CTV News Broadcasts from London Beginning Tomorrow

CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme will broadcast from London beginning Monday night. LaFlamme will also co-host the Opening Ceremonies with Brian Williams on Friday evening. She previously co-hosted the Closing Ceremony at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

Here is CTV’s press release.

With more viewing options and extensive coverage of the Olympic Games than ever before, Canadians can count on CTV News to report the day’s events that matter most. Beginning Monday, July 23 through to the Closing Ceremony, CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LISA LAFLAMME takes the show on the road to London 2012. In addition to the national broadcast, CTV News will produce two local newscasts per day – at 6 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. (check http://www.CTVNEWS.ca for local broadcast times) throughout the Games.

“This is a privileged vantage point we feel fortunate to share with Canadians,” said Lisa LaFlamme, Chief Anchor and Senior Editor, CTV News. “The Olympic Games are a showcase of human achievement and we’ll be the eyes on London for Canadians back home.”

“We have all the bases covered for London 2012,” said Wendy Freeman, President, CTV News. “We will continue to tell the stories of the day that Canadians count on.”

Beginning Monday, July 23 at 11 p.m. and for the rest of the week leading up to Friday’s Opening Ceremony, which will be co-hosted by LaFlamme and OLYMPIC PRIME TIME’s Brian Williams, CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LISA LAFLAMME will feature interviews with athletes and prominent figures. Throughout the Games, LaFlamme will be joined in England by an augmented reporting team including Todd Battis, Sarah Galashan, and Tom Walters, along with Tom Kennedy and Ben O’Hara Byrne. On weekends, Sandie Rinaldo will co-anchor CTV NATIONAL NEWS from Toronto with LaFlamme in London.

In addition, with unrivalled Canadian access CTV NEWS CHANNEL will also hear from CTV News journalists on the ground in London with hourly updates on the latest developments throughout the Games.

For complete schedules of Games coverage on Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium platforms, visit the Bell Viewers’ Guide on CTVOlympics.ca/guide and

8 thoughts on “CTV News Broadcasts from London Beginning Tomorrow

  1. I want to thank Brian Williams for his courageous statement about the failure of the IOC to acknowledge the murder of the Isreali athletes 40 years ago. By his principled and unflinching stand Mr. Williams continues the tradition of commentartors like Walter Cronkite by raising his voice against bigotry, declaring that there is no place in 2012 for discrimination against anyone, be it due to ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Thank you Mr. Williams for saying what so many in front of the camera are afraid to do, take a position on social justice issues. You did Canada proud!

    • I agree. Absolutely wonderful for him to recognize the Israeli athletes who were killed in 1972, as well as the women from some Arab countries who are allowed to compete for the first time.

  2. Whereas Brian Williams fawning support of Mitt Romney was truly disgusting.

    • I think what Williams’ point was, which is true, that Romney is officially in London because he was the chair of the Salt Lake 2002 organizing committee, not because he is potentially the next US President. It was a bit of an annoying/pointless debate though.

  3. I personally feel that reporters should report. Brian Williams is very good at his job which is supposed to be reporting the events, facts, and even the history of these sports, and not his personal opinions. I want the commentator to announce the sporting event and keep his personal views to himself. No one wants to hear his opinion. Surely he doesn’t want to hear mine. If this is a field that he feels he is better suited or must participate….then leave sports reporting and enter the editorial or political field.
    It is not the first time he has done this, and unfortunately it probably won’t be his last. Not like we have a choice to select whatever commentator we want to watch our Olympics with. Too bad. He only does it because he has this position. Lets keep it to the sports Brian please. I can go onto many other channels on my TV if I want to hear editorials from other ‘important’ people. Keep him reigned in Lisa. :-)
    As far as the Munich Olympic massacre is concerned……a very sad event indeed…..and if it that important to remember it, then remember it EVERY Olympics and not just the 40th anniversary. You can also remember all athletes who died at the Olympics. Lets not pick and choose certain countries and athletes to remember.. Lets be fair and equatable Brian. Don’t Francisco Lazaro, 1912, Nicolae Berechet, 1936, Knud Enemark Jensen, 1960, Kazimierz Kay-Skrzypeski, 1964, Ross Milne, 1964, Nicolas Bochatay , 1992, Nodar Kumaritashvili, 2010, also deserve your minute of silence Brian Williams?

    • I don’t think anybody is saying those athletes don’t deserve to be remembered. But with all due respect to those athletes who died doing what they love, Munich was a much more significant event in Olympic history.

      The problem is that the IOC is staying out of the Munich disaster because they don’t want to piss Arab countries off. They are the same Arab countries that the IOC is playing friendly with so they will finally send female athletes to the Olympics. To these countries any gesture of support for Israel is a slap against them. The IOC say they don’t want to be part of a political event, but I think they are simply playing politics anyway.

      The fact that the athletes were Israeli and were killed by Muslims shouldn’t be a reason not to remember them. The IOC is making it one.

      There is nothing that says a sports broadcaster can’t share his opinion. Especially someone in the role of Williams. It’s not like he’s just some play-by-play announcer doing [insert random sport here]. He has been the voice of the Olympics for over 35 years.

  4. Olympic games? Happy horsecrap…Canada is a land without human rights, property rights, or gender equality. Promote London’s games and forget the crimes committed in Canada…

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