Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 11 (Tuesday, August 7)

2000 Olympic gold medallist Simon Whitfield competes in the men’s triathlon.

Each day during the 2012 Olympic Games the Canadian Sports Media Blog, in conjunction with Channel Canada, will provide an Olympic broadcast schedule for all official broadcasters that are available in Canada. These include CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, V, RDS2, ATN, OMNI, plus American broadcaster NBC. After the broadcast schedule is a complete list of events for the day. Many of these are available for live streaming on CTVOlympics.ca.




Diving: Men’s 3m semifinal (live; 5:00am)
Athletics: Qualifying rounds (live)
Triathlon: Men’s Race (live; 7:30am)
Gymnastics: Individual finals (live; 9:00am)


Triathlon: Men’s Race (live; 6:30am)
Women’s Basketball: United States v. Canada (live; 9:00am)


Track Cycling: Women’s Omnium (live; 6:00am)
Canoeing: Semifinals (7:00am)
Women’s Volleyball: Japan v. China (live; 8:00am)
Synchronized Swimming: Duet final (live; 10:00am)


Equestrian: Dressage Grand Prix Special (live; 5:00am)
Women’s Volleyball: Russia v. Brazil (12:00pm)
Women’s Volleyball: United States v. Dominican Rep. (live; 2:00pm)


Athletics: Qualifying rounds
Women’s Water Polo: United States v. Australia (live; 10:30am)
Cycling: Finals (live; 11:30am)
Diving: Men’s 3m semifinal (1:15pm)
Women’s Volleyball: United States v. Dominican Rep. (live; 2:00pm)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: May/Walsh (USA) v. Xue/Zhang (CHN) (live; 4:00pm)


Synchronized Swimming: Duet final
Athletics: Semifinals/Finals (live; 2:00pm)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: May/Walsh (USA) v. Xue/Zhang (CHN) (live; 4:00pm)
Boxing: Men’s 52kg & 69kg quarterfinals
Women’s Water Polo: Semifinal


Track Cycling: Finals (live; 11:00am)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: Juliana/Larissa (BRA) v. Kessy/Ross (USA) (live; 1:00pm)
Men’s Soccer: Korea v. Brazil (live; 2:45pm)


Men’s Soccer: Mexico v. Japan (live; 12:00pm)
Diving: Men’s 3m final (live; 2:00pm)

CTV PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Host Brian Williams gives a complete rundown of Day 11 highlights and results with a focus on Canadian performances. The four-hour show reviews the women’s 100m hurdles semifinals and finals with a focus on Jessica Zelinka, Phylicia George, and Nikkita Holder, and features a Superbodies segment on a hurdler’s body with Dr. Greg Wells. The show also recaps Tara Whitten’s results in the second day of omnium competition, Simon Whitfield’s performance in men’s triathlon, and how Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon and Élise Marcotte’s fared in synchronized swimming.  OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON CTV also recaps the quarterfinal game between Canada and powerhouse United States in women’s basketball and other key events from the day

TSN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Host Darren Dutchyshen takes sports fans through four hours of Day 11 highlights, including recaps of men’s triathlon with a focus on Simon Whitfield, men’s 3m springboard final and Alexandre Despatie’s performance, Canada’s results in synchronized swimming, plus the women’s basketball quarterfinal match-up between Canada and the United States. The show also includes extended looks at men’s and women’s beach volleyball semifinals.


Brad Fay takes viewers to Olympic Stadium for a review of the men’s 200m heats, Usain Bolt’s second event of the Games and the 100m hurdles final where Canada may add more hardware to the country’s medal count. At the pool, Alexandre Despatie puts a shaky summer behind him in the 3m springboard diving finals. Capping off OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON SPORTSNET are special features including Difference Makers with Rick Hansen featuring Simon Whitfield; Superbodies with Dr. Greg Wells, who takes a look at the physically taxing triathlon; and The Experts showcasing women’s hockey Olympic Games gold medallists Tessa Bonhomme and Jennifer Botterill attempting synchronized swimming.

OLN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Men’s Soccer: Mexico v. Japan
Men’s Soccer: Korea v. Brazil

NBC PRIMETIME (8:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

Individual event finals in men’s and women’s Gymnastics and Track & Field, plus a key women’s Beach Volleyball semifinal.

NBC LATE NIGHT (12:35am-1:35am ET/PT)

Finals in men’s springboard Diving, and the men’s discus throw.


LONDRES 2012 à V

Canoe-Kayak, Athletisme et Triathlon (Hommes) (en direct, 4h00)
Gymnastique Artistique et Soccer (Hommes) (en direct, 9h00)
Athletisme, Volleyball de Plage (Femmes) et Soccer (Hommes) (en direct, 14h00)


Plongeon (Hommes), Athletisme et Volleyball (Femmes) (en direct, 4h00)
Nage Synchronisee et Cyclisme sur Piste (en direct, 10h00)
Plongeon (Hommes), Boxe (Homme) et Haltérophilie (en direct, 14h00)


Canöe-kayak (en direct, 4h30)
Basketball (femmes) Quart de finale (en direct, 9h00)
Waterpolo (femmes) Demi-finale (en direct, 10h45)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.



Weightlifting: Men’s +105kg qualifying (live; 10:30am)
Weightlifting: Men’s +105kg Final (live; 2:00pm)


Men’s Hockey: Australia v. Pakistan (12:30pm) – Punjabi
Men’s Hockey: India v. Belgium (2:00pm) – Punjabi
Mandarin Primetime (8:30-9:00pm)
Cantonese Primetime (9:30-10:00pm)

OMNI Alberta

Men’s Hockey: Australia v. Pakistan (12:30pm) – Punjabi
Men’s Hockey: India v. Belgium (2:00pm) – Punjabi


Men’s Hockey: Australia v. Pakistan (12:30pm) – Punjabi
Men’s Hockey: India v. Belgium (2:00pm) – Punjabi

The Canadian Sports Media Blog is in no way affiliated with any Olympic broadcaster or the Olympic Games themselves. I take no responsibility for any errors in this schedule as it is subject to change and updates can happen at any time.



