2012 Olympic Multicultural Commentators

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Consortium has announced its 2012 Olympic hosts and commentators. OMNI will broadcast coverage in Cantonese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Punjubi. ATN will provide coverage in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu. Among the commentators are HNIC pubjabi play-by-play announcer Harnarayan Singh.

Here is the press release.

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium is pleased to announce its multilingual broadcast team for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In total, the Consortium’s multilingual broadcast partners OMNI Television and the Asian Television Network (ATN) will air 223 hours of coverage during the 17-day event with a 28-person broadcast team. The London 2012 Olympic Games takes place July 27 to August 12.

The Consortium’s broadcast team will deliver live event coverage in 11 different languages: Bangla, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. Olympic Games highlights will also air in news programs on OMNI Television.

As Canada’s broadcast leader in multilingual and multicultural programming, OMNI Television will deliver 103 hours of coverage in five different languages: Cantonese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Punjabi. Their broadcast team consists of 23 commentators – a variety of studio hosts, play-by-play announcers, renowned sports analysts, athletes-turned-broadcasters, and news anchors – all dedicated to providing multilingual coverage of London 2012.

“Our outstanding broadcast team will deliver a unique experience, bringing the thrill of the Games in languages of comfort for OMNI Television audiences, along with inspiring stories for Canada’s multilingual communities,” said Madeline Ziniak, National President, OMNI Television.

The OMNI Television broadcast team is as follows:

  • Cantonese: Alex Chum (Host), Fiona Law (Host), Raymond Li (Play-by-play, Badminton), Karen So (Host, Opening Ceremony), Paul Wan (Host), Ximing Yao (Analyst, Badminton)
  • Italian: Dino Cavalluzzo, (Host), Giorgio Mitolo (Host)
  • Mandarin: Wei Lee (Host), Gen Mei Liu (Analyst, Aquatics), YJ Liu (Analyst, Table Tennis), Shawn Wang (Host), Lisa Wu (Host), Ann Wang (Analyst, Aquatics), Tony Xiang (Analyst, Table Tennis), Bowen Zhang (Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies)
  • Portuguese: Lidia Ferreira (Host), Adalberto Thomaz (Play-by-play, Soccer)
  • Punjabi: Surinder Pal Chahal (Analyst, Wrestling) , Nick Sandhu (Analyst, Field Hockey), Amarinder Singh (Play-by-Play, Field Hockey), Harnarayan Singh, (Play-by-Play, Wrestling), Jasdip Wahla (Host)

ATN, Canada’s largest South Asian broadcaster, will deliver 120 hours of Games coverage during the London 2012 Olympic Games in five different languages including: Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. ATN will have five full-time broadcasters during the Games.

“We consider it a privilege to partner with Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium,” said Dr. Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN. We are very proud to give our community this wonderful opportunity to cheer on the Canadian Olympic team and others from around the world to develop an appreciation for the Games. By offering badminton in Hindi, field hockey in Punjabi, athletics in Tamil, gymnastics in Urdu, and boxing in Bangla, we are at the forefront of multilingual sports coverage.”

The ATN broadcast team is as follows:

  • Bengali: Suman Rahman (Play-by-play, Boxing and Gymnastics)
  • Hindi: Rajinder Lamba (Play-by-play, Badminton)
  • Punjabi: Amarjit Sangha (Play-by-play, Field Hockey and Weightlifting)
  • Tamil: Vasakan Ratnathurai (Play-by-play, Athletics and Shooting)
  • Urdu: Ashfaq Hussain (Play-by-play, Archery and Gymnastics)

8 thoughts on “2012 Olympic Multicultural Commentators

  1. I think it would have been nice to see a list of all the commentators. At this point the Olympics are in full swing and most of the commentators at the events are doing well (english speaking on CTV). Pity the rest of the Olympic coverage sucks to high heaven..worst coverage ever and I’ve watched the last 14 Olympics, so I can say without hesitation this is the WORST coverage EVER!! Dave Randorf..please go out and buy yourself a personality, you DO NOT have a strong presence on camera, in fact out of the three on the desk, you are the worst and frankly you are…BORING. Really you should take lessons from Brian Williams, he engages us by leaning forward to us, you sit back in your chair which is very off putting…take lessons on reading body language PLEASE.

    • Hard to call it the worst coverage ever when it is on 3 networks (4 if you include NBC) most of the day. I like Dave Randorf, very knowledgeable.

