Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 9 (Sunday, August 5)

Ten-time Olympian Ian Millar will complete in team jumping for Canada.

Each day during the 2012 Olympic Games the Canadian Sports Media Blog, in conjunction with Channel Canada, will provide an Olympic broadcast schedule for all official broadcasters that are available in Canada. These include CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, V, RDS2, ATN, OMNI, plus American broadcaster NBC. After the broadcast schedule is a complete list of events for the day. Many of these are available for live streaming on CTVOlympics.ca.




Track Cycling: Men’s Omnium (live; 5:00am)
Athletics: Women’s Marathon (live; 6:00am)
Tennis: Roger Federer (SUI) v. Andy Murray (GBR) (live; 9:00am)


Women’s Volleyball: China v. Korea (live; 6:30am)
Gymnastics: Individual Finals (live; 9:00am)
Boxing: Women’s round of 16 (live)


Equestrian: Team Jumping round 1 (live; 6:00am)
Women’s Basketball: Canada v. Australia (live; 9:30am)


Tennis: Juan Martin del Potro (ARG) v. Novak Djokovic (SRB) (live; 7:00am)
Women’s Volleyball: Italy v. Russia (live; 11:45am)
Women’s Volleyball: United States v. Turkey (live; 3:00pm)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: Juliana/Larissa (BRA) v. Goller/Ludwig (GER) (live; 6:00pm)


Athletics: Women’s Marathon (live; 6:00am)
Tennis:  Roger Federer (SUI) v. Andy Murray (GBR) (live; 9:00am)
Women’s Basketball: China v. United States (live; 11:45am)
Equestrian: Team Jumping round 1 (live; 1:30pm)
Women’s Water Polo: United States v. Italy (live; 2:00pm)
Women’s Volleyball: United States v. Turkey (live; 3:00pm)
Cycling: Final (4:30pm)
Beach Volleyball: Kolocová/Sluková v. Kessy/Ross (USA) (live; 5:00pm)


Track Cycling: Men’s Omnium (live; 12:00pm)
Athletics: Semifinals/Finals (live; 2:00pm)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: Kolocová/Sluková v. Kessy/Ross (USA) (live; 5:00pm)


Women’s Water Polo: Australia v. China (12:00pm)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: Xue/Zhang (CHN) v. Schwaiger/Schwaiger (AUT) (live; 1:00pm)
Diving: Women’s 3m final (live; 2:00pm)
Weightlifting: Women’s +75kg (live; 3:30pm)


Women’s Basketball: China v. United States (live; 11:45am)
Women’s Beach Volleyball: May/Walsh (USA) v. Cicolari/Menegatti (ITA) (live; 2:00pm)
Women’s Water Polo: Great Britain v. Spain (live; 3:20pm)

CTV PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Host Brian Williams guides Canadians through four hours of Day 9 highlights, including a recap of the highly-anticipated showdown between Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake in the men’s100m final. Additional recaps include the women’s 3m springboard final featuring newly minted bronze medallists Jennifer Abel and Émilie Heymans, Canada’s match-up against Australia in women’s basketball, as well as men’s boxing, synchronized swimming, equestrian, and cycling.

TSN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Host Darren Dutchyshen takes fans through Sunday’s recaps and highlights, including the men’s tennis final with Andy Murray and Roger Federer, men’s and women’s boxing, beach volleyball and equestrian, and a review of the world’s fastest man in the men’s100m final during an athletics round up. The four-hour show also features three-time Olympic medallist Karen Cockburn showing CFL great Milt Stegall how to tackle the trampoline in The Experts.


A full review of one of the most anticipated events of the London 2012 Games – the men’s 100m final featuring Usain Bolt and his fellow countryman and biggest threat, Yohan Blake. Plus, Sportsnet heads to the pool where divers Jennifer Abel and Émilie Heymans looked to add to their bronze medal in the 3m springboard final.

OLN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-10:00pm)

Athletics: Women’s Marathon

NBC PRIMETIME (8:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

Track & Field’s centerpiece event — the men’s 100m dash, plus apparatus finals in Gymnastics, the women’s springboard final in Diving, and a Beach Volleyball matchup.

NBC LATE NIGHT (12:35am-1:35am ET/PT)

Finals in the men’s hammer throw and steeplechase, and qualifying in the high jump, plus the men’s singles final in Badminton.


