GolTV Release on La Liga Broadcasts

A month has passed since Bein Sports launched in America. Because Bein owns Canadian rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Football League, non of these leagues are on Canadian TV. Yet. I haven’t really heard anything about these leagues airing in Canada anytime soon. A few weeks ago GolTV released this general, somewhat incorrect, response to fans’ concerns about La Liga on Canadian TV.

As you may be aware, there is still some uncertainty generally about La Liga’s international broadcast intentions for the upcoming season. This has been reported on extensively in the press. At this time, we continue to monitor the situation and the implications and opportunities as they apply to GOL TV Canada.

We understand and share your concern about La Liga rights in Canada, and will let you know of developments as they can be confirmed.

Now, in this release GolTV correlated two things that simply are not related: the lack of La Liga broadcasting in Canada and the domestic TV tensions between the major domestic broadcasters in Spain. I don’t want to say that they intentionally misled fans and viewers to confuse them; however, it is obvious they wanted to deflect attention from themselves  the Spanish stations who Canadians wouldn’t contact.

Only now has GolTV Canada released a statement that accurately reflects the situation. Note that I have added information to this release in brackets to clarify it because there are certain things GolTV can’t say publicly.

We appreciate your concern with regards to La Liga game telecasts. We share it. We continue to talk to the rights holder (Bein Sports) about opportunities (a sub-licensing deal, most likely) which would see La Liga games return to air in the Canadian marketplace. The nature of those conversations are confidential, but we hope to have some news very soon. We ask for your patience as this situation is resolved.

22 thoughts on “GolTV Release on La Liga Broadcasts

  1. “What do you think?”

    I think it is yet another totally lame press release. Not quite so downright dishonest as the first, but I see absolutely nothing to suggest that MLSE / Goltv are going to pony up the dough to pay the going rate for the La Liga rights.

    Personally I am enjoying the enhanced Bundesliga coverage but I suspect that neither the US or Canadian versions of the Spanish/hispanic focussed Goltv will survive in the medium term. The US version has lost all La Liga rights. The Canadian version may be thrown a bone this year, but come year 2 or 3 of the La Liga rights BeIN will have sorted out their own distribution.

    Adios Goltv. It has been great while it lasted. Wish I could be more positive.

  2. The issue Bein has in Canada is if they try and launch a new channel Rogers/Bell could block it so with that said i can see the Canadian Gol in good shape short term and long term.

  3. It’s just crazy to see that two big nations, with big TV corporations cannot buy the rights to watch La Liga. Go to Mali or Ghana and you’ll see that people are enjoying Messi and Co. I’m really upset to miss it:( hopefully something comes up in the near future!!

    • Somebody did buy the rights, they just don’t have a channel here. Sounds like they want EPL too, but I’d be a bit shocked if it doesn’t go to TSN/Sportsnet. Hopefully EPL isn’t so stupid as Serie A and Liga to sell it to a corporation that doesn’t have a channel here.

  4. This sucks. I want my barca back you rich greedy bastards.

  5. I don’t care who is going to broadcast la liga tsn, gol tv,sports net anyone I just wanna watch it and I don’t care if I have to pay little extra come on its 2012 , what fuck it’s going on with all this technologi this days , come on I am going crazy without la liga ,

  6. Please bring it back. I need la liga and my beloved real mdrid in my life. Please stop being greedy for once and bring it back.

    • What really strikes me as surprising is how little media attention there is on the matter. Barcelona FC, Madrid FC and the entire La Liga goes black in Canada, depriving ten of thousands of fans of their weekly fix and except for one Globe and Mail article, no other newspaper bothers to focus on the issue. The El Classico games attract hundreds of millions of viewers. Why so little interest in providing the service to Canadians?

      • I find it interesting as well. My best guess is the papers tend to focus on mainstream events (Liga, and even club soccer in general, isn’t very mainstream here). Not to mention that only one paper (The Globe) has a sports media column. Most papers wouldn’t even have someone with knowledge of the issue to present the idea.

  7. try atdhe and watch the games for free I am not waiting for money hungry MLSE

    • I am enjoying La Liga on streaming live channels online. That’s the only way I could watch it and not missing a single match so far of La Liga. The day this happened I cancelled my subscription to GolTV out right as I know they won’t be bringing to Canada. I don’t like Bundisliga for me to cough up the money for it. Then again if I want to watch it Bundisliga I can always do so online for the time being. I just didn’t want to pay for GolTV when they can’t provide me a La Liga.

      Aidos GolTV, you will be history soon in Canada with your boring MLS games and Brazilian leagues.

      BeIN TV will be in Canada sometime by next year as I heard.

      • It might be earlier than that.

        If beIN is in HD, I’ll drop GolTV in a second for it. I like Bundesliga, but I’d much rather have Serie A (and to a lesser degree La Liga and Carling Cup) in HD. GolTV’s only plus is they have the odd good World Cup qualifier. They couldn’t even get that right yesterday as they missed the first 5 minutes of the Ireland-Germany match.

      • Hello, I just read your comment. I am a desperate fan of La Liga, and i could not find any live channels online, I am willing to pay, but nothing seems to make sense, could you please share your recipe for watching la-liga online.

        Many thanks.

  8. we are paying for sports net world 19,99 for what just for some champions league games and some EPL derby games cause the rest of the champions league are free on the sport net channels and we are not getting la liga ,i don’t give f…… put price to it and let us enjoy the game you rich people , you have the money so make some more , come on we need la liga , see no hockey this year nobody says any thing . this is stupid

    • I honestly can’t make sense of what you’re saying. Sportsnet World has nothing to do with La Liga because they don’t own those rights. If you think $20 is too much for Sportsnet World, then do what I do, don’t pay for it.

  9. When , please lets get it so we can wacth the rest of the season

  10. OK, It is really interesting all the “verborrea” these Magnates are talking about. Listen people, nowadays everything is about we Canadians loosing more and more of our “rights” just ‘because a handful of ricachones say so? I say we have to get some presure out there, make them worry about their friking money.
    Right now they own all the mayor telecommunication companies in Canada and when you come to see what you are paying for, it all comes down to a few interesting channels and all the other hundreds of them are just decorative, they are there to make you belive you are paying for a heck of a deal.
    So, I don’t care who is going to buy the rights or if they have already done so, all I care about is: LA LIGA !!!!! bring it back and if you can’t do it, then you can be sure people are going to start looking for “elegal ways” to get it !!!! So the call is all on them.

  11. Actually la liga is not that interesting to watch except for a few games between the top teams y sometimes not even that… La liga is always dominated by the same teams and the champion is known from the first week of the competition…More interesting is the champion league and that is very well covered in Canada…

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