2012 Olympic Rowing TV Schedule

Over the next two weeks the Canadian Sports Media Blog will feature sport-by-sport TV schedules for every Olympic sport that is broadcast live on Canada TV during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I will post about two per night, so keep checking back to see the schedule for your favourite sport.

Rowing is always a highly covered sport during the Summer Olympics in Canada. About 24 hours of live rowing coverage will air on Canadian TV during week 1 of the 2012 Olympics. Much of it will air on CTV’s Olympic Morning. It is on at a great time for fans to catch coverage before heading to work.

Rowing is one of Canada’s stronger summer sports. In 2008 four Canadian crews won medals in Beijing. Canada has qualified seven boats for the 2012 Games. Here is a list of Canadian boats that are strong medal contenders. I’ve highlighted these events in red on the schedule.

Men’s Pair – Dave Calder and Scott Frandsen (2008 Olympic silver medalists)
Men’s Eight – Canada won 2008 Olympic gold and bronze at the 2011 Worlds
Women’s LW Double Sculls – Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee (2011 World silver medalists)
Women’s Eight – Canada won at the 2011 Worlds and just missed the podium in Beijing 2008

Rob Faulds and Barney Williams will call Olympic rowing on CTV. Faulds is best-known in Olympic circles for calling Mark Tewksbury’s gold medal win in the 100m backstroke at the 1992 Olympic in Barcelona. Williams won a silver medal in Athens 2004 and was CBC’s rowing analyst at the 2008 Olympics.

Rowing takes place over the first eight days of the 2012 Olympics. The Olympic Broadcast Consortium will show live coverage every day. Remember that this schedule is highly subject to change. Check back daily during The Games for an up-to-date broadcast schedule. All times are Atlantic Daylight Time, which is BST-4 and EDT+1.

Saturday 7/28, 5:00am-7:00am on CTV and 7:00am-10:10am on OLN – Heat Races
5:30am: Women’s Pair
5:50am: Women’s Quadruple Sculls
6:10am: Men’s Eight
6:30am: Men’s Double Sculls
7:00am: Men’s Lightweight Four
7:30am: Men’s Quadruple Sculls
8:00am: Men’s Pair
8:30am: Men’s Single Sculls
9:20am: Women’s Single Sculls

Sunday 7/29, 5:00-7:00am on CTV and 7:00-8:00am on TSN – Heat Races/Repechages
5:30am: Men’s Double Sculls (R)
5:40am: Men’s Lightweight Four (R)
5:50am: Men’s Single Sculls (R)
6:20am: Women’s Single Sculls (R)
6:40am: Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls (H)
7:10am: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls (H)
7:50am: Women’s Eight (H)

Monday 7/30, 5:00-9:00am on CTV – Heat Races/Repechages
5:30am: Women’s Pair (R)
5:40am: Women’s Quadruple Sculls (R)
5:50am: Men’s Eight (R)
6:00am: Men’s Quadruple Sculls (R)
6:10am: Men’s Pair (R)
6:20am: Women’s Double Sculls (H)
6:40am: Men’s Four (H)

Tuesday 7/31, 6:30-9:00am on CTV – Repechages/Quarterfinals/Semifinals
6:30am: Women’s Eight (R)
6:40am: Men’s Single Sculls Quarterfinals
7:20am: Women’s Single Sculls Quarterfinals
8:00am: Men’s Double Sculls Semifinals
8:20am: Men’s Lightweight Four Semifinal

Wednesday 8/1, 6:40-9:10am on CTV – Semifinals/Finals
6:40am: Men’s Quadruple Sculls Semifinals
7:00am: Men’s Pair Semifinals
7:20am: Men’s Single Sculls Semifinals
7:40am: Women’s Pair Final
8:00am: Women’s Quadruple Sculls Final
8:20am: Men’s Eight Final 

Thursday 8/2, 5:00-9:00am on CTV – Semifinals/Finals
6:10am: Men’s Four Semifinals
6:30am: Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Semifinals
6:50am: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls Semifinals
7:10am: Women’s Double Sculls Semifinals
7:40am: Men’s Double Sculls Final
8:00am: Men’s Lightweight Four Final
8:30am: Women’s Eight Final

Friday 8/3, 7:00-9:00am on CTV – Finals
7:20am: Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final
7:40am: Men’s Pair Final
8:00am: Women’s Double Sculls Final
8:20am: Men’s Single Sculls Final

Saturday 8/4, 7:00-9:15am on TSN – Finals
7:20am: Men’s Four Final
7:40am: Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Final
8:00am: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls Final
8:20am: Women’s Single Sculls Final

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  1. Is KIA byers rowing in the games women’s k100 and k200

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