NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 1

A new NFL season kicks off tonight. Here is the Canadian TV schedule for this weekend. Usually Sportsnet will have Thursday Night Football and Sunday 4pm ET games (along with Citytv). TSN will have Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. CTV and TSN2 will have Sunday 1pm ET games.

Wednesday September 5
8:30pm, Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants – TSN

Sunday September 9
1:00pm, New England Patriots @ Tennessee Titans – CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Alberta, BC
1:00pm, Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets – CTV Toronto, Kitchener
1:00pm, Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears – CTV Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Saskatchewan
1:00pm, Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings – CTV Winnipeg
1:00pm, Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints – TSN2
4:15pm, San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers – Citytv; SN East
4:15pm, Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
8:30pm, Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos – TSN

Monday September 10
7:00pm, Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens – TSN
10:15pm, San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders – TSN

4 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Schedule: Week 1

  1. Every game in just about every Canadian market is simsubbed this week (WSH-NO on TSN2 included for those who have Bell TV, Bell Fibe and any BDU who has their simsubs performed for them by Bell. :( At least I will have the chance to see the Vikings game this Sunday so there’s no complaints from me other than that one gripe.

  2. RDS is showing the Saints @ Redskins game and RDS2 will have the 49ers @ Packers game.

  3. 1:00pm, Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears will be on CBS Detroit (WWJ-TV).
    4:15pm, Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals will be on Fox Seattle (KCPQ-TV).

    • The Seahawks @ Cardinals game will also be on FOX Spokane, KAYU.

      The Rams @ Lions game will be on FOX Detroit, WJBK.

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