Thomas Dobby Leaves The Score

Another of theScore’s faces has left for another network. Producer Thomas Dobby has left to pursue other opportunities. He is just the latest personalities to leave theScore in recent months. Cabbie Richards and Steve Kouleas left for TSN. Sid Seixeiro and Tim Micallef left for The Fan 590. Now with theScore seemingly losing Serie A rights, one of theScore’s key behind-the-scenes soccer personalities has left too. Dobby was instrumental in theScore’s once mighty Footy Show. All that’s left are hosts James Sharman, Kristian Jack and Brendon Dunlop (an unconfirmed rumour has Dunlop leaving too).

Dobby was key in producing The Footy Show. He also appeared on-air on many of the podcasts. He was also the producer behind the new Live @theScore show. Dunlop was a correspondent for The Footy Show. He was also the occasional co-host when Sharman or Jack were on vacation.

I don’t know where either is going, but if I had to guess, Rogers has hired Dobby. Sportsnet World is launching a new nightly soccer highlights show this fall that will also air on Fox Soccer in America (ala Fox Soccer Report in past years). They will need a producer for that show who has worked on mainstream sports broadcasts. Dobby would fit the position perfectly. I don’t have any inside knowledge on this, just speculation. I can’t think of any other reason he would leave theScore.

I’ll have more on this as it develops. Also, I expect some major news on where La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 will air this season in the coming days. Likely after the Olympics (because I’m simply too busy with Olympic posts now). It sounds like these leagues will air on Canadian TV in 2012 and last-minute TV deals are in the works to make sure it happens.

21 thoughts on “Thomas Dobby Leaves The Score

  1. One of the rumors making the rounds is Eurosport could be rebranded Be In Sport many seem to think this makes the most sense.

    • Not saying this won’t happen but…

      The guy who posts this (on Big Soccer) is known for wildly creating numerous rumours then trumpeting himself when one of them (somehow) is correct. He also said there is 0% chance that Ligue 1 will air on TV5 in Canada this year, which turned out to be wrong.

      I’m not sure who is sources are, or if he even has any in Canada to be honest. But, I do know he is an asshole. Used to represent poker players until all of them hated him so much he couldn’t get work apparently. Told me that I’m a terrible writer from his fake BeinSports Twitter account (which has since been shut down).

      Again, I’m not saying this won’t happen, but be very cautious about what you read from him. I haven’t had a chance to really check into any of it because I’m focused on the Olympics.

      • I just hope that the league will air in Canada on current channels and not a new channel.

        • Well it can’t really be a new channel because, as far as I know, nobody has applied to launch a new soccer channel in Canada.

          Euroworld Sport is only available on Rogers and MTS, so unless they can secure more carriage agreements, I’d rather these leagues ended up elsewhere.

          BTW, worth noting that GolTV has signed a deal to show the Copa del Rey final and the Spanish Super Cup.

          • I know your very busy and i hate to ask but do you know what leagues are going to air on Tsn/Sportsnet World this fall if you don’t have time i fully understand?

            • Same as last year, mostly.

              BeinSports has won rights to the Championship and Football League Cup in America, so I’m not sure if Sportsnet World still has the rights to those. Sportsnet has added UEFA Europa League.

              The only other leagues (potentially) changing broadcasters are La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. EPL, SPL, Champions League, FA Cup and Bundesliga are the same as last year.

  2. I’m wondering if Sharman does not jump to Rogers who were hiring for a soccer anchor. Seems he or Nigel Reed would be the natural fit

    • Sharman is very loyal to theScore. Him and Greg Sansone have been there from the start. Both loyal, and I don’t really see either leaving unless the channel shuts down.

      I believe the anchor Sportsnet is hiring is also for their new show. Apparently Kara Lang will co-host. They may hire from with-in for the main hosting spot.

      • Kara Lang?? u got to be kidding. She can barely speak live on air. Did u see her talking to Hedger & that other guy after Canada was robbed by the ref in womens soccer. She had nothing pertinent to say & if she did say something it was delayed.

  3. With many personalities having left The Score in the last little while, can you Josh or anyone else see the network ceasing operations at some point within the next two years or so?

    • I doubt it will cease operations they may get away from programs that cost a fair amount of money like soccer.

      • If they get rid of soccer, they’ve got virtually nothing left, so they may as well cease operations.

        • They still have Wwe which does well for them plus mma then they have Ncaa/Nba and Cis.

          • If it turns out that The Score decides to preempt at least half the college football games from Fox, FSN & FX consisting of Big 12, Pac 12 & Conference USA games much like Sportsnet did last year, then The Score in my opinion should cease operations. For those who might not understand what I am talking about:


            The information can be found from the Monday Morning Commentator posting on September 5th towards the end of the article.

            • Its very very rare for channel’s to cease operations if there is a channel not doing well most times they will get a rebrand as with the Score the worst thing i could see happening is they could sold for dirt cheap for the rights alone to the Wwe/Ncaa it would be well worth it for Bell or Rogers maybe even Cbc.

              • Why would Bell or Rogers need another sports channel? I doubt the CRTC would even late that happen. Same for CBC, can’t see taxpayers (or the government) going for it.

                Score Mobile makes money. It is huge in North America. And Score Mobile FC is fairly big worldwide. The TV channel is a great platform to promote that. I think it will stick around with cheap programs.

                • They don’t need another channel but if they can buy The Score for really cheap it would be worth it just for rights for Ncaa/Wwe etc.

                  • Not really. If either wanted rights to those events they could just outbid theScore. Sportsnet already passed on re-newing rights to Fox’s NCAA package, hence why theScore got it. TSN sub-licences rights to Thursday Night NCAA Football, ESPN College Hoops and bowl games to theScore. And TSN passed on Monday Night Raw when they picked up Monday Night Football. TheScore only has what everyone else doesn’t want really.

  4. The BeIN Sport situation has put everything out of order at the moment. They have already won the rights to show La Liga and Serie A in Canada and they don’t even have a channel launched yet. The guy on bigsoccer makes a lot of stuff up but he does take calculated guesses as well and the whole thing with BeIN and TLN does make sense but who knows. What I wonder is, have they or will they try to buy a piece of TheScore and make that their soccer channel. I know the The Score has regulations about being a sports highlities channel with the 15 minute update thing but having James Sharman already there, it is a natural fit to make that their Canadian channel.

    • Yeah, for sure.

      TheScore would be a better channel to own in the sense that it is already in HD. However, TLN has more channels. With it they could offer some Serie A on TLN and Liga on Euroworld at the same time. Not to mention TLN en Espanol.

      I don’t know if theScore wants to see a piece, but if they did, I think I’d prefer it if I was the management at BeIN.

      Surely we’ll hear something soon. It’s hard to get through all his bullshit (and stuff about female anchors and see-through desks) to get to the few things that make a bit of sense. I’d have a lot more respect for him if he wasn’t such an asshole.

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