2012 Olympics on CTV Commentators

With the release of their broadcast schedule yesterday, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Consortium also released a full list of commentators. In total CTV’s English-language production will feature 60 on-air personalities. Here is the full list.

The play-by-play commentator is listed first, followed by all analysts.

: Gord Miller, Michael Smith & Dave Moorcroft; Lisa Bentley (Marathons), Roger Burrows (Race Walks)
Beach Volleyball: RJ Broadhead & Mark Heese
Boxing: Jim Van Horne, Kara Ro & Russ Anber
Canoe/Kayak Slalom: Vic Rauter & David Ford
Canoe/Kayak Sprint: Rob Faulds & Larry Cain
Cycling: Jamie Campbell & Curt Harnett (Track), Brendan Arnold (BMX), Leslie Tomlinson (Mountain Bike)
Diving: Rod Smith & Blythe Hartley
Equestrian: Jim Van Horne & Nancy Wetmore
Gymnastics: Rod Black & Kyle Shewfelt (Artistic), Erika-Leigh Howard (Rhythmic)
Judo: Bryan Mudryk & Frazer Will
Rowing: Rob Faulds & Barney Williams
Swimming: Rod Smith & Joanne Malar
Synchronized Swimming: Rod Smith & Carolyn Waldo
Triathlon: Paul Romanuk & Barry Shepley
Taekwondo: Bryan Mudryk
Volleyball: Kevin Quinn & Emily Cordonier
Water Polo: Gerry Dobson & George Gross Jr.
Wrestling: Bryan Mudryk & Christine Nordhagen

CTV Morning: Dave Randorf & Catriona Le May Doan
CTV Daytime: James Duthie & Jennifer Hedger
CTV Prime: Brian Williams
TSN Morning: Kate Beirness
TSN Daytime: Michael Landsberg
TSN Prime: Darren Dutchyshen
Sportsnet Morning: Don Taylor
Sportsnet Daytime: Daren Millard
Sportsnet Prime: Brad Fay

Studio Analysts
Donovan Bailey (Athletics)
Kara Lang (Soccer)
Marnie McBean (Rowing)

Arash Madani
Dave Naylor
Farhan Lalji (Athletics)
Gene Principe
Genevieve Beauchemin (Rowing, Canoe/Kayak)
Katherine Dolan (Gymnastics)
Perry Solkowski (Diving/Swimming)
Sheri Forde

Continue to check back on the Canadian Sports Media Blog for all the latest Olympic broadcasting news. I will also post sport-by-sport schedules for the Canadian networks as well as NBC. Check for those daily (I will post a couple each day) beginning on the weekend.

128 thoughts on “2012 Olympics on CTV Commentators

  1. The CTV coverage of the Olympics seems to becoming more like the Americans’ coverage…to which I mean it is turning into a schmaltzy hyper patriotic personal biographical focused coverage. Canadians have always distinguished themselves it seems from the Americans by being more low key, less blatant flag waving and more objective and less biased in their coverage perspective. Yet now we get this hyper coverage from CTV, where the musical theme “BELIEVE” is played every 5 minutes or so it feels…and we get athlete bios focusing on their personal problems and issues rather than their athletic training and accomplishments. I feel this change in the coverage may be more to do with a change in the broadcaster (CTV from CBC) as opposed to a change in the Canadian perspective.

    • Personally, I think there is too much of commentaries and interviews. While some of it IS interesting, I want to watch the olympic games, not the “Brian Williams Show.” Maybe the network(s) could do interviews and commentaries in the week following the games. I’d like to see more of the competition during the Olympics instead of other “stuff.”

  2. The female commentator for the diving (Blythe Hartley) was particularly poor this year. I found the diving frustrating to watch because of the commentation which seemed to speak for the divers (feelings, etc.), repetition of the exact same descriptive words (thrilled, pleased, exceptional), and biased in comments towards different divers. Hopefully there will be different commentators for the next summer Olympics or hopefully the CBC be the broadcaster.

    • CBC will be the broadcaster of the 2016 Olympics. Hartley is miles better than their diving analyst, IMO.