      • Must be nice to have all the time in the world to flip channels, I don’t. Oh I’m Canadian which means I watch Canadian coverage not another countrys broadcasts. I like to stick with one channel otherwise it becomes far too confusing to follow and with Olympic coverage my PVR is getting a little full to record other networks. And yes I can say worst coverage ever. In fact, I’ve spoken with over 60 people now including someone who works at one of the sponsors of the games and they are also saying worst coverage ever, by the way over 90% of those people with whom I spoke are unknown to me. So dig your head out of the sand and put your glasses on please. If you think the coverage on CTV is good then have I got a bridge for you, comes with it’s own toll bridge and swamp land..you’ll make a fortune. So the word BORING is quite valid. Now onto Randorf. I find he has no on camera presence, he is very off putting no matter how knowledgable he may be, his knowledge is not in question, it’s his ability to anchor that desk that I question. I watch people all the time. I read people all the time which has saved me in more than one instance. Randorf is NOT engaging, he does not invite people to listen to him, his body language is, I have to repeat, off putting. I end up fastforwarding through those segments because he’s just not interesting. You can have all the knowledge and information in the world, but if people don’t want to listen because you put them off then why bother? So yeah I’m right about the coverage, take the blinders off and look at it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t normally follow these sports (with exceptions). I’m laying odds you folks like your sports, some of us are picky.

        • Whether the coverage is the worst of all time or not is individual opinion. As far as the number of hours of coverage (and different sports on), this is far better than any summer Games before. That is what is more important to me, maybe not to others. Some of the commentators are as good as CBC’s (Rod Smith and Rob Faulds, for example), some are a lot worse. Some are the same (CTV has 10-15 commentators who were part of CBC’s 2008 coverage). I don’t find the coverage terrible. It is a lot better than their Vancouver coverage IMO.

          I don’t have any more time than anyone else to flip around. I am home to watch the Primetime coverage and that’s about it. Every commercial break I just check to see what’s on the other channels. If too many channels is too confusing for you, then I guess that’s your problem. Many people love having an option between different sports. NBC’s Daytime coverage is fantastic too, if you ignore that they don’t show the big events live.

          Maybe you find Randorf boring because you aren’t interested in what he is saying. I am, and I’ve never found him boring when he hosts Olympic or football broadcasts. Randorf puts you off. You aren’t speaking for the whole country.

          I don’t normally follow many Summer Olympic sports either. I watch tennis and soccer, and that’s about it. I might catch the World Championships in rowing, athletics and swimming if I’m lucky.

          • You just don’t get it do you? The Olympics are NOT just about the sports it’s about the whole experience, the spirit. It’s supposed to be the world coming together to play. In this coverage I can tell you what the venues look like. Have a great view of the venues. But what about the rest of it? How many of us are going to be able to afford the cost of attending an Olympics? I couldn’t even afford Vancouver, so how many Canadians will have the Olympic experience in person? Not as many as would like. We have to rely upon the broadcasters to bring us that experience. When do we get to see the world come to play? Oh we see the athletes, but there is so much more to the Olympics than just watching the sport.

            In other words, since the 1970s when I first started watching the Olympics, we are always taken on a journey, we get to see the country, we get to see what’s going on all over the city and countryside. We saw it in Vancouver and I think that the coverage in BC was pretty good, after CTV took a couple of days to get their act together. We were taken all over Vancouver, Brian Williams popped into the U.S. side to the Other Brian Williams, it was hilarious and I along with so many others loved it. And that is the spirit of the games. There has always been humour and fun with all the coverage I’ve ever watched, except for London. They could have taken us on a tour of the city. Given us the history and believe me there is a great deal of history in that city alone never mind the country. Many of us would love to hear it, I know I would as my family history includes fighting beside William at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and of course the massacre of Glencoe involves both sides of my family (believe me it makes family get togethers somewhat contentious).

            You keep speaking of the commentators when I’ve already stated that they weren’t the issue, so your points are moot as I’m not arguing about the venue commentators. As for Randorf, he has over the last day or so become a little more animated, but again is NOT a welcoming person. He does not invite us to come on a journey with him, he could learn from Brian Williams.

            I don’t follow sports, with one exception and that would be equestrian show jump from Spruce Meadows. For me the Olympics are about SOOOOO much more than sport. Sport is what is supposed to bring this world together in peace. How can you expect people to learn or grow when we don’t get the whole experience? I know that my stance on some issues has actually softened after the Olympics because I was given the opportunity to SEE the people, to learn about that country and it’s people. And that my friend is what the Olympics are all about.

