Sportsnet Will Show IndyCar from 2013

Rumours have circulated on Sportsnet showing IndyCar for some months now (I think Bruce Dowbiggin first reported it in the spring). Sportsnet have now confirmed that they will show all IndyCar races starting next season, including the Toronto Indy and Indianapolis 500.

TSN’s coverage was often tape delayed (seemed to happen multiple times per year) due to commitments to football and NASCAR. Since Sportsnet really only has the Jays in the spring and summer, the new deal should provide IndyCar a more consistent presence on Canadian television.

I’ll have more on this later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Sportsnet Will Show IndyCar from 2013

  1. This should be good news for IndyCar fans. TSN is a stick and ball network that does not care about racing fans. I recall reading an article either by Dowbiggin or by Norris McDonald in the Toronto Star that basically said IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard hasn’t been pleased with TSN’s coverage. Hopefully Sportsnet will at least get to air most of the races live on SN1 if the main network is carrying the Jays.

    • I don’t know that TSN doesn’t care about racing fans. They certainly care about NASCAR, mostly because they own a part of NASCAR Canada and the ratings are fairly good.

      I’d honestly TSN’s coverage of IndyCar (or lack of) is one of the main reasons I’ve almost entirely stopped watching the series. Aside from Indy, I don’t think I watched a single race this year. I’d think Sportsnet will have less programming conflicts. I wouldn’t be shocked if Toronto and/or Indy air on Citytv. Hard to see those pushed to SN1, especially Indy because they can simulcast it (same with Toronto if its on ABC, I guess).

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