      • Well, it’s not surprising that your opinion is not the popular one…maybe, instead of arguing with the fans posting on the site, you pay attention, or the only alternative will be to switch to CBC, IMO. PS, you probably think Kyle’s doing a great job too…

        • I’m not arguing. Just saying that I disagree. Anne Montminy drove me crazy during CBC’s coverage in 2008. Just as she’s aloud to post her opinion, I’m allowed to reply with mine. Whether its popular or not, doesn’t really matter. I’ve received mixed reaction to Hartley on here and on Twitter.

          I don’t watch much gymnastics, but Shewfelt and Black were atrocious during women’s trampoline.

    • I agree totally. Ms. Monroe. Diving is one of my favourite Summer Olympic Sports, and I found that the commentary from Ms. Hartley almost ruined the coverage for my husband and me. Her incessant, loud, repetitive chatter made us consider obliterating the sound. Her talking THROUGHOUT the dives was agonizing. Concentrating so much upon the negative was a complete ‘downer’, as well. In a number of instances, watching a dive, and hearing her commentary made me question if I was “seeing things”!

      I haven’t seen all of the diving coverage, but what we saw today made us both seriously in need of a break before the continuation.

    • Diving use to be one of my favorite sports to watch but these Olympics were particularly difficult. Blythe Hartley continually uses the same phrases over and over again. How many dives can be “exceptional”…how many times does she use the word “there” in the most inappropriate times and ways (at the end of many sentences)…..I know that she is most likely an amateur commentator but she seriously lacks the proper grammar to be chosen as a commentator for a major international event. I found myself cringing too many times at her comments and found that I was using the mute button on my TV a little too often.

    • Blythe Hartley wins the Gold for the most annoying, repetitive, grating voice of CTV’s Olympic coverage. Thank goodness for Rod Smith who at least made it possible for me to watch one of my favourite events. She has to go!!!!! Don’t ever have her back again………….sing, song and unpleasant sing song la la la la la la la la………….la la la la la la la la la………….la la la la la la la la and all in one annoying tone of voice……………bye bye Blythe!!!

  3. As a Romanian, I was deeply offended by Ron Black’s comment related to Sandra Izbasa’s victory (vault). No, Mr Black, Sandra does not need any gift from any other athlete, and the first place reflects her exceptional dedication and the value of the Romanian gymnastics school. This biased attitude and lack of fairness coming from a sports commentator is very annoying (to say the least).

    • Agreed. Same biased attitude and lack of fairness showed again today for the beam competition. Catalina Ponor had a better routine and higher difficulty exercise than Ally Reisman, so comments like “sub par presentation” are not welcomed. It’s obvious the commentators (and the judges) favor the Americans, I’m sure Romanians are used to this attitude by now. This is a beautiful sport that shouldn’t be plagued by who pays the 500.00 $ inquiry.

  4. I have just watched some of the synchronized swimming coverage on CTV and wondered a) why the female commentator felt it necessary to talk continuously throughout each team’s performance and b) why she was so blatantly pro Canadian even though that team hadn’t yet competed. Where is the professionalism and objectivity here? Shame!

  5. Maybe both Rod Black & Kyle Shewfelt need to put their biaASSES in check and look at footage of their commentating. It is APPALLING listening to Kyle over and over again state that the Chinese athlete was “perfection” on the rings when we could CLEARLY see his shoulders were HIGHER than his wrists…yet when the Brazilian athlete was dead-on straight he stated his arm was ‘bent’…which Olympics were you two idiots commentating on? Also, for Kyle it’s ALL ABOUT THE LANDING..uhm, landing is ONE ELEMENT of an entire routine…yes the Chinese didn’t hop or step out..BIG DEAL… one step to the side is not the end of the world…not in the rings and not in vaulting either. PLEASE make these 2 listen to themselves so they can hear what moronic statements they make from ‘tiny steps’ that are 3 feet wide on the guy/gal they like to “big step’ that’s a tiny 2 inches for the guys/gals they don’t like.

  6. Why can’t the commentators be quiet during the performances? I’d like to watch the show without their talking !!

    • Because their job is to talk/inform viewers on what’s happening. CTV has live streams of every event online with no commentators.

      • Yes, I agree, they are payed to ‘comment” However, I’m certain CTV expects intelligent discourse…as we’ve seen with Rod and Kyle, that isn’t necessarily what CTV is getting…and we are paying the price of irritation and frustration!

