Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 14 (Friday, August 10)

2008 Olympic silver medalist Karine Sergerie (pictured) and Sébastien Michaud are medal contenders in Taekwondo on Friday.

Each day during the 2012 Olympic Games the Canadian Sports Media Blog, in conjunction with Channel Canada, will provide an Olympic broadcast schedule for all official broadcasters that are available in Canada. These include CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, V, RDS2, ATN, OMNI, plus American broadcaster NBC. After the broadcast schedule is a complete list of events for the day. Many of these are available for live streaming on CTVOlympics.ca.




Canoeing: Preliminary Heats/Semifinals (live; 4:30am)
Boxing: Men’s Semifinals (live; 8:30am)
Cycling: BMX Semifinals/Finals (live; 10:00am)


Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg preliminaries (live; 6:00am)
Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg last 16/quarters/semis (live; 8:00am)
Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg quarters/semis (live; 10:00am)


Swimming: Men’s 10km Marathon (live; 7:00am)
Synchronized Swimming: Women’s Team Final (live; 10:00am)


Women’s Hockey: Great Britain v. New Zealand (live; 10:30am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Montenegro (12:30pm)
Women’s Hockey: Netherlands v. Argentina (live; 3:00pm)


Canoeing: Semifinals (10:00am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Montenegro (live; 10:40am)
Canoeing: Semifinals (11:45am)
Swimming: Men’s 10km Marathon
Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (1:45pm)
Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg Finals (2:45pm)


Men’s Basketball: Spain v. Russia (live; 12:00pm)
Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm)
Men’s Basketball: Argentina v. United States (live; 4:00pm)


Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg medal round (live; 1:00pm)
Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg medal round (live; 3:00pm)


Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (11:30am)
Men’s Volleyball: Bulgaria v. Russia (12:30pm)
Diving: Men’s 10m Preliminaries (live; 2:00pm)
Soccer: Korea v. Japan (live; 2:45pm)

CTV PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Host Brian Williams gives a complete rundown of Day 14 highlights and results with a focus on Canadian performances. The four-hour show recaps the athletics events of the day, BMX cycling and Tory Nyhaug*’s performance, taekwondo with looks at Karine Sergerie and Sébastien Michaud’s results, diving, canoe/kayak, and marathon swimming.

TSN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-9:30pm)

Host Darren Dutchyshen takes sports fans through Day 14 highlights including recaps of men’s volleyball semifinals, Canada’s underwater performance in synchronized swimming, and men’s water polo semifinal #2 (Italy v. Serbia)


Host Brad Fay reviews the men’s basketball semifinals with coverage of powerhouse Argentina taking on the favoured United States, as well as Spain vs. Russia. Canadians Karine Sergerie and Sébastien Michaud look to fight their way to the podium in taekwondo, while Adam van Koeverden teaches kayaking in another edition of The Experts.

OLN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Canoeing: Qualifying Heats/Semifinals

NBC PRIMETIME (8:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

Finals in Track & Field relays, plus finals in BMX Cycling, a men’s Volleyball semifinal, and qualifying in men’s platform Diving.

NBC LATE NIGHT (12:35am-1:35am ET/PT)

Finals in the women’s hammer throw and 5000m, and a men’s Water Polo semifinal match.


LONDRES 2012 à V

Canöe-kayak course en ligne (hommes, femmes) – demi-finale (en direct, 4h30)
Nage en eau libre (femmes) – finale (en direct, 7h00)
BMX (hommes, femmes) – demi-finale/finale (en direct, 10h00)
Handball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 12h00)
Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – quarte de finale/demi-finale (en direct, 13h15)
Soccer (hommes) – médaille de bronze (en direct, 14h45)
Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – finale (en direct, 17h00)


Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – préliminaires (en direct, 4h00)
Boxe (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 8h30)
Nage synchronisée (femmes) – finale par équipe (en direct, 10h00)
Water-polo (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 11h30)
Basketball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 12h00)
Athlétisme (hommes, femmes) – séries/finale (en direct, 14h00)
Basketball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 16h25)


Volleyball (hommes)  (en direct, 10h00)
Boxe (hommes) (en direct, 11h30)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.



Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (live; 7:00am) – Urdu
Women’s Hockey: Great Britain v. New Zealand (live; 11:10am)
Women’s Hockey: Netherlands v. Argentina (live; 3:00pm)


Italian Primetime (8:30-9:00pm)
Portuguese Primetime (9:30-10:00pm)


Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Mandarin Primetime (8:30-9:00pm)
Cantonese Primetime (9:30-10:00pm)

OMNI Alberta

Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Italian Primetime (8:00-8:30pm MT)
Portuguese Primetime (8:30-9:00pm MT)
Cantonese Primetime (9:00-9:30pm MT)
Mandarin Primetime (9:30-10:00pm MT)


Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Mandarin Primetime (8:30-9:00pm PT)
Punjabi Primetime (9:30-10:00pm PT)
Cantonese Primetime (10:00-10:30pm PT)
Italian Primetime (10:30-11:00pm PT)

The Canadian Sports Media Blog is in no way affiliated with any Olympic broadcaster or the Olympic Games themselves. I take no responsibility for any errors in this schedule as it is subject to change and updates can happen at any time.



