Canadian Soccer Broadcasting Rights: Who Has What?

In the past 18 months most major soccer properties have changed hands or at the least reached a new broadcast contract with the incumbant broadcaster in Canada. With all of the moves, many are probably wondering who has what? And for how long. I hope this will clear things up a bit.

FIFA – CBC/Sportsnet through 2014; Bell Media (CTV/TSN/RDS) from 2015-2022
UEFA – TSN through Euro 2016
Champions League/Europa League – Sportsnet through 2014-15
Premier League – TSN/Sportsnet (50/50 split) from 2013-14 through 2015-16
Serie A – beIN Sports through 2014-15
La Liga – beIN Sports through 2014-15
Bundesliga – GolTV through 2014-15
Ligue 1 – beIN Sports through 2014-15
SPL – Sportsnet World (unknown term length)
Football League – beIN Sports (unknown term length)
FA Cup – Sportsnet though 2017-18

beIN Sports also has Coppa Italia, Copa del Ray (except the final) and Football League Cup. Sportsnet World also has DFB Pokal and the Charity Shield. GolTV also has the Copa del Ray Final and the German and Spanish Supercups.

beIN Sports is currently not available in Canada. It sounds like they are working on a deal with TLN that would bring their matches to Canadians.

I think that covers mostly everything. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

28 thoughts on “Canadian Soccer Broadcasting Rights: Who Has What?

  1. Good on Bell Media for signing that 18,207-year contract with FIFA… Maybe Canada will qualify for at least one World Cup in that time frame. :)

    A serious question: do you know if any FA Cup games will make their way onto Sportsnet One or main Sportsnet? I think last year’s was exclusively on Sportsnet World, but then it seems like Sportsnet/Sportsnet One is airing more EPL than usual this year..,

    • I do not know. I’d hope that at least some of the 10am Saturday games are. The # of Premier League games this year is the same as last year. And so is the quality really. Sportsnet does have more “1st pick” EPL and CL games now compared to when SN World was Setanta though.

  2. So any chance some EPL sends up on GOLTV since it is co-owned by both BELL+ROGERS

    • I doubt it considering TSN and Sportsnet have seperate rights deals. From what I gather, there is nothing tying them together other than some sort of pre-detirmined rules on who gets what matches. Honestly. I kind of doubt that GolTV still exists by 2016.

  3. Trying to decide about cancelling GolTV since it has only Bundesliga and various South American properties by the looks of it … do we assume that any possible BeIn sport deal will defo not be with GolTV? God, I miss Serie A!

    • I’m trying to make the same decision. I watch some Bundesliga, but usually only if there isn’t a good Premiership game on. I watch little Brazilian league, especially after the other leagues start in August.

      Bein Sport will almost certainly not make a deal with GolTV because GolTV US can block it since they own 20% in GolTV Canada. Unless they decide they want to sell their 20%, which I would say is very unlikely. Also worth noting that Bein are trying to set themselves up to compete with Rogers and Bell for years to come. GolTV will be funded by the 2 (through MLSE) within a few months. Would be hard for Bein to compete with them in that case.

      • If there’s one thing I’m sure of at this point, is I will never, ever be a bein customer, after this dick move they pulled this season by blocking so much soccer from us. If their main channel will ever end up in one of the sports packages from rogers (or bell), I’ll watch it. If not, I’m not giving them any of my hard earned money. Not one cent.

        • Another thing that is for sure is that beIN have so much resource behind them that they wont miss your money. That said, they have done themselves no favours over this. But why vow to cut off your nose to spite your face? I don’t get it.

          Nearly twenty years ago when Sky first encrypted football I was sure I would never pay to watch what ought to be free. The world changes over time, and time changes us all.

  4. Look, this is truly frustrating, why must beIN sports be given the rights exclusively to show la liga in Canada when it seems like they got no interest of operating in here in the first place, what is wrong with our sporting body and our government, can’t they stand up for their citizens at least, why everything has to be controlled these days by these so call middle east rich guys, this is really hurting, it feels like we got no authority that can stand up for us when it comes to making some tough decisions and choices for it’s people, this country is not a third world country to be encountering these kinds of problems, the truth here is I am really sick of this whole beIN Sports issues, if they got no interest in operating in Canada then their rights should be revoked and be given to another group that is already operating in here or perhaps be given back to gol tv Canada.

    • It’s not the Canadian government’s role to ensure that privately run soccer leagues from Europe are broadcast on Canadian TV. It has many more important issues to worry about.

      The sale (beIN weren’t given rights BTW, they bought them) of La Liga/Serie A/Ligue 1 rights is a transaction between two private businesses. The problem lies within the problems of those two parties. The leagues for selling the rights to a broadcaster with no Canadian channel, and the broadcaster for not making their channel available in Canada. I doubt there is any wording in their contract that if they don’t launch a Canadian channel they have to give up the rights.

      beIN does have interest in operating here. Our strict regulatory process for foreign investors purchasing pieces of Canadian broadcasters is probably a major reason why it isn’t yet.

    • The problem is how (un)popular soccer is in Canada. In Latin-America there is actually legislation in place in many countries to avoid “public interest” sport events to be held ransom by private companies. I remember a few instances when soccer games, Olympic events and others have been broadcasted by government-owned channels. The “owner” of the rights gets some fair compensation and everyone is happy.

      • Great Britain has similar laws. For example, every game of Euro, the World Cup and the Olympics in general has to air on BBC or ITV (or Channel 4 or 5 if they had the money). Same goes for Premier League highlights, Rugby World Cup, Wimbledon, Open Championship etc.

        Canada doesn’t have any laws to protect any sports, including hockey or the Olympics.

  5. any new on bein sport coming to canada its almost december what a joke !!!

  6. i heard that bein sport is now available in canada, is`t true?

  7. whay the english soccer tv broadcasts are so beautiful?

  8. I am moving back to USA at least i can pay to watch soccer channels — i still pay for because i want support soccer even if i am screwed on watching Spanish soccer. I just figured who beIN is — I have paid for setanta sports for years. The cost is nothing compared to my not having all the games i wish to watch. Canada is backwards like most of all North america anyways. Our Continent does not realize the reason the rest of world is better at soccer then all of North America is that children grow up playing Futsal in South America and Spain/ Europe its were all the technical skill comes from. We are ignorant of what it takes to become a great football counties, not big soccer fields with wasted money, but small little Futsal courts and programs like Brazil .etc….all public schools teaching Futsal at grass roots. I still watch more Japan/ Korea playing in Europe then north america very very very sad.

  9. Who has the rights for liga mx, Mexican soccer for canada

  10. the only way right now to get BeIn is via American satellite (DirecTV, Dish) Obviously Bell and Rogers have done everything to block fair competition so it is illegal to sell Directv or Dish in Canada but if you have an American address to be billed you can get it! I love BeIn, far better than any Canadian broadcaster, Fox Soccer is football 24/7 although NBC got the EPL rights startning 2012/13 seasons and they plan on showing every single match and it seems like they will take it seriously!

    • Forgot to mention, Kay Murray and Canadian Terri Leigh are my reasons to stay tuned through the half times!

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