CSM News: October 5

A few quick points I’d like to share heading into the long weekend. Hope everyone enjoys the turkey.

Old is new… CBC is following TSN in showing classic hockey games to replace live NHL matches. The broadcasts will begin the first Saturday of (what was supposed to be) the regular season, October 13. Fans can vote online for their choice of 5 available games. The options for the first week are: Boston vs. Montreal (1979 too many men, hey gotta include Don Cherry in here), Montreal vs. Ottawa (1992, the Sens first game), Toronto vs. Detroit (1993 playoffs game 7), NY Rangers vs. New Jersey (1994 playoffs), and Toronto vs. Pittsburgh (2000, Mario’s first game back). Games will air at 8:00pm local.

Live Hockey on Saturdays… Sportsnet has the best solution yet to the lack of NHL hockey this fall, show the next best thing: the AHL. There are 4 American League teams based in Canada, and 3 more based in the US who are affiliates to Canadian NHL teams. Oklahoma City (Edmonton’s affiliate) has, in particular, loaded up on young talent from their NHL parent.

Sportsnet will show games on Saturday night, with the first on October 13 when the Toronto Marlies host the Rochester Americans at 5:00pm ET on Sportsnet One. Joe Bowen and Greg Millen will call the game, with Paul Hendrick rinkside. Jeff Marek, Brad May and John Shannon will host Sportsnet’s broadcasts.

On October 20 Sportsnet One will have a doubleheader. First the Hamilton Bulldogs play the Marlies in Toronto (same commentators as the previous Saturday) at 7:00pm ET. That game is followed by Chicago @ Abbotsford. Sportsnet will use a mix of their Flames and Canucks broadcast crews with Rob Kerr and Charlie Simmer in the booth and John Garrett rinkside. Roger Millions will host the broadcast.

Good to know that those HD production trucks TSN and Sportsnet share will be put to use this winter.

Baseball Playoffs… The MLB playoffs begin on Friday with the new wildcard games. The Cardinals play the Braves at 5:00pm ET (commentators: Brian Anderson, Ron Darling and Joe Simpson) and then the Rangers host the Orioles at 8:30pm ET (commentators: Ernie Johnson, John Smoltz and Cal Ripken).

The Divisional Series open on Saturday with the Athletics playing the Tigers at 6:00pm (commentators: Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez) followed by Reds @ Giants at 9:30pm (commentators: Anderson, Darling and Simpson).

Jamie Campbell will host Sportsnet’s baseball playoff coverage with analysts Gregg Zaun and Pat Tabler.

Ryder Cup Ratings… An average of 471, 000 viewers watched the final day of the Ryder Cup on TSN as Europe came back to shock the Americans. It was the second highest rated Ryder Cup ever in Canada, according to the Globe and Mail. It rounds off what was an up year for golf in Canada. In April an average of 1.8 million watched the final round of The Masters.

10 thoughts on “CSM News: October 5

  1. Good call by Sportsnet to show some hockey that is happening LIVE (though what games would they have broadcasted that people want to see again?) It will be interesting to see how it will match up against the MLB playoffs.

  2. Sportsnet screwed themselves over last night on the MLB coverage. NL game ran past 8:30pm, and seeing as they were showing UFC on SN1, they had no place for the AL game, resulting in everyone missing the first Baltimore run of the game.

    Didn’t help that felt like they needed to cut to those two clowns in the studio in Toronto to explain the exact same shit the TBS crew spent the whole game explaining.

    And here I was thinking that Rogers’ terrible baseball coverage was just limited to the Jays’ broadcast.

    • Yep, they sure did screw up and even more with the gong show of the clowns . Just like I mentioned the previous blog the programming people lack common sense by not having a backup plan.

    • Not much they could do, really. They have contractual obligations to UFC (which seems like a good investment because its provides lots of programming).

      I’ll take Campbell and Zaun over the TBS and FOX studio crews.

  3. Boston/Montreal is number 1 right now with Toronto/Detroit a close second. Personally I like those 2 “clowns”, but they should cut right to the next game once the first one is over.

    • If not “clowns” what would you call two guys who say that they will get you over to the other baseball as quickly as they can and then proceed to do the exact opposite?

  4. If it weren’t for the botched infield fly call in the NL game and the resulting debris thrown on the field causing a 20 minute delay, there would’ve been plenty of time to get to the start of the AL game. But yeah Sportsnet should’ve cut right over to the AL game rather than go to Campbell and Zaun. There would’ve been plenty of time later on in the evening for Campbell and Zaun to give their thoughts. RDS did have the whole AL game from the start in French as they didn’t show the NL game so the start of the game could’ve been seen there if you get RDS. I suspect though MLB scheduled 3.5 hours in between start time of the games since baseball games often run over the typical “3 hour” broadcast window that’s given for them.

    • RDS to the rescue! Sportsnet dropped the ball on this one regardless of the delay. The game could have gone into extra innings and the same problem would have happened. Have a proper backup plan with SN1 or tell the truth and let viewers know that the game is on RDS.

  5. And we all thought Friday’s screwup was bad: Sportsnet throws MLB Network under the bus claiming they didn’t have the feed, and as a result, we all miss the beginning of another game.

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