Weekend Sports Ratings Update: July 16, 2012

A little treat for everyone this evening. I have the ratings for all 4 CFL games and all 3 Jays games over the weekend. It looks like the CFL has rebounded after a bit of a slow start. The four games on the weekend averaged just over 700, 000 viewers on TSN and RDS. That is a rebound from last week when only two games cracked 700, 000 viewers. And one game (CGY-TOR) was below 500, 000. This week three of the four games hit the 700, 000 mark, with the other nearing 600, 000.

The Jays, meanwhile, averaged 663, 000 viewers for their three game series with Cleveland. These are also up slightly from last weekend’s series against Chicago. The Jays hit a high of 758, 000 viewers on Sunday afternoon, when there wasn’t much else on for sports.

What has impressed me most overall this season is how sports ratings in general are up this summer. People (a lot of people) watched Euro 2012 on hot summer afternoon. Jays ratings are well up from last season. CFL ratings are also, at the very least, holding consistent when compared to the first few weeks of last season. That may or may not be good news for the CFL as it enters into negotiations for a new television deal. Holding steady is always good; however, last year’s ratings were down overall from 2010. While the CFL’s ratings still put it in the top-tier of Canadian sports, I’m sure a slight bump wouldn’t hurt the league’s finances a bit.

Here are all the CFL and Jays ratings for this past weekend.

CGY-MTL, July 12, TSN/RDS: 799, 000
WPG-EDM, July 13, TSN: 596, 000
BC-SSK, July 14, TSN: 707, 000
TOR-HAM, July 14, TSN: 751, 000

CLE-TOR, July 13, SN: 645, 000
CLE-TOR, July 14, SN: 586, 000
CLE-TOR, July 15, SN: 758, 000

10 thoughts on “Weekend Sports Ratings Update: July 16, 2012

  1. Hi! Great blog here!
    Any news about how MLB All-Star Game did on the ratings?
    Thank you!

  2. well the fact that Ottawa will be joining the CFL again in 2014 will certainly help with negotiations. If the CFL can secure a city and date for team number 10 before the contract negotiations, especially if in Quebec City, The CFL will hold all the cards as Montreal dominates ratings from the francophone community on RDS and the ratings for games between the two will certainly reach the million plateau. So get that team in QC no matter what it takes.

  3. Also the fact that the raings have held steay since 2010 means that they climbed sinc the original 2006 season. Montreals TSN/RDS rating was almost 800,000 at 799,000. A team in Quebec city would draw the same 800,000 average vs other teams and the rivalry match would be well over 1 million for sure. !0 teams will also ensure more credibility for the CFL and that alone with the 100th Grey cup should continue to up the ratings. Plus four new stadiums will open from 2013 to 2017 attracting more attention to the league. The CFL will have quite a few bargaining chips but a franchise in Quebec City would clinch it.

    • I doubt any QC team would draw 800, 000 fans. Very small market in for TSN. Maybe worth something to RDS, but its not like they’d become the French equivalent to the Roughriders.

      My only question about QC is where will the CFL play? No way Laval lets them play at their stadium, IMO. They have a stranglehold on the QC football fans right now (not unlike to USC in Los Angeles).

      You do hit on one point though. More teams = more games on TV. Content is huge, and an additional 3 hours per week would be highly sought after by TSN (and maybe even CBC or Shaw). Not sure how 10 teams would affect other streams of revenue, but it could only help with TV revenue.

      • i would agree they would not be as good as saskatchewan but thye will be similar to what goes on in Saskatchewan and would draw ratings from many of the francophone fans as the RDS ratings count. It would be similar the same way that U of Regina and U of Saskathewan in Saskatoon often find their way to the riders roster.
        The sam eowuld be true for Laval and sherbrooke players as they go through the Cegap ranks and the pipeline that once led right to Laval also is leading to sherbrooke so you would have some fans from sherbrooke making the trip to games as well as TV ratings from the francophone football fans east of Montreal. Plus the ratings for the Montreal vs Quebec city games would catch the attnetion of the whole Province. Im sure that would be a huge bargaining chip that the CFL could use.
        I woud like to know what the webcast ratings are on espn3 webcast as well as the games that will be shown on NBC sports Network.

  4. Can the numbers for the Calgary @ Montreal game be broken down into TSN and RDS numbers?

  5. the argos and ticats numbers are encouraging.751,000 are solid numbers for a CFL game

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