An Announcement

In the coming months I am beginning a new part of my life. One where I probably won’t find as much time for this site. That, combined with a general waning desire to write about sports media much of the time will likely result in less content on here.

I created the Canadian Sports Media Blog, then just Canadian Sports Fan Blog (because, yes, I’m terrible with naming things) as an outlet for me to write about sports in 2009. I wanted it to be a break from “real life”. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I wanted a chance to write about things I would never get the chance to elsewhere. At first I created the blog to write about the NHL Trade Deadline. Believe it or not, I actually wrote about sports (and not sports broadcasting) back then. Finally in 2010 I got a bit of a break with my analysis of CTV’s Olympic coverage bringing readers to the blog for the first time. That’s when I decided I had a niche.

As some of you may already know, I no longer do the daily sports listings. Haven’t all summer. Contributer Ticky has taken that over and I thank him for that. I would also like to thank everyone else who has helped out. And of course everyone who has taken the time to read.

And therein lies one of the reasons I have to cutback. As I said, I originally wrote to please myself. As a hobby. More and more over the last year I’ve wrote to please others. I’ve spent time reseaching stories that I should have spent on other things. As a result, this hasn’t been as enjoyable. But I always knew I had to at least keep it going through the end of the Olympics. And I did. And I hope to keep this going through 2014 because I love the Olympics that much.

So what can you expect this fall? I hope to continue to post two soccer schedules per week (on Monday and Friday), a weekly NFL schedule which is top priority (on Tuesday or Wednesday), and a weekly college football schedule (on Thursday). I also hope to bring back NHL commentator listings in October (if there is no lockout). And I hope to bring ratings updates back too. I hope to do all of these things, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time. And the honest truth is I may have to cut some (or even all) of them. So, some posts may be made well ahead of time, so late schedule changes won’t be reflected. And opinion pieces will come, if I find the time and desire. They are the most enjoyable things I do on here, but they also take the most work. If anyone has any interest in helping out with the schedules or ratings updates, let me know. I’ll give you all the details you need to do them.

I hope everyone sticks with me. There are some big things coming up in sports media over the next two years. New NHL and CFL contracts, CBC takes over the Olympics and CTV takes over FIFA properties from the 2015 World Cup. And there is still the small, currently relevant, matter of Serie A and La Liga not airing on Canadian TV this year.


18 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. I can help out with the schedule posts whenever you need assistance. For the sports whose schedules you don’t post on here I usually find out and write down the schedules myself anyway so it won’t be much different.

  2. enjoy your opinion pieces, so as long as those continue then i’ll keep clicking. i find your takes to be well thought out and unafraid of ruffling any feathers. And it’s always nice to read a variety of perspectives on sports media.

    i’d probably read and comment more if you focused on print and radio, but those are just my own preferences.

    • Thanks. I’ll try to keep a few opinion pieces coming each month.

      I live in New Brunswick. Print and radio in Toronto (and others cities) has always seemed quite foreign to me. What’s on The Fan or in The Star doesn’t really affect me because I don’t listen to/read those outlets.

  3. Cheers man, I’m happy found your posts just to read different interesting things or check uP stuff that’s on canadian tv or the new contracts and everything it’s nice to see man. I myself enjoy writing and commenting on stuff like this so this was sweet, I’m huge NHL, CFL, and especially EPL(soccer/football) fan so it’s pretty cool. I enjoyed checking some stuff here and was cool, hope for the best in your future with your life if it’s too busy that’s understandable. But keep it up, good stuff :)

  4. I only wish I’d discovered your blog earlier! Will look forward to whatever content you have time to/feel like posting. Good luck with your life change!

  5. Best wishes Josh with your new endavours! Really enjoyed your site a lot! If you can at least do an opinion piece every other week would be great. All the best though Josh!

  6. Really love this blog. Daily reader for roughly 2 years. I’d be willing to be a contributor in some shape or form. Be it continueing a current segment or creating a new one.

  7. Know where you are coming from. Blogging needs ultimately to be fun. I agree that quality is more important than quantity. Have enjoyed your take on NHL and CFL as an American.

  8. Hopefully you can still post some quality opinion pieces here and there. Even if all of your articles are not sports broadcasting related. All the best to you Josh. :)

  9. Sports writing?? Don’t flatter yourself, all u are is a TV GUIDE for sports with the odd opinion thrown in. Don’ worry we wont miss u.

    • Then why did you even bother reading? Or commenting? And I’d say I had more than “the odd” opinion, especially if you followed me on Twitter.

      And apparently some (many?) like the schedules. Trust me, the only reason I do them is for others. Not because I enjoy spending my time finding the information and posting it.

  10. you have a great blog man and I’ve followed it for the last two years or so, hope you keep doing what you find enjoyable!

  11. Josh – sorry to see this. Hopefully you’ll find the time and motivation again somewhere down the line. Good luck on your future endeavours!

  12. All the best Josh. Hope to see the odd post every now and then.

  13. I would prefer it if you did less of the lengthy drawn out posts simply pointing out what sports are on what channels this year, and whats on this week, but instead, gave your opinion and commentary on the state of sports on Canadian TV.

    One of the first posts that drew me to this site a year or so ago, was an article expressing your opinion on something, soccer coverage perhaps… since then, I’ve been routinely let down by what essentially amounts to TV Guide listings.

    Now, don’t confuse my sentiment as a complaint, it’s a compliment. Your opinions, while not always aligning with mine, were interesting and someone, somewhere… specifically, someone not working for a major newspaper/tv/radio company in Canada fearing for their job if they were to say anything untoward about programming on a channel owned by their parent company, needs to be saying something about sports on Canadian TV.

    Perhaps simplify your website. Less of the monotonous and likely very tedious tv listings and more of the first draft, first thoughts off the top of your head.

    • Also, perhaps work the scheduling/listings into the posts, but do less of them. Highlight a couple key events or point out things you may not want to miss. Keep it more casual and less formulaic.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

      I fully agree with your third paragraph, which was the reason I began writing about this in the first place. I think over the past few weeks you will find bits and pieces of my opinion on things. I did a piece on the ’87 Canada Cup, the importance of a Canadian WCQ’er on free TV, why buying the Grand Slam of Curling was in fact a big move by Sportsnet, my thoughts on the sale of theScore and others in the past month or so. If I had time to do more of these, I would.

      What I post each day usually depends on how much time I have and to a lesser degree, what news I come across. If i have no time for it, nothing will get posted. Some time will usually result in a couple press releases if they are actually relevant (around half of TSN/SN press releases are hardly relevant). If by chance I have lots of time, and something worth writing about, on a given day, I’ll usually do an opinion piece.

      I will certainly keep your advice in mind. Already thinking a bit of how I could include CTV/Rogers’ regional NFL games into another post of sorts. The day those are released (Tuesday), is actually the one weekday I would have time to write more. Maybe I’ll try to start doing a piece every Tuesday (time pending, of course) to highlight that and other goings on from the weekend, even if it means the site is mostly dark the rest of the week.

      Thanks for reading. And getting me thinking. More changes might be just what I need to get more interested in this again.

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