NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 14

Here is tomorrow’s NFL Canadian TV schedule. Busy week, so I’m a bit late with it. I also figured CTV would make a couple changes because of the Bills blackout situation (and I was right).

Sunday December 9
1:00pm, Baltimore Ravens (9-3) @ Washington Redskins (6-6)

1:00pm, Dallas Cowboys (7-5) @ Cincinnati Bengals (6-6)
CTV Montreal, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC

1:00pm, Chicago Bears (8-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (6-6)
CTV Ottawa, Kitchener, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg

1:00pm, San Diego Chargers (4-8) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)

4:25pm, New Orleans Saints (5-7) @ New York Giants (7-5)
Citytv Toronto; SN East, West, Pacific; RDS

4:25pm, Arizona Cardinals (4-8) @ Seattle Seahawks (7-5)
Citytv Winnipeg, Alberta, Vancouver; SN Ontario

8:30pm, Detroit Lions (4-8) @ Green Bay Packers (8-4)

Monday December 10
8:30pm, Houston Texans (11-1) @ New England Patriots (9-3)

I’m a bit disappointed that TSN2 (as well as CBS Seattle and Detroit to be honest) are airing Chargers-Steelers over Ravens-Redskins. The Chargers are out of the playoff race. The Ravens are one of the best teams in the AFC and the Redskins are a game back in the NFC East (and have won their past 3 games sweeping the rest of the NFC East). Not to mention the two cities are separated by less than 50 miles, making them one of the closest things the NFL has to an inter-conference rivalry. At least it is on RDS, I guess.

23 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 14

  1. You are bang on with what you posted. I totally agree with you. TSN2 has dropped the ball by not changing to the Ravens @ Redskins. Good on RDS for showing it. It’s not just the Seattle and Detroit CBS stations that are to blame. Most of the other CBS border affiliates are showing the wrong game too including Spokane and especially Boston and Maine. The Ravens are close to the Patriots. The Burlington station is showing the Jets @ Jaguars? Bad choice there. My cousins in Manitoba win again as CBS Minneapolis (and Buffalo) will have the Dolphins @ 49ers game.

    You forgot to add CTV Toronto which is showing the Rams @ Bills game.

    • The featured game on CBS (and TSN2) should be the Ravens @ Redskins game… not the Chargers @ Steelers. This is the third time this season where CBS has dropped the ball regarding what should be considered the main game. Week 6, the main game was IND-NYJ. It should have been either the OAK-ATL or NE-SEA game. Week 10, DEN-CAR was the featured game. The correct choice would have been BUF-NE. Plain bad business that BAL-WSH is not the main game on CBS this week.

      • I’m not sure it is bad business. If CBS thought they could make more money off of BAL-WSH, then it would be the main game. They obviously don’t.

        I would have put SD-PIT on CTV somewhere (maybe Saskatchewan or Ottawa) and moved BAL-WSH to TSN2 in Canada.

  2. Christ Sakes, I checked on Thursday for the games on TV this weekend and Baltimore/Washington was on TSN2, now it says their showing Pittsburgh/San Diego, that sucks cause the Bal/Was game will be alot better.

  3. Bal/Was ended up being the game of the day. TSN dropped the ball on this one.

  4. did anyone else’s Cowboys vs Bengals game switch to Sportsnet connected at the end of the game yesterday. There was a minute left and the channel switched off the game. I was watching through the Rogers Super Sports pack on channel 433.

    • I didn’t watch the game through Rogers Super Sports pack, but I had no problems when watching the game through CTV/Fox.

  5. Why did CBS not send their #1 crew to thet Bal/Wash game? Did they also think the Pitt/SD would be better?

    • Probably made that decision weeks ago when WSH were no better than SD (and Pittsburgh are popular anyway)

      • I don’t see why the networks can’t go on a week to week basis as far as which announcers cover whatever games? The Technical crew is already there regardless so it’s simply a matter of 2 guys making their way to wherever the venue is, should be rocket science.

        • Because in the end it really doesn’t matter which announcers do which games during the regular season. SD-PIT was CBS’s main game anyway. I doubt most viewers care or notice. I don’t really.

          There’s more to it than that. I’d think most commentators would at least somewhat pay attention to the teams they’ll cover soon in the weeks leading up to the game. And I think that the producer (and maybe a couple other technical staff) stay with the same broadcast crew, at least for the top couple crews. As do stats guys. So its more than just 2 guys.

          • I say Night you say????????????
            I say white you say????????????
            I say wet you say?????????????
            I think you love to argue with anyone, not very often on here I see you respond to a comment with ‘I agree with that’ or ‘good point’. Maybe it’s just me, regardless have a good night, look 4word to more arguments/disagreements for this coming weeks NFL TV Schedule.
            And on a complete side note, I mentioned a very long time ago that even when I click the 2 boxes to notify me of follow up and new posts I still don’t get them, I have triple checked my email and it is the email I use everyday. Any suggestions?

            • Nah, I don’t really like arguing (oh wait, am I doing it right now?)

              You disagreed with me in the first place, so I’m not sure how me backing up my opinion (which is based on facts) is arguing with you.

  6. The major networks love themselves some Pittsburgh Steelers.

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