Almost 500, 000 watched Murray v. Raonic

Fairly impressive. Obviously helped by a lack of competition on Labour Day evening. Just imagine the ratings Raonic could post if he ever makes a Grand Slam final. At an average of 484, 000 viewers, I believe this is the second highest rated tennis match on Canadian TV in 2012. The men’s final at Wimbledon pulled in 515, 000 viewers.

Overnight audience data from BBM Canada confirms that an average audience of 484,000 viewers tuned in to TSN to see Canada’s Milos Raonic take on Olympic gold medal winner Andy Murray at the U.S. OPEN on Monday.

This is the most-watched U.S. OPEN match ever on TSN.

Overall, 2.3 million Canadians tuned in to watch some or all of Monday’s 4th round match on TSN.

Full coverage of the U.S. OPEN continues on TSN and TSN2 through to the Finals this coming weekend.


One thought on “Almost 500, 000 watched Murray v. Raonic

  1. It was a poor effort from TSN not to have anyone commentating on the match back in Toronto once they had to switch from the Tennis Channel feed to the International feed.

    And I don’t see Milos making any Grand Slam finals for at least a few years considering the beating he took against Andy Murray.

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