NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 10

Here is this week’s NFL TV schedule. Three games on CTV, but none on TSN2 due to NASCAR. Also this Sunday, TSN has the CFL playoffs. Remember, as you’re watching all the football on Sunday, take the time to remember those who died for our country.

Thursday November 8
8:30pm, Indianapolis Colts (5-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)
Sportsnet, RDS

Sunday November 11
1:00pm, Buffalo Bills (3-5) @ New England Patriots (5-3)
CTV Atlantic, Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener

1:00pm, New York Giants (6-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (3-5)
CTV Montreal, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC

1:00pm, Detroit Lions (4-4) @ Minnesota Vikings (5-4)
CTV Northern Ontario, Winnipeg

4:05pm, New York Jets (3-5) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-4)
Citytv Winnipeg, Alberta, Vancouver; SN Ontario

4:25pm, Dallas Cowboys (3-5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)
Citytv Toronto; SN East, West, Pacific; RDS2

8:30pm, Houston Texans (7-1) @ Chicago Bears (7-1)

Monday November 12
8:30pm, Kansas City Chiefs (1-7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)

17 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 10

  1. Before the NFL action begins on Sunday, I will be attending the local Rememberance Day Memorial tribute in the town that I reside. Definitely will be thinking about those who died fighting for our freedoms throughout the day, the rest of this week and the remainder of November. I support and have great respect for our members of the military.

  2. Okay, that’s commendable, but what does it have to do with the NFL games on TV this week?

  3. At least there’s 3 games on CTV this week, 1 better than this past Sunday. Surprising that BC and Alberta and to a lesser extent Sask. are getting the Giants @ Bengals. That’s 2 weeks in a row seeing the Bengals in those areas and in Quebec. The Lions @ Vikings should be on in the west. A game that should be added to the CTV lineup is Broncos @ Panthers or Falcons @ Saints.

    • Would love it if TSN2 would pick up either the DEN-CAR or ATL-NO game. I know that it will only happen though if the Sprint Cup race is postponed due to rain well in advance before the event begins. Well, at least I get to watch the Vikings game on Sunday so no complaints from me. :)

    • I’m not surprised at all. It is the only game available for simulcast in all 3 provinces. Considering the choices, I don’t think there was much else CTV could do this week, unless they opted out of simulcast out west for Denver.

      The only odd thing is, both networks’ main 1pm ET games (at least in terms of which broadcast crew were assigned to them) are not available in Canada. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

  4. There seems to be a change with Citytv Alberta. Those stations on the City website say that the Jets @ Seahawks will now be shown which means SN West will have the Cowboys @ Eagles.

    • I believe WInnipeg has switched as well. Can’t confirm it, but since NYJ-SEA can be simulcast on CBS Minneapolis and DAL-NE is on SN West, it makes sense. Sportsnet’s PR only said NYJ-SEA Is on “Citytv West”, which is sort of ambiguous.

      • If City TV Winnipeg is indeed airing the Jets @ Seahawks and SN West is now showing the Cowboys @ Eagles game, wouldn’t these be the assignments for the Prairie’s region? I don’t think that the same game would air in Winnipeg on City TV & SN West…

      • I think you mean DAL-PHI. It does make sense with Winnipeg changing then. The City site is still showing the Eagles game instead. I can’t see SN showing the same game as City in the same cities.

  5. Last I heard, the Dolphins-Bills game next Thursday hasn’t sold out, is there a chance the game is blacked out in southern Ontario?

    • According to their Twitter, they have ~2,000 tickets left for the game. So, one way or another, those will be sold and the game will definitely be show.

    • Just a little tip Peter: When a game is slated to air on cable (ESPN or NFL Network), the blackout radius is reduced from 75 miles (for over the air broadcasts) to 35 miles (for cable broadcasts), Toronto should be in the clear as it is outside the 35 mile radius. Hamilton & Niagara could be a different story however if the game is blacked out.

  6. The obvious games for FOX is Packers @ Lions and Redskins @ Eagles. A minimal chance for the Falcons on a border station. The Packers to be shown on stations from Seattle to Detroit. The Eagles game on Boston to Buffalo. The CBS game look ugly. I guess the Browns @ Cowboys because of the Cowboys. That could be the only game on border stations except for Detroit. Other possible games could be the Texans and the Jets games.

  7. Anybody else sick of seeing so much Bills on TV in Canada? Just cause their close doesn’t mean we wanna see them. Detroit would even be better.

    • The reason CTV Toronto show the Bills every week (except for blackouts), is so they can sim-sub the game on CBS or Fox.

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