Early Season Premiership Matches Announced

The Premier League has released a preliminary schedule of televised matches from August through the end of November. These matches, along with others in the 10am Eastern Saturday morning slot will be broadcast in Canada. Note that the Canadian broadcasters for these games are still not confirmed; however, coverage will generally break down like this:

TSN2: Saturday 7:45am and some Monday 3pm
SN/SN1: Saturday 12:30pm
SN World: Sunday matches and some Monday 3pm

Here is the early season TV schedule. Any matches that standout to Canadian soccer fans?

Saturday 8/18, 12:30pm – Newcastle vs. Tottenham (SN1)
Sunday 8/19, 8:30am – Wigan Athletic vs. Chelsea (SN World)
Sunday 8/19, 11:00am – Man City vs. Southampton (SN World)
Monday 8/20, 3:00pm – Everton vs. Man United (TSN2)
Saturday 8/25, 7:45am – Swansea City vs. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 8/25, 12:30pm – Chelsea vs. Newcastle (Sportsnet)
Sunday 8/26, 8:30am – Stoke City vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Sunday 8/26, 11:00am – Liverpool vs. Man City (SN World

Saturday 9/1, 7:45am – West Ham vs. Fulham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/1, 12:30m – Man City vs. QPR (SN1)
Sunday 9/2, 8:30am – Liverpool vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Sunday 9/2, 11:00am – Southampton vs. Man United (SN World)
Saturday 9/15, 7:45am – Norwich City vs. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/15, 12:30pm – Sunderland vs. Liverpool (SN1)
Sunday 9/16, 11:00am – Reading vs. Tottenham (SN World)
Monday 9/17, 3:00pm – Everton vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Saturday 9/22, 7:45am – Swansea City vs. Everton (SN World)
Sunday 9/23, 8:30am – Liverpool vs. Man United (SN World)
Sunday 9/23, 11:00am – Man City vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Saturday 9/29, 7:45am – Arsenal vs. Chelsea (TSN2)
Saturday 9/29, 12:30pm – Man United vs. Tottenham (SN1)
Sunday 9/30, 11:00am – Aston Villa vs. West Brom (SN World)

Monday 10/1, 3:00pm – QPR vs. West Ham (SN World)
Saturday 10/6, 7:45am – Man City vs. Sunderland (TSN2)
Saturday 10/6, 12:30pm – West Ham vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/7, 8:30am – Southampton vs. Fulham (SN World)
Sunday 10/7, 11:00am – Newcastle vs. Man United (SN World)
Saturday 10/20, 7:45am – Tottenham vs. Chelsea (TSN2)
Saturday 10/20, 12:30pm – Norwich City vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/21, 8:30am – Sunderland vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Sunday 10/21, 11:00am – QPR vs. Everton (SN World)
Saturday 10/27, 7:45am – Everton vs. Liverpool (TSN2)
Saturday 10/27, 12:30pm – Man City vs. Swansea City (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/28, 8:30am – Aston Villa vs. Norwich City (SN World)
Sunday 10/28, 11:00am – Chelsea vs. Man United (SN World)

Saturday 11/3, 7:45am – Man United vs. Arsenal (TSN2)
Saturday 11/3, 12:30pm – West Ham vs. Man City (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/4, 8:30am – QPR vs.  Reading (SN World)
Sunday 11/4, 11:00am – Liverpool vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Monday 11/5, 3:00pm – West Brom vs. Southampton (SN World)
Saturday 11/10, 12:30pm – Aston Villa vs. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/11, 8:30am – Man City vs. Tottenham (SN World)
Sunday 11/11, 11:00am – Chelsea vs. Liverpool (SN World)
Saturday 11/17, 7:45am – Arsenal vs. Tottenham (TSN2)
Saturday 11/17, 12:30pm – Norwich City vs. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/18, 11:00am – Fulham vs. Sunderland (SN World)
Monday 11/19, 3:00pm – West Ham vs. Stoke City (SN World)
Saturday 11/24, 7:45am- Swansea City vs. Liverpool (TSN2)
Saturday 11/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/25, 8:30am – Sunderland vs. West Brom (SN World)

3 thoughts on “Early Season Premiership Matches Announced

  1. Saw something about schedule today and thought you would post something soon, I’m pumped for Chelsea and epl season, but surprisingly there’s Not as much Chelsea games on tv here, but I know you had to have missed that sports net shows 9am(central I think) games, or did something change with that? That would suck :( I hope more Chelsea games will be on tv, I love seeing them and I don’t know if I’ll get sportsnet world yet till they get hd for satellite I use but I guess I’ll have to watch lots of computer again but whatever :(

    • Sportsnet and Sportsnet World still have 9am CT/10am ET games, but they haven’t released a schedule of what games they will show in that timeslot.

      • Ya that’s what I thought, that’s where probably majority of Chelsea games will be on, I’m excited should be a great season like last season :) really enjoyed it and go Chelsea :)
        Cheers man :)

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