London 2012: Day 1 CTV/TSN/Sportsnet Highlights

I’ll post the full broadcast schedule a bit later, but for now here are the highlights of day 1 of the 2012 Olympic Games.


Airing 4 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

• Rowing: Men’s Eights, Men’s Pair – Canada’s men’s eights team, reigning Olympic champions, and the men’s pair team hit the water to secure their spots in the next round (CTV, OLN, V,,

• Cycling Road: Men’s – Ryder Hesjedal, who became the first Canadian to ever win the prestigious Giro D’Italia earlier this year, chases gold along the streets of London (TSN, V,,

• Gymnastics: Men’s – Follow Japan’s three-time World all-around champion Kohei Uchimura as he demonstrates his jaw-dropping athleticism to the crowd (Sportsnet, V,,

• Women’s Basketball – Canada and Russia face off in this preliminary game in hopes of advancing to the next round and meeting their next competitor on the hard court (CTV, V,

• Women’s Soccer – It’s Canada vs. Republic of South Africa on the pitch as each team goes after a win in this qualifying round group match (CTV, RDS,,

Airing 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. ET

• Swimming:
o Men’s 400m Individual Medley – Americans Michael Phelps* and Ryan Lochte* face off in their first of two showdowns (CTV, RDS,,

o Men’s 400m Freestyle – Canadian Ryan Cochrane* dives in head first for a chance to step onto the podium (CTV, RDS,,

o Women’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay – Team Canada’s Samantha Cheverton*, Heather MacLean*, Victoria Poon*, Julia Wilkinson* go for gold in the pool; American teenager Missy Franklin* competes in her first of seven possible medal events (CTV, RDS,,

Airing 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. ET/CT/MT/PT

• CTV: Along with taking Canadians through the best of Day 1 events – including swimming, gymnastics, rowing, and cycling – OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON CTV host Brian Williams is joined in studio by Rowing Prime Time Studio Analyst Marnie McBean and also gives viewers an in-depth look at cyclist Ryder Hesjedal. (CTV,,

• TSN: OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON TSN host Darren Dutchyshen kicks off four hours of highlights including a look at tennis superstars Roger Federer and Serena Williams, Canadian swimming sensation Ryan Cochrane, American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, as well as beach volleyball, women’s weightlifting, men’s cycling and more (TSN2,,

• Sportsnet: Day 1 of OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON SPORTSNET coverage features a look at Canada’s women’s soccer team following its match against the Republic of South Africa. Sportsnet also heads to the pool as Michael Phelps’ chase for Olympic Games history begins, while Canada’s men’s eights hit the water for the first day of rowing heats. (Sportsnet,,

• Host Chantal Machabée reviews the top highlights from the first day of competition from London 2012 (RDS,

• Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights (V,

12 thoughts on “London 2012: Day 1 CTV/TSN/Sportsnet Highlights

  1. CTV cut to commercial just prior to the introduction of the Republic of Macedonia’s athletes. A strong and populous community throughout Canada notwithstanding. Well, if Bell Canada and the powers that be at CTV feel my nationality is unimportant…I suddenly feel their services are unimportant. Will Cancel my Bell Satellite TV (Bell Media are owners of CTV) effective immediately. You won’t get my phone or internet service either, as I use Bell’s competition for both.

    • They can’t show EVERYONE. I’m sure lots of countries have “strong and populous” communities in Canada.

      You do realize that Bell’s biggest competitor, Rogers, is part of the TV coverage too, right?

    • Possible the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on here. Weren’t they showing the countries they skipped once they came back from commercial?

      And you could always watch it on NBC, I’m sure they didn’t skip it. Oh wait, you already cut your cable.

    • Well CTV/TSN it’s officially the first so called day of competition and you’ve already screwed up big time!!!! Can somebody explain to me why you are showing the USA/Columbia soccer game live (15 minutes first half and all of second half) while OUR CANADIAN WOMEN’S game isn’t shown at all, REALLY USA/COLUMBIA, REALLY. Good old Upper Management decision on that one, and on the first day to boot. You would think that our TEAMS would have priority, last I saw WE ARE IN CANADA AND YOU CTV ARE A CANADIAN BASED COMPANY, YOU REALLY MISSED THE BOAT.

      • I was at work, but wasn’t the Canadian women’s game live on CTV?

        • I’d like to apologize for my remarks about the women’s game, I guess they were on CTV, but here’s an observation or comment about TSN coverage, if TSN announces that there is going to be a soccer game on their schedule and Canada is playing on that particular day, I automatically conclude that they are showing the Canada vs South Africa game, not the USA vs Columbia game, how hard would it be for them to announce the game they are showing so cases like this don’t happen, and another thing how hard is it to put the times of the event they are showing, you know it’s not there first go around with the Olympics.

  2. ’04 their final montage was to ‘Try’ by Nelly Furtado

    I the Bell has FAR more say than Rogers in the presentation, particularly this year… but living out west, they don’t have much of a presence out here.

  3. @Canadiansportsmedia. No, they surely can’t show every nation, but I am glad to see that corporate greed was such a factor to where CTV forced its viewers to endure such voluminous cuts to commercials to the detriment of the quality of coverage of the actual opening ceremonies itself. The flow of the ceremony was certainly disrupted in my view.

    What’s more. If a country is missed during commercials, atleast have the common courtesy to respect those nations and mention them during the return on air. CTV did not. This snub defies common sense does it not? I guess common sense goes out the window when a network is so busy scheduling TV commercials and does not offer the scheduling manager or planners time to think about what customers would actually want or prefer in such coverage.

    And yes, while it is obvious that Rogers is involved in the broadcast of a competitor’s network (Bell Media’s CTV), who set the advertising scheduling and rates for the opening ceremonies, the period in question? That’s right, CTV.

    • CTV lost a lot of money on the Vancouver Olympics. I’d hardly call it corporate greed when they are just trying to break even. Broadcasters have to straddle a line of what viewers want and what advertisers want. Can be tough to get it right sometimes.

      The ceremony was available online commercial free. I also think the CBC showed just as many ads when they had it.

  4. An interesting point, while CTV and RDS have “beautiful” studios that look alike and that are in London, TSN, Sportsnet and V are diverted to having their studios back home in Canada (V in Quebec, and TSN and Sportsnet in their Respectable Toronto Main Studios and you can tell that the only difference between these studio with the olympics and without them, is solely graphics ). It’s unfortunate. It’s just like CBC/Radio Canada, in 2006. Both the English and French studios were based out in Toronto and Montreal. While the CBC did actually have one in Turin, it was a studio that featured a small desk and a poster background, with, not Brian Williams, but Ron Maclean, who was live in Turin for afternoon coverage, because of the Hockey Tournament, that Canada played poorly. I remember that Williams and Peter Mansbridge called the Opening Ceremony from the Olympic Stadium in Turin, but both Terry Leibel (Morning) and Brian Williams (Primetime) did their Hosting for the duration of the games from the CBC Olympic Studio that was based out of Toronto. So we didn’t have those classic interviews that are face-to-face, we had to see the athlete be interviewed from a satellite. And we didn’t get to hear those classic Williams’s time checks, that we are accustomed to in previous Olympics. The reason of this, was cost, the CBC actually lost money during the Olympics in Athens, because of Live Primetime show, when there were no events going on. At least we will not see, something of that magnitude happen during these Olympics.

    • Space at the International Broadcast Centre isn’t cheap. Nor is there a lot allocated to Canadian broadcasters. That’s probably one of the main reasons why only CTV and RDS are located there.

      Always seems weird seeing Brian Williams in a studio in the middle of the night during the Primetime show.

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