La Liga’s Loss is Bundesliga’s Gain

Olivier Occean led the 2nd Division of the Bundesliga in scoring last season. Now he is playing in the top flight for newly-promote Frankfurt.

A couple of years ago I subscribed to GolTV to catch the final month of the La Liga season. Barcelona and Real Madrid battled right down to the wire for the title. I tuned into the Bundesliga to catch a couple matches. I was immediately a fan. Sure, FC Bayern won the title by a clear five points. However, I was immediately enthralled with the league. The football was exciting, with an average of 2.83 goals per game, the highest among the major leagues. The crowds were large, the largest in the world in fact. And anything could happen. Hertha BSC went from a European spot to last between 2008 and 2009. Germany became the only country in Europe without a team from its capital in the top division of its football pyramid. I quickly became a fan of Schalke 04, Bayern’s main competitor that season. My fandom of Schalke grew with their semifinal run in the Champions League the next season.

I watched a bit more Bundesliga the next season. Even with Schalke dropping to 14th, just four points clear of the relegation playoff. And then last season I watched almost a game every week. Even though GolTV isn’t available (to me at least) in HD I found it was a far superior league to my usual secondary league, Serie A. I was now subscribing to GolTV to see Bundesliga instead of El Classico. I still had a hard time getting into the league with only two games per week, out of a possible five, on TV.

This season, without La Liga, GolTV is showing all five possible GolTV games per week. The only other league that has ever received full coverage every weekend here is the Premier League.

For those interested in the Canadian men’s national team, three Canadian internationals play in the Bundesliga. They are Olivier Occean and Rob Friend (Frankfurt), and Marcel de Jong (Augsburg). The closest the Premier League comes to Canadian internationals are Junior Hoilett (who hasn’t played for Canada yet and could choose Jamaica instead); and Asmir Begovic and Jonathan de Guzman (both of whom rejected Canada for other countries). To my knowledge there are no Canadians playing in Serie A or La Liga.

So for those looking for something to fill the void of La Liga and/or Serie A, I’d highly suggest the Bundesliga. I know from a personal standpoint, I couldn’t be more happy that GolTV Canada has lost La Liga, and committed to Bundesliga for three years.

6 thoughts on “La Liga’s Loss is Bundesliga’s Gain

  1. I really enjoy watching Bundesliga as well. Sucks that it isn’t readily available in HD though. I have an XBox so I can get it but it’s pretty expensive. If they had more On Demand (not just TFC) I would get it but it’s just not worth it.

    Oh, Canada does have one player in the Premier League. Simeon Jackson.

  2. Other than Barcelona and Real, Spain has a very average and boring league, while Italy keeps being the World Championship of Match Fixing (TM). I’ll take Premier League and Bundesliga any day, without a doubt.

    • La Liga has a boring league? That’s why 3 out of the 4 teams in the Europa League Semi finals were Spanish .. Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao. Don’t let the huge gap between Barca Madrid and the rest of the league fool you .. La Liga is a great league with a lot of quality. Barca and Madrid are just on another level from everyone else. They would dominate the EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A the same way.

      • Doesn’t mean its not boring. The very fact that they are so far ahead of everyone else is what makes it boring, IMO. If they played in Serie A, then it’d be boring. And I think Bayern and Chelsea would disagree that they are vastly better than everyone in the Premier League and Bundesliga.

        I also think that a major reason Spanish teams do well in Europa League is because they know it is the biggest event they have a chance to win. Man United or Man City didn’t take the Europa League as serious as their weekend Premier League matches.

        Individual teams’ success in Europe doesn’t = an exciting league.

  3. Simeon Jackson from Norwich is Canadian.

  4. The real winners in all this are yes the bundesliga and what I subscribe to Goltv for the Campionato Brasileiro. The real the losers are avid fans of the Spanish, French and Italian leagues and strangely enough the leagues themselves. I mean, thanks to their own short sightedness of the Spanish, French and Italian leagues not only will the have limited viewers for the next few years but they are forced to fight one another for airtime given that most games begin simultaneously. So while I will miss La Liga, I think I will get over it viva Brasil!

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