Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 16 (Sunday, August 12)

Well it’s here, everyone. Been a great two weeks, even seemingly heartbreak after heartbreak for Canada during week 2. Tomorrow the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London come to a close. There are still medals to be handed out in volleyball, basketball, the men’s marathon, boxing, wrestling, handball, mountain biking, rhythmic gymnastics, water polo and modern pentathlon (which isn’t on TV). Otherwise, Canadians can see every single day 16 gold medal final.

And then there’s the closing ceremony, which will include some of the best British pop and rock acts of all time. Rumoured/confirmed performers include The Who, Spice Girls, Queen, Pink Floyd, Ray Davies and Beady Eye. So, here is Liam and Gem from Beady Eye doing Wonderwall (the song they’re expected to do) while you read the schedule for the final day of Olympic competition.

Rosie MacLennan won Canada’s lone gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, in women’s trampoline.




Men’s Volleyball: Bulgaria v. Italy (live; 4:30am)
Men’s Basketball: Argentina v. Russia (live; 6:00am)
Men’s Volleyball: Russia v. Brazil (live; 8:00am)
Men’s Basketball: United States v. Spain (live; 10:00am)
Men’s Boxing: 52kg, 60kg, 69kg, 81kg, +91kg Finals (12:30pm)


Athletics: Men’s Marathon (live; 6:00am)
Cycling: Men’s Mountain Bike (live; 8:30am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Italy (live; 10:50am)
Men’s Volleyball: Russia v. Brazil (12:00pm)


Men’s Handball: Hungary v. Croatia (live; 6:00am)
Wrestling: Men’s 66kg & 96kg medal rounds (live; 8:00am)
Men’s Handball: Sweden v. France (live; 11:00am)
Rhythmic Gymnastics: Group Final (12:30pm)


Water Polo: Montenegro v. Serbia (live; 9:30am)


Athletics: Men’s Marathon (live; 6:00am)
Men’s Basketball: United States v. Spain (live; 10:00am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Italy (12:30pm)
Rhythmic Gymnastics: Group Final (1:45pm)
Wrestling: Men’s 66kg & 96kg (2:45pm)
Men’s Volleyball: Russia v. Brazil (4:00pm)


Brian Williams takes Canadians through the best of London 2012. Along with encores of key Canadian performances and interviews, the show looks back at the inspiring stories and outstanding achievements that captivated the nation, including the Canadian women’s soccer team, Usain Bolt, and Missy Franklin. During the two-hour show, Lisa LaFlamme fronts a piece on women in sport, highlighting the courageous women competing for countries with female athletes for the first time in Olympic history. The feature also looks at the remarkable performances of Gabby Douglas in gymnastics, Missy Franklin in the pool, and Jessica Ennis on the track. Stephen Brunt also returns with his last essay of the Games, examining how London 2012 has redefined Great Britain through the golden performances of Team GB during last week’s ‘Super Saturday’.


Hosted by James Duthie and Jennifer Hedger, this spectacle caps off the 17 days of London 2012 and celebrates the athletes that made these Games possible. Dubbed “a mashed-up symphony” of British music by artistic director Kim Gavin, the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES CLOSING CEREMONY is set to include some of Great Britain’s top musical acts including Muse, Ed Sheeran, George Michael, the Spice Girls, The Who, Annie Lennox and more. The show will also celebrate Rio, host of the 2016 Games, with a Brazilian-themed performance.

CTV PRIMETIME (7:30pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Closing Ceremony

TSN PRIMETIME (7:30pm-11:00pm)

Closing Ceremony


Closing Ceremony

OLN PRIMETIME (7:30pm-11:00pm)

Closing Ceremony

NBC PRIMETIME (7:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

London Gold Review Show (7:00pm)
Closing Ceremony (8:30pm)


LONDRES 2012 à V

Athletisme et Velo de Montagne (Hommes) (en direct, 4h00)
Handball (Hommes) (HUN vs. CRO), Volleyball (Hommes) (RUS vs. BRA), Water-polo finale (Hommes) (en direct, 10h00)
Résumé suivit de la cérémonie de clôture (en direct, 15h00)
Résumé et cérémonies de cloture (en direct,  15h00)


Volleyball (Hommes) et Basketball Bronze (Hommes) (ARG vs. RUS) (en direct, 4h00)
Basketball (Hommes), Volleyball (Hommes) et Water-polo (Hommes) (en direct, 10h00)
Résumé et cérémonies de cloture (en direct,  15h00)


Handball Médaille de Bronze (Hongrie vs Croatie) (en direct; 6h00)
Boxe finale (hommes) (en direct, 8h30)
Water-polo (hommes) Finale Croatie vs Italie (en direct, 10h45)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.




