2012 Olympics on RDS Commentators

By request, here are the commentators for RDS and V for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

As you can probably tell, this isn’t a complete list. I hope to receive a complete list of English and French commentators from CTV later this week.

RDS Daytime: Alain Crête & Claude Mailhot
RDS Primetime: Chantal Machabée
V Daytime: Frédéric Plante & Yanick Bouchard
V Primetime: Jean Pagé

Athletics: Pierre Houde, Bruny Surin & Jean-Paul Baert
Beach Volleyball: Michel Fervac-Larose & Josée Corbeil
Boxing: Jean-Paul Chartrand & Bernard Barré
Canoeing: Maxime Boilard
Cycling: Louis Bertrand
Diving: Félix Séguin & Annie Pelletier
Gymnastics: Claudine Douville & Bernard Petiot
Handball: Alain Usereau
Rowing: Daniel Aucoin
Swimming: Denis Casavant & Yanick Lupien
Synchronised Swimming: Claudine Douville OR Félix Séguin
Volleyball: François-Étienne Corbin
Soccer:  Jean Gounelle & Patrick Leduc
Tennis: Yvan Ponton & Hélène Pelletier
Weightlifting: Alain Usereau
Water Polo: Michel Y. Lacroix & Ann Dow

Luc Bellemare
Luc Gélinas
Sylvain Pedneault

2 thoughts on “2012 Olympics on RDS Commentators

  1. Having grown up in Quebec from immigrants parents, I am all too familiar with the ignorance and racism towards all people not French and not named Jean-Guy or Ginette. That being said, I thought they had evolved and somehow developed a new found education. or maybe just disappeared. You could understand my surprise when I discovered that 2 of these retarded ignorant french pepsis are still alive and doing commentary on RDS for the Olympics!!!

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