NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 12

It is Thanksgiving Weekend in the US. For those lucky enough to catch the Thursday games (I’ll be able to see the 2nd half of HOU-DET, a benefit of living on the east coast), enjoy them. Sunday Night Football is on TSN2 (as well as NBC) because of the Grey Cup on TSN. TSN2 also returns to Sunday afternoon games now that NASCAR is done.

Thursday November 22
12:30pm, Houston Texans (9-1) @ Detroit Lions (4-6)
CBS, Citytv

4:15pm, Washington Redskins (4-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (5-5)
FOX, Citytv, RDS2

8:30pm, New England Patriots (7-3) @ New York Jets (4-6)
NBC, Sportsnet, RDS

Sunday November 25
1:00pm, Atlanta Falcons (9-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4)

1:00pm, Minnesota Vikings (6-4) @ Chicago Bears (7-3)
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan; RDS

1:00pm, Buffalo Bills (4-6) @ Indianapolis Colts (6-4)
CTV Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener

1:00pm, Seattle Seahawks (6-4) @ Miami Dolphins (4-6)
CTVAlberta, British Columbia

4:05pm, Baltimore Ravens (8-2) @ San Diego Chargers (4-6)
SN Ontario, West, Pacific

4:25pm, San Francisco 49ers (7-2-1) @ New Orleans Saints (5-5)
Citytv; SN East; RDS2

8:30pm, Green Bay Packers (7-3) @ New York Giants (6-4)

Monday November 26
8:30pm, Carolina Panthers (2-8) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-7)


7 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 12

  1. Great lineup of NFL games this Sunday from the Canadian Networks. Also, there’s a Falcons game on TSN2! I am looking forward to another week of NFL Football!!!! :)

  2. Good to see 3 games from CTV again plus 1 from TSN2 to have 4 games to choose from. A little late by CTV/TSN2 to start showing the Falcons for the first time this season.

  3. 1:00pm, Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns on CBS Detroit (WWJ-TV)

  4. The Broncos @ Chiefs game is on CBS Spokane and Boston. For those who don’t get TSN2, FOX Boston has the Falcons @ Bucs.

  5. For week 13, there are 6 games that border stations will probably be showing. The worst of them would be the Cardinals @ Jets and hopefully that won’t be picked.

    • The Bills home game against the Jaguars this Sunday will be blacked out if over 10,000 tickets are not sold by 1 pm tomorrow (barring any extension of the deadline).

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