      • Not everyone has access to high-speed, which is necessary to get streaming. I haven’t even had a chance to see any synchronized swimming, tho I keep looking for it to be broadcast. If there weren’t so much commentary, there could be more competition shown. I pay quite a bit to have satellite access, and I would like to be able to expect to actually SEE what I want to.

  7. Enjoy to listen to Kyle Shewfelt’s commentating in Artistic Gymnastics and Trampline through out Olympics. A professional with passion. Keep the excellent work, wish to hear more of your voice.

    • Kyle Shewfelt is great, both in gymnastics and commentating………..gymnastics provided some of the very best overall coverage so far as the commentators went.

  8. I always thought that Brian Williams was a pretty good commentator but todays comments regarding the FIFA investigation of the women’s soccer incident make me wonder if he should retire. “Aren’t the FIFA investigations only going to aid France?” Brian says . No Brian, the fault lies with our players I’m afraid. I was as heart broken as anyone when we lost in the last 5 secs of the extra period, I’m sure the players were devastated but, despite that, the should know to keep their mouths shut!They have a great coach who used the media prior to the U.S. match to alert the officials to the american tactics and given a chance could have used this incident to advantage. Instead Christine Sinclair, a great player and idol of many young female athletes, not just soccer players comes across as a crybaby and models behavior which youth soccer coaches are going to have to undo. How does a coach stop his 13 year old female soccer player from immediately blaming the refs when they lose when her response to his correction is”Well Christine does it!”
    As for Melissa Tancredi, sho has played brilliantly throughout the Olympics , her comment about wearing a U.S.A. shirt? what are we, in kindergarten?

    FIFA must investigate and take action if necessary, when comments like this are made about their officials, and Brian we have nobody to blame but ourselves. I’m proud of our team, their play on the pitch and hope they get the Bronze medal. But they should be ashamed of their whining; I know I am

    • I was fine with the comments, but I’m also fine with any FIFA fines for them. What Brian said was true (at least the quote you provided, I didn’t see the comments to put it in context), but whether it aids France/hurts Canada is irrelevant. You can’t fix a wrong with another wrong (allowing players to complain about officials without penalty).

      • At the same time as he was making the France comments he read the FIFA rule regarding “once a referee makes a call and lets the game continue, nothing can be done.Your point is thus supported; what I fear, as a youth coach is the effect this type of thing has on the female athletes who are in need of POSITIVE role models.

        • Lots of athletes make stupid comments. Lebron has, Crosby has. Sinclair is a great rolemodel. I think most will remember the 3 goals, not what she said after.

        • The soccer players were asked questions minutes after a devastating loss…this is a good example for you to use on how talking with emotion/anger, etc., leads to more problems? Also, it’s a good example to teach kids that athletes are HUMAN too and make mistakes, they can be good role-models, but not the ONLY role-models a girl (boys too) has. I understand the initial comments made by Sinclair and others in the heat of the moment; however, the tweet that made direct comments to the referee (can’t remember who sent it) came later and the player should be sanctioned, not the entire team.

    • FIFA should investigate the referee and sanction her many mistakes. I believe the girls were expressing their dissapointment – they didn’t only play against a very aggresive team, but had to deal with unprofessional calls from the referee. In my opinion our girls played a great game until the referee decided to call the 6 sec rule. If she read the rules book she conveniently forgot the portion where she had to give a warning first. Maybe the Canadian Soccer Association should have asked FIFA to investigate that call….just a thought.

      Best wishes to out team!

  9. Those athletic announcers are terrible! They have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! And I am not the only one thinking that! They are there to let everyone know what’s happening not to break down the athletes…! Disgusting matter! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  10. Two days later, I’m still taken back by Nancy Whetmore’s comment of “you just want to kill yourself” referring to the faults by the horse during a ride. How insensitive and inappropriate comment. What athlete would even consider this outcome as a result of their performance? An apology would be be required and some sensitivity training on commentating. Maybe it was a figure of speech, but this is not the venue to make such a statement.

  11. Blythe Hartley needs to expand her vocabulary, she’s a drone.

  12. Get rid of Blyth. She is sooo negative and talks constantly. She needs to SHUT UP during the event so WE can watch instead of listen o her babble

    • Okay, so one person (further up the page) says she says “amazing” too much and someone else says she’s too negative. I’m honestly confused. Which is it?

