Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 13, 2012

Here are some more Canadian sports ratings. Lots of Jays and CFL games to report on. I will likely post two more sports ratings updates, then it will be three weeks of special Olympic editions of this feature. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for postings many of these.

TOR-KC, July 2, SN: 662, 000
TOR-KC, July 3, SN: 791, 000
TOR-KC, July 4, SN: 769, 000
TOR-KC, July 5, SN: 801, 000
TOR-CWS, July 6, SN: 727, 000
TOR-CWS, July 7, SN: 582, 000
TOR-CWS, July 8, SN: 573, 000
Home Run Derby, July 9, SN: 1.15 million

WPG-MTL, July 6, TSN: 591, 000
HAM-BC, July 6, TSN: 729, 000
CGY-TOR, July 7, TSN: 434, 000
EDM-SSK, July 8, TSN: 624, 000

Men’s Final, July 8, TSN: 538, 000

Coke Zero 400, July 7, TSN: 476, 000

Calgary Stampede
Rangeland Derby/Rodeo, July 7, CBC: 270, 000

Toronto Indy, July 8, TSN2: 236, 000

4 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 13, 2012

  1. Are these ratings something a Rogers executive draws up? How are these measured? Indy only got 236K viewers while the five hour snoozefest known as the HR Derby got 1.15M? LOL

    • No. They come from BBM Canada, an independent company who advertisers pay to keep track of ratings. First off, IndyCar isn’t as popular as baseball. By any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, Sportsnet is available in a lot more homes than TSN2. The IndyCar race went head-to-head with the Wimbledon final and a Jays game, while the Home Run Derby had little competition. Also just because you don’t like the Home Run Derby doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t.

  2. Do you have the RDS numbers for the WPG-MTL CFL game on July 6?

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