FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: October 12

I figured I’d throw this up for everyone as there has been a lack of information available publicly on which FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches will air in Canada on Friday afternoon. Sportsnet has refrained from finalizing their schedule due to the possibility of a late afternoon baseball playoff game. So, here is what we know. I’ll update this post when more information comes in.

11:30am – Finland v. Belarus (Group I; from Olympiastadion in Helsinki)
2:30pm – Netherlands v. Andorra (Group D; from De Kuip in Rotterdam)

Sportsnet ONE
11:00am – Russia v. Portugal (Group F; from Luzhinki Stadium in Moscow)
1:00pm – Armenia v. Italy (Group B; from Hrazdan Stadium in Yerevan)
3:00pm – England v. San Marino (Group H; from Wembley in London)
7:45pm – Canada v. Cuba (CONCACAF; from BMO Field in Toronto)

Sportsnet World
12:00pm – Czech Republic v. Malta (Group B; from Plzen)
2:00pm – Belarus v. Spain (Group I; from Dynama Stadium in Minsk)

12:00pm – Faroe Islands v. Sweden (Group C; from Torshavn)
2:30pm – Ireland v. Germany (Group C; from The Aviva in Dublin)

3 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: October 12

  1. Thanks for posting this Josh. I’ve been trying to find out for the past few days which games would air. Sportsnet’s lack of information and info on the ir TV Listings seems to be getting worse.

    • How do you know that the England vs San Marino match is being shown? It’s not listed on Sportsnet’s site

      • Because they have rights to it. And it is listed with the other games (as well as Armenia v Italy) on a Sportsnet ad.

        The reason for the late update from Sportsnet was because the schedule depended on the MLB playoff schedule, which was only revealed yesterday.

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