      • Really the bottom line is she is just horrible no matter what she says……………the point is how she says it everything that is the annoying factor!!!!!!!

  13. Watched rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming today. Absolutely the worst production and coverage I have ever endured. I agree with the above contributors that the commentators talk way too much. The producers have turned the live sound down so much that you cannot hear the music which the programs are designed around. All you can hear is the constant nattering of the commentators. Time to bring back SAP with the live sound feed only. It is supposed to be TV, not radio. Vic Rauter at the kayaking! I hit the mute button for most of the event.

    The other event I hit the mute button was for Black.

    Rod Black has hit a new low in inane stupid meaningless euphemisms and cliches. He is worse here than when doing the skating and that is saying something. Luckily Shewfelt saved him from himself most of the time but during the rhythmics, Black fell to new levels and that woman did not stop talking ever. Since we couldn’t hear the music anyway, mute!

    Brian Williams, what can you say about a twit like that. He is so far into himself that he actually thinks he is smart. Comes from years of surrounding himself with yes men I guess. Why CTV hired the guy away from CBC I will never know. They just made his ego worse and we have to suffer him. Athletes parade on opening night…MUTE!

    • Disagree on Rauter, but I understand that’s a personal preference. Agree that Black is hard to listen to.

      Strongly disagree on Williams. He is smart. One of the smartest sports TV personalities in Canada. He is in the Order of Canada. CTV hired him because they needed to make their coverage look legitimate.

      • I agree that Brian Williams is smart, however I still don’t want to watch the “Brian Williams Show” when I’d really rather watch the athletes. Maybe Brian can have his own show, with his guests and commentaries. Someone said no one would watch if commentaries and guests were done the week after the olympics, but I don’t agree. Those who really want to know that stuff will watch, and the rest of us won’t have to endure missing the events while being forced to watch commentaries and guest features.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I like watching the sports as much as anyone else. The average person stops caring about amateur athletes the day after the Olympics. Would I watch afterwords, probably. Many wouldn’t though.

  14. Blythe Hartley is ruining the diving coverage for me…so negative…about everyone!! Can she possibly find anything good about these athletes? They look good to me!!

  15. It is extremely hard for me to understand how CTV or any other television network would want Brian Williams in prime time “doing” the Olympics. He is TERRIBLE and has been for years. When I look up his biography, it is almost impossible for me to figure out how he has accrued so many awards and citations. I’ve disliked him FOREVER and wish desperately that he would retire and get off of my television screen. Thankfully I was able to do most of my Olympic watching through the day and also had a couple of other channels to which I could turn in prime time, so I didn’t have to endure him very much, however 2 minutes it 2 minutes more than desirable.

    • Because you’d be in the extremely small minority who have that opinion.

      • It is hard for me to believe this as I have yet to find anyone who likes him. Almost everyone I talk to about the Olympics says they can’t stand him and can find no reason to watch him if it is at all avoidable. I have four sons who are all dedicated sports fans and have watched the Olympics for years along with their Dad and I and now their own families and not one of them likes Brian Williams. Sure your’e not referring to the American Brian Williams??? LOL. Sorry nothing will convince me……….but then he likes himself so much he doesn’t need me to like him. The one thing he didn’t do this Olympics which was good was to tell us every two minutes what the time difference was between London and Canada. Watch some replays of previous Olympic coverage and you can’t miss this annoying thing about his coverage.

      • No, she’s not in “the extremely small minority” who have that opinion. I believe, based on comments I’ve heard and read from many others, that the reverse is true. You are in “the extremely small minority, Canadiansportsmedia, or whomever you are.

  16. In my humble opinion the very best coverage provided by CTV throughout the Olympics was done at all of the equestrian events………….these were the only events where both commentators did a really good job all the time. Nancy Wetmore is one of the best I’ve ever listened to. She knows what she is talking about but doesn’t “Lord” it over the viewer. She explains things clearly and succinctly. She most definitely complimented Jim Van Horne who is very good in his own right………..I’ve always liked him…………maybe it is the last name…………LOL. All kidding aside, this was the best duo and they along with the lovely English woman whose name I don’t know hands down deserve the Gold medal for best Olympic coverage……….cudos!!!!!