LONDRES 2012 à V

Volleyball (Femmes) (en direct, 4h00)
Boxe (Femmes), Gymnastique Artistique, Basketball (Femmes) et Halterophilie (en direct, 8h30)
Volleyball de Plages (Femmes) et Athletisme (en direct, 13h30)


Basketball (femmes) et Athlétisme (en direct, 4h00)
Tennis (Hommes) (en direct, 9h00)
Cyclisme sur Piste (Hommes), Plongeon (Femmes), Boxe (Hommes) et Volleyball (Femmes) (en direct, 13h00)


Boxe (fenmmes) Poids Léger (60kg) Poids Moyen (75kg) (en direct, 9h30)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.



Badminton: Men’s Singles/Doubles Bronze (live; 4:00am) – Hindi
Badminton: Men’s Singles/Doubles Finals (live; 8:00am) – Hindi


Portuguese Primetime (7:00-8:30pm)
Italian Primetime (8:30-10:00pm)


Badminton: Men’s Singles/Doubles Finals (live; 8:00am) – Cantonese

OMNI Alberta

Badminton: Men’s Singles/Doubles Finals (live; 8:00am) – Cantonese
Portuguese Primetime (7:00-8:30pm MT)
Italian Primetime (8:30-10:00pm MT)


Badminton: Men’s Singles/Doubles Finals (live; 8:00am) – Cantonese
Portuguese Primetime (7:00-8:30pm PT)
Italian Primetime (8:30-10:00pm PT)

The Canadian Sports Media Blog is in no way affiliated with any Olympic broadcaster or the Olympic Games themselves. I take no responsibility for any errors in this schedule as it is subject to change and updates can happen at any time.



All times below are EASTERN TIME


Women’s Marathon

06:00 – Final

Women’s 400m Hurdles

14:00 – Round 1

Men’s High Jump

14:05 – Qualification

Women’s Triple Jump

14:35 – Final

Men’s 100m

14:45 – Semifinals
16:50 – Final

Men’s 1500m

15:15 – Semifinals

Men’s Hammer Throw

15:20 – Final

Men’s 400m

15:40 – Semifinals

Women’s 400m

16:10 – Final

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase

16:25 – Final


Men’s Singles

04:00 – Bronze Medal Match **
08:00 – Gold Medal Match **

Men’s Doubles

04:45 – Bronze Medal Match **
09:15 – Gold Medal Match **


Women’s Basketball

04:00 – Preliminary Round Group B France vs Russia
06:15 – Preliminary Round Group A Angola vs Czech Republic
09:30 – Preliminary Round Group B Canada vs Australia
11:45 – Preliminary Round Group A China vs United States
15:00 – Preliminary Round Group A Croatia vs Turkey
17:15 – Preliminary Round Group B Great Britain vs Brazil

Beach Volleyball

Women’s Beach Volleyball

19:00 * – Quarterfinal
19:00 * – Quarterfinal
19:00 * – Quarterfinal
19:00 * – Quarterfinal


Women’s Fly (51kg)

08:30 Round of 16
08:45 * Round of 16
09:00 * Round of 16
09:15 * Round of 16

Women’s Light (60kg)

09:30 * Round of 16
09:45 * Round of 16
10:00 * Round of 16
10:15 * Round of 16

Women’s Middle (75kg)

10:30 * Round of 16
10:45 * Round of 16
11:00 * Round of 16
11:15 * Round of 16

Men’s Bantam (56kg)

15:30 Quarterfinals
15:45 * Quarterfinals
16:00 * Quarterfinals
16:15 * Quarterfinals

Men’s Heavy (91kg)

16:30 * – Quarterfinals
16:45 * Quarterfinals
17:00 * Quarterfinals
17:15 * Quarterfinals

Cycling – Track

Men’s Omnium

05:00 – 4km Individual Pursuit
12:01 – 15km Scratch Race
13:16 – 1km Time Trial

Women’s Sprint

05:58 – Qualifying
11:00 – 1/16 Finals
11:48 – 1/16 Final Repechages
12:38 – 1/8 Finals
13:06 – 1/8 Final Repechages
13:51 – Race for 9th-12th Places

Men’s Sprint

11:34 – Quarterfinals
13:47 – Race for 5th-8th Places


Women’s 3m Springboard

14:00 – Final


Individual Jumping

06:00 – 2nd Qualifier

Team Jumping

06:00 – Round 1


Men’s Team Foil

04:00 Round of 16 Great Britain vs Egypt
05:30 – Quarterfinals
05:30 Quarterfinals Japan vs China
05:30 Quarterfinals Germany vs Russia
05:30 Quarterfinals United States vs France
05:30 Quarterfinals Italy vs Team Not Found
07:00 – Semifinals
10:00 – Placement 7-8
10:00 – Placement 5-6
13:00 – Bronze Medal Match
14:15 – Gold Medal Match