            Sadly we aren’t getting that part of the coverage, there is more to Great Britian than JUST sport. How do you want the world to learn when they don’t see? If you can’t understand that then I truly pity you.

            That is what I’m upset about, Randorf is annoying but survivable (gotta love the fastforward function). I want the whole experience I’ve been used to watching since sometime in the 70’s. I’ve come to expect that kind of coverage, in fact I demand that kind of coverage. And it’s also as I believe one of the reasons why in the past CBC has won so many awards for their coverage.

            In the past it was fun to watch the Olympics because we were able to see so much more than just the sports, it was fun and interesting. London is neither fun nor interesting and I did something I’ve NEVER done before, I turned off the Olympics. I find that shameful on their part.

            Whether you agree with me is completely irrelevant to me (in part I’ve fired back at you because I’m right and because I do love a good fight and I’m always in the thick of a good fight). But I’m still right about the spirit of the games and the lack of good coverage. Anyone who thinks that good coverage is all about seeing and experiencing just the venues is someone who is way to boring to ever handle someone like me. Fire back at me if you’d like and if you get to Winnipeg I’d even have a beer with you,but I would go toe to toe and nose to nose to defend my position.

            • I think we greatly disagree on what the Olympics are about. I do like seeing the cultural aspect too, but I already know a lot about London, as I’m sure many Canadians do. It isn’t unknown, like Beijing. There are lots of people who hate it when networks don’t focus on the sports. CTV had a lot of criticism for this in 2010. I think that is why there is less of a focus on it in 2012.

              There are lots of places you can learn about this history of Britain, but these two weeks are the only weeks most of these athletes get to be the centre of attention. They deserve it.

              If you like the cultural aspect I’d suggest NBC. And if you like other features, CTV’s primetime show. They had William and Harry on last night for an interview.

              • First I’m going to address Vancouver. Canada threw a party and invited everybody and it was such a delight to be able to watch not only the athletes, but also for the many Canadians who couldn’t get to Vancouver we were able to see the FUN..you know fun?? I don’t know who the whiners were about the rest of us laughing and having fun along with the rest of the country and the world. And I will speak to them and you in a moment. Oh and by the way, those naysayers who were upset about not seeing ONLY the venues, they are in the minority. The word I received from across our great nation was people were happy with the games and coverage.

                It saddens me that people like you can’t or won’t see the entirety of the Olympics, the joy, the spirit, the fun, the humour and yes the sport and athletes. I’ve never ever suggested that the athletes not be the focus, but when you focus on only one aspect then you become narrow. Canada has always taken joy in the diversity of many nations. As for your rather ignorant comment about most Canadians knowing the history and culture of England, you would be wrong. In fact many people in this country don’t know the history, hell many in this country don’t even know what the war of 1812 was and that’s our history. So what makes you think they’d know somebody else’s? My degree is in history so I have a leg up on most but not all enjoy history as it is taught in school and for some they need to SEE in order to understand. It is in seeing first hand that brings about understanding, all the books in the world will never open a persons eyes. That is how you teach, how you teach that understanding, how you make people think and change opinions. Be it London, Beijing, Athens or any other nation that has or will ever host the Olympics, that is how you change the world one person at a time. Only with the Olympics you can reach so many more but when you show virtually nothing of the host nation then you cannot foster understanding.

                I will not be responding to any further replies so will finish with this. I feel so sorry for you and others like you. I feel sorry that you can’t take in or understand the joy and pleasure in the entirety of the Olympic experience. I pity your dry, colourless, narrow, cold little world. How sad for you. I truly do pity you and others like you and I really do wish you could know the spirit of these games, the entire spirit. What a joyless world you and others like you must live in, how sad you will never understand the intangible, ineffable qualities that comprise the Olympics.

                I truly do pity you.

                • No reason to pity me. All of those generalizations you made about me could not be more untrue. I never said I don’t appreciate or understand other aspects of the Olympics, just that I tune in for the sports. I do, you don’t. Difference of opinion. Doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong. I greatly enjoy the Olympic experience. I love getting to see sports like weightlifting and rowing that I don’t get to see during the other 3 years between. I’m greatly looking forward to the concert at Hyde Park to close the Games. That’s the Olympic experience to me. Doesn’t make me any more joyless than you. In fact, I’m the one having fun watching the Olympics and you’re not.

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