All times below are EASTERN TIME


Men’s Pole Vault

14:00 – Final

Women’s 4 x 400m Relay

14:10 – Round 1

Women’s Hammer Throw

14:35 – Final

Men’s 4 x 100m Relay

14:45 – Round 1

Women’s 5000m

15:05 – Final

Women’s 4 x 100m Relay

15:40 – Final

Women’s 1500m

15:55 – Final

Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

16:20 – Final


Men’s Basketball

19:00 * – Semifinal 1
19:00 * – Semifinal 2


Men’s Light Fly (49kg)

08:30 – Semifinals

Men’s Bantam (56kg)

09:00 Semifinals
09:15 Semifinals

Men’s Light Welter (64kg)

09:30 – Semifinals

Men’s Middle (75kg)

10:00 Semifinals
10:15 Semifinals

Men’s Heavy (91kg)

10:30 Semifinals
10:45 Semifinals

Men’s Fly (52kg)

15:30 – Semifinals
15:45 Semifinals

Men’s Light (60kg)

16:00 Semifinals
16:15 Semifinals

Men’s Welter (69kg)

16:30 – Semifinals
16:45 Semifinals

Men’s Light Heavy (81kg)

17:00 – Semifinals

Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg)

17:30 Semifinals
17:45 Semifinals

Canoe Sprint

Men’s Kayak Single (K1) 200m

04:30 – Heats
06:16 – Semifinals

Men’s Canoe Single (C1) 200m

04:51 – Heats
06:30 – Semifinals

Women’s Kayak Single (K1) 200m

05:19 – Heats
06:51 – Semifinals

Men’s Kayak Double (K2) 200m

05:47 – Heats
07:12 – Semifinals

Cycling – BMX

Women’s BMX

10:00 – Semifinals
11:30 – Final

Men’s BMX

10:08 – Semifinals
11:40 – Final


Men’s 10m Platform

14:00 – Preliminary Round


Men’s Football

14:45 – Bronze Medal Match Korea vs Japan

Gymnastics – Rhythmic

Individual All-Around

07:00 – Qualification Rotation 3
08:18 – Qualification Rotation 4

Group All-Around

09:50 – Qualification Rotation 2


Men’s Handball

12:00 – Semifinal
15:30 – Semifinal

Women’s Hockey

03:30 – Classification 11-12 Belgium  vs United States
06:30 – Classification 5-6 China vs Australia
10:30 – Bronze Medal Match
15:00 – Gold Medal Match


Women’s 470

08:00 – Medal Race

Women’s Elliott 6m

09:00 * – Semifinal 1
09:05 * – Semifinal 2


Men’s 10km Marathon

07:00 – Final

Synchronised Swimming

Women’s Teams

10:00 – Free Routine Final


Women’s -67kg

04:00 – Preliminary Round
04:30 Preliminary Round
05:00 Preliminary Round
05:30 Preliminary Round
06:00 Preliminary Round
06:30 Preliminary Round
07:00 Preliminary Round
07:30 Preliminary Round
10:00 – Quarterfinals
12:00 – Semifinals
15:00 – Repechage & Bronze
17:15 – Gold Medal Final

Men’s -80kg

04:15 Preliminary Round
04:45 Preliminary Round
05:15 Preliminary Round
05:45 Preliminary Round
06:15 Preliminary Round
06:45 Preliminary Round
07:15 Preliminary Round
07:45 Preliminary Round
10:15 – Quarterfinals
12:15 – Semifinals
15:15 – Repechage & Bronze
17:30 – Gold Medal Final


Men’s Volleyball

10:00 – Semifinal 1 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOM400201/team1.html
14:30 – Semifinal 2 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOM400202/team1.html

Water Polo

Men’s Water Polo

19:00 * – Semifinal 5-8 /externalmodules/schedlines/wp/WPM400203/team1.html
19:00 * – Semifinal /externalmodules/schedlines/wp/WPM400201/team1.html
19:00 * – Semifinal 5-8 /externalmodules/schedlines/wp/WPM400204/team1.html
19:00 * – Semifinal /externalmodules/schedlines/wp/WPM400202/team1.html


Men’s 55kg Freestyle

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:03 * – Gold Medal Final

Men’s 74kg Freestyle

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:48 * – Gold Medal Final

* Estimated start


– If an event is know to be described in a language other than english or french, that language will be in parentheses after the channel name.
– This schedule is subject to change.
– Some events are available online. More info on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSOlympiques.ca

The daily Olympic Broadcast Schedule is provided to you by Channel Canada and The Canadian Sports Media Blog.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 14 (Friday, August 10)

  1. One thing that I noticed on even the French language coverage on RDS and V is that handball gets conspicously absent until when the handball quarterfinals commence. You would assume since Quebec is the Canadian hotbed of team handball (if I can it that with the more notable players come from there) and its cultural allegiances with France that perhaps RDS, RDS2, RDS Info, and V would show more, particularly France’s men’s and women’s handball games more frequently to tailor the coverage more as intended to the French-Canadian audience and likely the Norwegian women, Brazil, Sweden, and hosts Great Britain from the start. The sport could use more televised publicity. English Canada isn’t as big on the sport, so I’m not worried about them as much.

    • I don’t think there is a hotbed of handball in Canada, per say. It’s a great sport, but certainly not as popular as most of the other team sports. I also doubt that Quebec cares about French national teams 90% of the time.

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