So Who is @HockeyyInsiderr

Some who have followed the developments in NHL Free Agency and Rick Nash trade rumours via Twitter over the past couple weeks are probably asking the same question I am. Who is @HockeyyInsiderr (that’s with two “y”s and two “r”s). He has posted information, some of which has turned out to be correct, on where various players will sign since joining Twitter. So what exactly do we know about this anonymous profile? He speaks French. He is a Montreal Canadiens fan. He claims to know many in the business, including Michel Therien. He has worked for four NHL teams. Some have speculated that he is Pierre McGuire in disguise (Pierre has only worked for three teams that I know of).

I highly doubt that for a number of reasons. First, NBC would want any McGuire account verified and attached to Pierre’s (and NBC’s) names. Secondly, the HockeyyInsiderr account has a feud with Pierre’s former co-worker at TSN Darren Dreger. Dreger has said the account is a scam and blocked it. I think it is more likely that this person (assuming it is a real insider) has never worked in media. It’s more likely that he was a former GM, assistant GM, scout or even a player agent based on what he posts.

On the other hand his is followed by some journalists, including Andi Petrillo (CBC), Marc Crawford and Mike Johnson (TSN), Ian Mendes (Sportsnet) and Chantal Machabee (RDS).

He claims to have exchanged direct messages with Bruno Gervais to confirm Bruno was signing with Philadelphia. This is evidenced by a picture he Tweeted. On the other hand, Jonathan Willis of the Edmonton Journal warns that he is likely a fake.

But, this brings me back to the pressing matter of tonight. HockeyyInsider has threatened to post a “compromising”  picture of Darren Dreger if the TSN insider doesn’t unblock him by 10pm ET. Now, I don’t really believe there is a compromising photo of Dreger from this “insider”, but nonetheless I am interested to see that happened in five and a half hours.

For now I’m going out to play a Sunday evening round of golf. I’ll try to update this bizarre story later tonight.

7 thoughts on “So Who is @HockeyyInsiderr

  1. He is probably Eklund!! I used to follow HockeyyInsider and most of his rumors are false!!!!

    • most of his rumors are false? Go back and check that out because as far as I know (I have been following him since the NHL Draft 2012) most of his rumors (especially on FAs) has come to fruition. You are all liars and haters.

  2. So this photo of Dreger turned out to be a terribly photoshopped picture of Dreger holding a “hockeyyinsiderr” voodoo doll on the TSN set. Needless to say that this picture should answer all questions you may have about this “hockeyyinsiderr” He is a fraud and like a small child trying to be a big hero in twitter land.

    • The picture of Dreger wasn’t even photoshopped. It was a cutout that “hockeyyinsiderr” TAPED to his computer MONITOR and then he took a picture of it! How insanely stupid is that? Who does that! Anyone who thinks he’s legitimate after that needs to be locked up.

  3. I’m almost certain it’s Louis Jean, former Sportnet now TVA (I think) reporter for the Habs.

    He would have pre-established insider connections, a distaste for TSN and a snobby Quebec attitude.

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