Gymnastics – Artistic

Men’s Floor Exercise

09:00 – Final

Women’s Vault

09:50 – Final

Men’s Pommel Horse

10:41 – Final


Women’s Handball

04:30 – Preliminaries Group B Sweden vs Korea
06:15 – Preliminaries Group A Brazil vs Angola
09:30 – Preliminaries Group A Montenegro vs Russia
11:15 – Preliminaries Group A Croatia vs Great Britain
14:30 – Preliminaries Group B Norway vs Spain
16:15 – Preliminaries Group B Denmark vs France


Men’s Hockey

03:30 – Preliminary Round Group B New Zealand vs Belgium
05:45 – Preliminary Round Group A Pakistan vs South Africa
08:45 – Preliminary Round Group B India vs Korea
11:00 – Preliminary Round Group B Netherlands vs Germany
14:00 – Preliminary Round Group A Great Britain vs Australia
16:15 – Preliminary Round Group A Argentina vs Spain


Men’s 49er

07:00 – Race 12
07:45 * – Race 13

Women’s RS-X

07:00 – Race 9
07:45 * – Race 10

Men’s Star

08:00 – Medal Race

Men’s Finn

09:00 – Medal Race

Women’s 470

09:00 – Race 5
10:30 – Race 6

Men’s RS-X

09:00 – Race 9
09:45 * – Race 10


Men’s 50m Pistol

04:00 – Qualification
07:30 – Finals

Men’s Trap

04:00 – Qualification
Synchronised Swimming

Women’s Duets

10:00 – Qualification Technical Routine

Table Tennis

Men’s Team

05:00 – Quarterfinals
05:00 – Quarterfinals
09:30 – Quarterfinals
09:30 – Quarterfinals Austria vs Germany
09:30 – Quarterfinals

Women’s Team

14:00 – Semifinals


07:00 * – Order of play available evening before


Women’s Volleyball

04:30 – Preliminary Round Group A Algeria vs Dominican Rep.
06:30 – Preliminary Round Group B China vs Korea
09:45 – Preliminary Round Group A Great Britain vs Japan
11:45 – Preliminary Round Group A Italy vs Russia
15:00 – Preliminary Round Group B United States vs Turkey
17:00 – Preliminary Round Group B Brazil vs Serbia

Water Polo

Women’s Water Polo

19:00 * – Quarterfinal United States vs Italy
19:00 * – Quarterfinal Hungary vs Russia
19:00 * – Quarterfinal Spain vs Great Britain
19:00 * – Quarterfinal China vs Australia


Women’s +75kg

10:30 – Group A


Men’s 55kg Greco-Roman

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:03 * – Gold Medal Final

Men’s 74kg Greco-Roman

08:00 * – Qualifications
08:30 * – 1/8 Finals
09:30 * – Quarterfinals
10:00 * – Semifinals
12:45 * – Repechage & Bronze
14:48 * – Gold Medal Final

* Estimated start time


– If an event is know to be described in a language other than english or french, that language will be in parentheses after the channel name.
– This schedule is subject to change.
– Some events are available online. More info on CTVOlympics.ca and RDSOlympiques.ca

The daily Olympic Broadcast Schedule is provided to you by Channel Canada and The Canadian Sports Media Blog.

6 thoughts on “Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 9 (Sunday, August 5)

  1. Once again,the NBC Daytime programming that is live is for ALL timezones because it is the weekend. The marathon for females is live on the Seattle and Spokane stations.

    Glad to see the times in the 24 hour clock format.

    • No it is because of the tennis. Trust me. If the tennis is live, then everything else has to be too. NBC just wants to show the Wimbledon tennis live because it will bring in big ratings. Last weekend everything was tape delayed and next Saturday it will be too. Next Sunday the Marathon will air on one hour delay in most timezones, with the men’s basketball final live at 10am ET/7am PT (there is about an hour between the end of the marathon broadcast and the start of the basketball game).

  2. I am flabbergasted & shocked by this heavy-hand (& sneaky) ruling by the FEI. My understanding is that they “examined” & DQ’d the horse without the over-sight of anyone on Canada’s team in attendance. I’d sure like to know EXACTLY how they managed to sneak in & out in 4 minutes & make that call!!!

  3. Does anyone else find Joanne Malar’s diving commentary on TSN ear-splitting & annoying?? To me, she sounds like a hysterical teenage girl.

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