NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 13

A few big games in primetime this week, and one not so big one on Sunday Night Football.

Thursday November 29
8:30pm, New Orleans Saints (5-6) @ Atlanta Falcons (10-1)
Sportsnet, RDS

Sunday December 2
1:00pm, Seattle Seahawks (6-5) @ Chicago Bears (8-3)
CTV Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC

1:00pm, Minnesota Vikings (6-5) @ Green Bay Packers (7-4)
CTV Toronto, Winnipeg; RDS

1:00pm, New England Patriots (8-3) @ Miami Dolphins (5-6)
CTV Atlantic, Montreal

1:00pm, Indianapolis Colts (7-4) @ Detroit Lions (4-7)
CTV Ottawa, Kitchener, Northern Ontario; TSN2

4:05pm, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5) @ Denver Broncos (8-3)
SN Ontario, West, Pacific

4:25pm, Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-2)
Citytv; SN East; RDS2

8:30pm, Philadelphia Eagles (3-8) @ Dallas Cowboys (5-6)

Monday December 3
8:30pm, New York Giants (7-4) @ Washington Redskins (5-6)

Really big games this week for New Orleans, Seattle, Minnesota, Miami, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Washington if they want to stay in the playoff picture.

10 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 13

  1. Bills have allegedly tweeted that they didn’t sell out, although the won’t be at 72 hrs until Thursday. In case of a blackout, I suspect CFTO will show NE-Mia

    • It’ll be interesting to see what CFTO will pick if the Bills don’t sell out. I agree that the Patriots @ Dolphins would be the alternate pick since both teams are in the same division as the Bills. The next choice would be the Seahawks @ Bears because the Seahawks will be playing in Toronto. After that, Colts @ Lions because the rest of Ontario has that game and then Vikings @ Bears since TSN2 has that game.

      • Frenchophile’s right, CFTO will now have the Patriots @ Dolphins game.

        • No he’s not. Just got a schedule update from CTV. They have Minnesota @ Green Bay on in Toronto. Colts @ Lions moves to TSN2 (and other Ontario CTV stations)

          • Thanks for the update. Obviously it changed since yesterday when I looked on the CTV and TSN websites. It is a good game for Toronto to see but a little surprising. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I thought the Seahawks @ Bears game would be chosen instead. The other interesting thing is CTV Sask showing the same game as Alberta and BC. Usually, Sask gets what Ontario or Atlantic Canada watches.

  2. Please let there be a blackout of the Jaguars-Bills, and also hope the game in Toronto vs. Seahawks will be blacked out as well. Also, was there another option for NBC to flex the Eagles-Cowboys game, it’s about as close to a meaningless game as we can get at this point in the season.

  3. It sure is a big for all the teams you mentioned, especially in the NFC. One team in the AFC race you forgot to add is Cincinnati. They are tied with the Steelers at 6-5.

    Finally, 2 thumbs up for CTV and TSN2 as they have 5 games to choose from. The only downer of a game is the Jaguars @ Bills. The good news for the Colts @ Lions game is that even though it is only satellite accessed (outside of its local areas), the CBS stations in Minneapoils and Detroit will be showing this game.

  4. 1:00pm, New England Patriots (8-3) @ Miami Dolphins (5-6) on CBS Seattle
    1:00pm, Indianapolis Colts (7-4) @ Detroit Lions (4-7) on CBS Detroit

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