada and an example of that is the amount jerseys sold for all 4 teams.

          It is great to see RDS for the second week in a row showing a different game. I have renewed my subscription because of this and hopefully they keep this up to week 17. Many Quebecers have Bell or Shaw Direct and the CTV timeshifters are available. At least we agreed on the Giants @ Falcons game being on CTV Montreal and the Packers game on canadian television.

  4. I was wondering, why doesn’t CTV switch out of the Broncos-Ravens to show a more competitive game. In the US, the networks switch a game when a team ahead by at least 18 points in the 2nd half.

  5. Glad FOX picked up the end of the Packers game.

    • Packers @ Bears should have been shown by either CTV (insert city / region) or by TSN2 (nationwide). CTV & TSN2 better not make any lame decisions regarding their NFL game choices for Week 16 & Week 17.

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