Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 4, 2012

Here are more ratings, including a strong start to the CFL season for TSN and RDS. Also, Euro ratings impress again. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ESP-POR (SF), June 27, TSN: 1.112 million
GER-ITA (SF), June 28, TSN: 1.172 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, TSN: 2.57 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, RDS: 412, 000

SSK-HAM, June 29, TSN: 806, 000
WPG-BC, June 29, TSN: 851, 000
TOR-EDM, June 30, TSN: 605, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, TSN: 519, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, RDS: 233, 000

TOR-BOS, June 25, SN: 717, 000
LA-SF, June 25, SN W/P: 296, 000
TOR-BOS, June 26, SN: 731, 000
TOR-BOS, June 27, SN: 234, 000
ANA-TOR, June 28, SN: 629, 000
ANA-TOR, June 29, SN: 744, 000
ANA-TOR, June 30, SN: 714, 000
ANA-TOR, July 1, SN: 855, 000

I should note that TVFeedsMyFamily also has Yankees-Indians on June 25 on Sportsnet One as an average of 663, 000 viewers. Not that I don’t believe him; however, the site has made mistakes before. That seems like a very high rating for a game on Sportsnet One, especially between two American teams. I will try to verify it.

The June 27 afternoon ratings are very interesting. About 900, 000 more people watched Euro 2012 on TSN over it’s head-to-head competition from baseball on Sportsnet. Otherwise, it was a great week for the Jays with an average of 560, 000 for the series vs. Boston and 735, 000 for the series against the Angels over the weekend.

CFL ratings seem okay, but not spectacular. It seems many tuned out on Sunday night (especially in Quebec) with Canada Day festivities across the country. While the Jays couldn’t beat the CFL head-to-head on Friday night, their weekend afternoon games beat both the Saturday and Sunday night CFL ties.

What do you think?

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