Men’s Boxing: 52kg, 60kg, 69kg, 81kg, +91kg Finals (live; 8:30am) – Bangla
Closing Ceremony (live; 4:00pm)


Closing Ceremony (live; 4:00pm) – Mandarin and Cantonese
Mandarin Primetime (8:00pm-9:30pm ET/MT/PT)
Cantonese Primetime (9:30pm-11:00pm ET/MT/PT)



All times below are EASTERN TIME


Men’s Marathon
06:00 – Final


Men’s Basketball
06:00 – Bronze Medal Game Argentina vs Russia
10:00 – Gold Medal Game United States vs Spain


Men’s Fly (52kg)

08:30 – Final

Men’s Light (60kg)

08:45 – Final

Men’s Welter (69kg)

09:15 – Final

Men’s Light Heavy (81kg)

09:45 – Final

Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg)

10:15 – Final

Cycling – Mountain Bike

Men’s Cross-country

08:30 – Final

Gymnastics – Rhythmic

Group All-Around

08:30 – Final Rotation 1
09:16 – Final Rotation 2


Men’s Handball

06:00 – Bronze Medal Match Hungary vs Croatia
10:00 – Gold Medal Match Sweden  vs France

Modern Pentathlon

Women’s Modern Pentathlon

03:00 – Fencing
07:35 – Swimming
09:35 – Riding
13:00 – Combined Event


Men’s Volleyball

04:30 – Bronze Medal Match Bulgaria vs Italy
08:00 – Gold Medal Match Russia vs Brazil

Water Polo

Men’s Water Polo

05:20 – Classification 7-8 United States vs Australia
06:40 – Classification 5-6 Spain  vs Hungary
09:30 – Bronze Medal Match Montenegro vs Serbia
10:50 – Gold Medal Match Croatia vs Italy


Men’s 66kg Freestyle

03:30 * – Qualifications
04:00 * – 1/8 Finals
05:00 * – Quarterfinals
05:30 * – Semifinals
07:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
09:03 * – Gold Medal Final

Men’s 96kg Freestyle

03:30 * – Qualifications
04:00 * – 1/8 Finals
05:00 * – Quarterfinals
05:30 * – Semifinals
07:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
09:48 * – Gold Medal Final

* Estimated start


– If an event is know to be described in a language other than english or french, that language will be in parentheses after the channel name.
– This schedule is subject to change.
– Some events are available online. More info on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSOlympiques.ca

The daily Olympic Broadcast Schedule is provided to you by Channel Canada and The Canadian Sports Media Blog.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 16 (Sunday, August 12)

  1. It sucks that the pentathlon isn’t televised. The men’s one today was pretty exciting.

  2. The Final and Last day of the Bell/CTV/Rogers Alliance/Consortium or Unholy alliance (As Bob McCown) would say. We won’t see them at least 2018, but I feel something brewing behind closed doors of the next 2 Olympics. Something to point out, will tomorrow be the last time we see Brian Williams cover the Olympics? I also hope that CTV, have come to their senses, to choose a ‘descent’ song to close out their Olympic Coverage, I don’t want to hear ‘I Believe’ (Doesn’t matter which version), though I wouldn’t be shocked if they choose it to end the Olympics!

    • I have a feeling it will be The Tenors version of I Believe.

      I think it might be Williams’ last Olympics broadcast. By the time CTV (possibly) gets rights back in 2018 he’d be 71 years old. That’s up there for all the work he puts into the broadcasts. Maybe he could have a role as a contributor, but primetime host would be pushing it. If CBC sub-licences rights to TSN in 2014/16, and allows TSN to use Williams (they didn’t in 2008, AFAIK), then that could change it.

  3. Did anyone notice, or was I the only one that did, that CTV cut to a commercial during the Brazilian national anthem. There’s a good way to alienate the Brazilian/Portuguese community in Canada.

  4. Ron MacLean and Scott Russell were CBC’s main hosts at Beijing 2008. They also brought Diana Swain and Ian Hanomansing over from news, both of whom earned critical praise. TSN did carry some events that year under its old deal with CBC, but it was very much a CBC production.

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