    • Turns out it wasn’t Jim Van Horne who did show jumping. Was Bryan Mudryk, I believe. A late change just before The Games.

      • Thanks for the correction…………….then my congratulations go to Bryan Mudryk instead, but I still like Jim Van Horne as well………….do you know who the English woman was who was with Nancy for a couple of events? She was also extremely good…………..in my opinion anyway.

        • Yeah, I really like Van Horne as well. Was great on the tennis, badminton and boxing (the guy can do everything).

          I think someone mentioned who the English-woman was on here somewhere. I can’t remember her name, to be honest. Wasn’t in the press pack that included most of the other commentators that CTV sent me.

          • That’s a Van Horne for you, (great at everything) just kidding!!! If you find out the name of that woman I would love to know it. Maybe I’ll spend a bit of time reading through all of this more carefully and come across it in so doing. Thanks again!! Do you have a name you can reveal or do you just have to be known as canadiansportsmedia?

    • Your standards must be very low. Nancy’s comment about a rider that must feel that they want to kill the self is a demonstration of a good commentary? You must be a personal friend or family member of her to support such inappropriate comment.

      • It is quite presumptive of you to assume and/or accuse me of being a personal friend or family member. Perhaps you too should be more careful about what you say and put into print because you are incorrect on all counts. I did not watch every minute of the equestrian events and did not hear the particular comment to which you refer. Had I heard it, I likely would not have thought it appropriate either, however I also would not have judged many days of coverage on one comment. If you had carefully read my post I did not support that comment, (obviously could not have since I didn’t even hear it), I supported her overall coverage during many hours of broadcasting over several days.

        • Don’t take it too personally. People say the same things ’bout me all the time, wrong as it may be.

        • So – aside from a really inappropriate comment that she made, you were fine with her commentary? Just to be clear it was the horse that made the fault not the athlete. Nancy didn’t suggest to kill the horse due to this error but the rider must have that feeling for him/her self. Time to come off your high horse and support an athlete and acknowledge the severity of the comment. This was not a comment about a simple action but rather a very harsh comment. I would not want to be that athlete listening to their moment in history with a women makinging such a off the cuff comment.

          • Hey Marianne, if you buy a basket of peaches and happen to find one rotten one at the bottom do you throw away the whole basket, or if your best friend makes one inappropriate comment, do you end the friendship…………get the point? Give it a rest, you don’t like her because of one very uncouth comment she made, while I do like her for all the excellent commentary she gave throughout many hours of broadcasting. Enough said, I believe.

            • Ruth, you do get your knickers in a knot when someone does not agree with your opinion – and from your comments on this site you have many strong opinions! I obviously can’t converse with a person who gets lost in a basket of peaches to understand commentary sensitivity. A sign of an aging mind, I wish you well in enjoying the celebration of the Olympics. Cheers

  17. I have read most of the preceding comments and find it startling that so many armchair experts seem to be so level headed and incredibly knowledgeable , not only in sports but in judgment as well. Hmmm? I guess the net gives us all the right to complain and vent. I have watched almost 12 hrs a day, everyday (I am on holiday, not a bum LOL) and was switching between NBC and CTV/TSN and I must state , IMHO, our commentators were exemplary! Vic Rauter, Rod Smith, Rob Faulds, Gord Miller and Gerry Dobson were exceptional. While they did hint at Canadian pride (they are catering to a Canadian audience, no?) , they were generous with other nations, something our American announcers simply cannot and will not do.

  18. Please for the love of god, don’t let Blythe Hartley commentate the diving next games! She’s so annoying!

  19. Jennifer Hedger needs to find a new job. Articulation is not her best. is she serious, albeit correct, the Canadian Athletes looked like they were ready for camp. LOL This is why the Canadian Athletes have so little sponsership, it is how they are protrayed by inarticulate broadcasters, stop being so biased and use the direction of the media (television) in a smart and intellegent light. This is only my opinion.

  20. Louise, your opinion is always accepted even though you wish to have someone fired but YOUR penultimate sentence is hard to comprehend, can YOU be more “articulate” ? and express your thoughts so that we can all understand what you mean? Perhaps develop it a bit more? If so, you may have a job at TSN/CTV/CBC , if you so desire.

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