Playoff time for Australian rugby and Aussie Rules Playoffs

A little late posting this one, with Game 1 of finals weekend in both the National Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL) being played at I type this out. Luckily, if you are familiar with either code or just want to see a different type of football that has more athleticism and less padding and stoppages than the NFL, you still have plenty of chances left this weekend.

Sportsnet World has all four NRL games, with TSN2 showing the two AFL matches. TSN has put out their usual press release — to try and rope in us ex-pat Aussie’s living over here, I’m sure — as finals time is really the only time they give a shit about the AFL. They state “TSN2 will have coverage of all rounds of the playoffs, finishing with the AFL GRAND FINAL on September 29.” All good, except they list only two out of the four games this weekend. One, which screened Friday morning, and the second Saturday night. I guess those all-morning repeats of “That’s Hockey” during the summer conflict with live sporting events.

SN World needs no such thing as they consistently show multiple matches per weekend during the whole season. Keep an eye out over at Sports on Canadian TV for the weekly listings of all NRL games, and whatever AFL feeds that TSN2 miraculously decides to pull out of the sky.

NRL Week 1 Playoffs:
Fri Sep 7 @ 6am – Qualifying Final #1 – Canterbury Bulldogs vs. Manly Sea-Eagles
Sat Sep 8 @ 6:30am – Qualifying Final #2 – North Queensland Cowboys vs. Brisbane Broncos
Sat Sep 8 @ 8:30am – Qualifying Final #3 – Melbourne Storm vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs
Sun Sep 9 @ 2am – Qualifying Final #4 – Canberra Raiders vs. Cronulla Sharks

AFL Week 1 Playoffs:
Fri Sep 7 @ 5:30am – Qualifying Final #1 – Hawthorne Hawks vs. Collingwood Magpies
Sat Sep 8 @ 1am – Qualifying Final #2 – Adelaide Crows vs. Sydney Swans

—— Ticky

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