NFL on Canadian TV: Week 7

I don’t know if I will get a chance to post anything else this week, so here is a list of NFL games on this weekend, at the least. Lots of good games on this weekend.

Thursday October 18
8:30pm, Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers – SN1, RDS2

Sunday October 21
1:00pm, Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans – CTV Ottawa, N. Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC; RDS

1:00pm, Washington Redskins @ New York Giants – CTV Atlantic, Montreal
1:00pm, Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings – CTV Winnipeg
1:00pm, Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills – CTV Toronto, Kitchener
1:00pm, Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams – TSN2
4:25pm, New York Jets @ New England Patriots – Citytv; SN East; RDS
4:25pm, Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
8:30pm, Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals – TSN, RDS2

Monday October 22
8:30pm, Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears – TSN, RDS2

8 thoughts on “NFL on Canadian TV: Week 7

  1. That’s more like it with the games on CTV. They must have had a ton of complaints over the past 2 Sundays!

    This past Sun. was a total joke with CTV Ottawa being the only station to get a different game. The problem with that was only Bell and Shaw Direct Satellite people can get that station. Cable customers were SOL with just the 1 CTV game except for those that live near Ottawa.

  2. Yep. The last two Atlanta Falcons games should have been shown by CTV. Yes, their game against Washington was shown by RDS. Still, there was no excuse as to why CTV didn’t show the last two Falcons games. Especially last week (particularly in British Columbia where the Raiders are a popular team). Hopefully for Week Eight, both the Washington-Pittsburgh & Atlanta-Philadelphia games are picked up by CTV and/or TSN2. They better not show Seattle-Detroit to most of Canada just because the Fox stations in those two markets serve multiple areas here in Canada.

    • Based on what info are the Raiders more popular in BC than, say, the Cowboys? There were many “excuses”, as you call them, not to show the last two Falcons games. Except for their record, there really was no reason to. The Ravens-Cowboys game was easily the best matchup last Sunday in the early timeslot. FOX was showing it just about everywhere, so I don’t see the problem with CTV doing the same. They aren’t pandering to people with timeshifting, they are trying to please locals in each market and advertisers.

      You kind of contradict yourself. They should show the Raiders, but not the Lions and Seahawks, who do have fanbases in southwestern Ontario and BC? Fox Detroit isn’t widely available in Canada anyway.

      As for next week, Fox Rochester/Buffalo/Boston will probably have WSH-PIT or ATL-PHI. CBS Boston (and maybe Buffalo) will have NE-STL. Lots of good games for CTV to choose from. Absolutely no basis to assume CTV will have SEA-DET as their main game.

  3. Hey, there should’ve been a guessing game on the NFL games since there isn’t the NHL commentators game. LOL.

    Here are my guesses for week 8. I agree with your FOX stations and games and add Burlington to the list.
    The Seattle, Spokane, Detroit stations will have the Seahawks @ Lions game. The Minneapolis station will get Panthers @ Bears. On CBS, Boston and Burlington, Seattle and Spokane will have the Patriots and Rams. Buffalo I think will have Dolphins @ Jets. Detroit and Minneapolis will get Jaguars @ Packers. I think CTV will have the Patriots and Rams or the Dolphins Jets as their main game with regional coverage for the others.

    • Solanges,

      Great guesses but one thing needs to be noted: since the Lions are playing a home game on Fox at 1 pm, CBS Detroit (WWJ TV) cannot air the Jaguars @ Packers or any other game during that timeslot due to NFL regulations.

  4. Games available Nationally on Shaw (Cable/Direct):
    1:00pm, Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings – (KCPQ-TV) Fox Seattle
    1:00pm, Washington Redskins @ New York Giants – (WUHF-TV) Fox Rochester

    • To add, KAYU-TV (Fox Spokane) is also available on Shaw nationally and will show the Vikings game. Shaw Cable in Thunder Bay will get this game too on KMSP (Fox Minneapolis).

      CBS Seattle, Spokane, and Detroit will have the Ravens @ Texans.

      The good thing is all games offered on border channels are being simulcasted.

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