UEFA Champions League Matchday 2 Schedule

Thought I’d post this as matchday 2 of the UEFA Champions League offers 8 games live on Canadian television. This includes a bonus game on Sportsnet One as Sportsnet World has cricket.

Tuesday October 2
12:00pm, Spartak Moscow v Celtic – Sportsnet ONE
2:45pm, Cluj v Manchester United – Sportsnet World
2:45pm, Nordsjaelland v Chelsea – Sportsnet ONE
2:45pm, Benfica v Barcelona – Sportsnet

Wednesday October 3
12:00pm, Zenit v Milan – Sportsnet World
2:45pm, Manchester City v Dortmund – Sportsnet
2:45pm, Ajax v Real Madrid – Sportsnet World
2:45pm, Arsenal v Olympiakos – Sportsnet ONE

And as for the Europa League…

Thursday October 4
1:00pm, Panathinaikos v Spurs – Sportsnet
1:00pm, Rosenborg v Leverkusen – Sportsnet World
1:00pm, Videoton v Sporting Clube – Sportsnet ONE
3:00pm, Liverpool v Udinese – Sportsnet World
3:00pm, Newcastle v Bordeaux – Sportsnet
3:00pm, PSV v Napoli – Sportsnet ONE

I also just wanted to say that I probably won’t have a new post up tomorrow; however, you can expect something (likely short) towards the end of the week.

What do you think?

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