All times below are EASTERN TIME


Women’s Javelin Throw

05:00 – Qualification

Men’s 110m Hurdles

05:10 – Round 1

Men’s Triple Jump

05:45 – Qualification

Women’s 5000m

05:55 – Round 1

Men’s 200m

06:50 – Round 1

Men’s High Jump

14:00 – Final

Women’s Long Jump

14:05 – Qualification

Women’s 100m Hurdles

14:15 – Semifinals
16:00 – Final

Men’s Discus Throw

14:45 – Final

Men’s 800m

14:55 – Semifinals

Women’s 200m

15:25 – Semifinals

Men’s 1500m

16:15 – Final


Women’s Basketball

09:00 – Quarterfinal 2 – United States  vs Canada
11:15 – Quarterfinal 1 – Australia vs China
15:00 – Quarterfinal 3 – Turkey vs Russia
17:15 – Quarterfinal 4 – France  vs Czech Republic

Beach Volleyball

Women’s Beach Volleyball

19:00 * – Semifinal
19:00 * – Semifinal

Men’s Beach Volleyball

19:00 * – Semifinal
19:00 * – Semifinal


Men’s Fly (52kg)

15:30 Quarterfinals
15:45 * Quarterfinals
16:00 * Quarterfinals
16:15 * Quarterfinals

Men’s Welter (69kg)

16:30 * Quarterfinals
16:45 * Quarterfinals
17:00 * Quarterfinals
17:15 * Quarterfinals

Canoe Sprint

Men’s Kayak Four (K4) 1000m

04:30 – Heats
06:01 – Semifinals

Men’s Canoe Double (C2) 1000m

04:46 – Heats
06:09 – Semifinals

Women’s Kayak Single (K1) 500m

05:07 – Heats
06:30 – Semifinals

Women’s Kayak Double (K2) 500m

05:35 – Heats
06:51 – Semifinals

Cycling – Track

Men’s Keirin

05:00 – First Round
06:19 – First Round Repechages
11:34 – Second Round
12:57 – Finals Rescheduled

Women’s Omnium

05:19 – 3km Individual Pursuit
11:07 – 10km Scratch Race
11:53 – 500m Time Trial

Women’s Sprint

11:00 – Semifinal
12:26 – Finals


Men’s 3m Springboard

05:00 – Semifinal
14:00 – Final


Individual Dressage

05:00 – Grand Prix Special

Team Dressage

05:00 – Grand Prix Special


Men’s Football

12:00 – Semifinal Mexico vs Japan
14:45 – Semifinal Korea vs Brazil

Gymnastics – Artistic

Men’s Parallel Bars

09:00 – Final

Women’s Beam

09:47 – Final

Men’s Horizontal Bar

10:37 – Final

Women’s Floor Exercise

11:23 – Final


Women’s Handball

05:00 – Quarterfinal Brazil  vs Norway
08:30 – Quarterfinal Spain vs Croatia
12:00 – Quarterfinal Russia vs Korea
15:30 – Quarterfinal France vs Montenegro


Men’s Hockey

03:30 – Preliminary Round Group B Korea vs Netherlands
05:45 – Preliminary Round Group A Australia  vs Pakistan
08:45 – Preliminary Round Group A Argentina vs South Africa
11:00 – Preliminary Round Group B India  vs Belgium
14:00 – Preliminary Round Group A Spain  vs Great Britain
16:15 – Preliminary Round Group B Germany  vs New Zealand


Men’s 470

07:00 – Race 9
08:15 * – Race 10

Women’s 470

07:05 – Race 7
08:20 * – Race 8

Men’s RS-X

08:00 – Medal Race

Women’s RS-X

09:00 – Medal Race

Women’s Elliott 6m

10:00 * – Quarterfinal 1
10:05 * – Quarterfinal 2
10:30 * – Quarterfinal 3
10:35 * – Quarterfinal 4

Synchronised Swimming

Women’s Duets

10:00 – Final

Table Tennis

Women’s Team

06:00 – Bronze Medal Match
06:00 – Bronze Medal Match
10:30 – Gold Medal Match
10:30 – Gold Medal Match


Men’s Triathlon

06:30 – Final


Women’s Volleyball

08:00 – Quarterfinal 1 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOW400301/team1.html
10:00 – Quarterfinal 2 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOW400302/team1.html
14:00 – Quarterfinal 3 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOW400303/team1.html
16:00 – Quarterfinal 4 /externalmodules/schedlines/vo/VOW400304/team1.html

Water Polo

Women’s Water Polo

19:00 * – Semifinal 5-8 Italy vs China
19:00 * – Semifinal United States  vs Australia
19:00 * – Semifinal 5-8 Russia vs Great Britain
19:00 * – Semifinal Hungary vs Spain


Men’s +105kg

10:30 – Group B
14:00 – Group A


Men’s 66kg Greco-Roman

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:03 * – Gold Medal Final

Men’s 96kg Greco-Roman

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:48 * – Gold Medal Final

* Estimated start time


– If an event is know to be described in a language other than english or french, that language will be in parentheses after the channel name.
– This schedule is subject to change.
– Some events are available online. More info on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSOlympiques.ca

The daily Olympic Broadcast Schedule is provided to you by Channel Canada and The Canadian Sports Media Blog.

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