Canadian Sports Rating Update: July 3, 2012

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day long weekend. I didn’t get a chance to post the sports ratings for June 18-24 during it, so here they are.

Just a reminder that this is a very busy month in sports with the 2012 London Olympics beginning in less than 25 days. I will focus much of my attention on the Olympics during the next six weeks. I hope to begin posting weekly preview articles on both the Games themselves and CTV and NBC’s broadcasting coverage later this week.

I’ll have Canada Day weekend ratings later this week.

Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ITA-IRE, June 18, TSN: 503, 000
ENG-UKR, June 19, TSN: 676, 000
CZE-POR (QF), June 21, TSN: 652, 000
GER-GRE (QF), June 22, TSN: 917, 000
ESP-FRA (QF), June 23, TSN: 1.132 million
ENG-ITA (QF), June 24, TSN: 2.058 million

NBA Finals
OKC-MIA (g4), June 19, TSN: 349, 000
OKC-MIA (g5), June 21, TSN: 475, 000

TOR-MIL, June 18, SN: 663, 000
TOR-MIL, June 19, SN: 665, 000
TOR-MIL, June 20, SN: 345, 000
TOR-MIA, June 23, SN: 575, 000
TOR-MIA, June 24, SN: 572, 000

Awards Show, June 20, CBC: 737, 000
Entry Draft, June 22, TSN: 1.37 million

CFL Preseason
HAM-WPG, June 20, TSN2: 258, 000

6 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Rating Update: July 3, 2012

  1. I guess this shows just how much more popular hockey is compared to basketball. The NHL awards show gets a lot more viewers than the NBA championship-cliiching game.

  2. I would not be surprised if at some point TSN drops the NBA thats just pitiful. I’m a basketball fan and I find this very unfortunate but its pushed way back on sportscentre and rarely advertised its really no wonder.

    • The NBA Finals ratings aren’t great by any means but surely it gets better than what darts, poker, billiards or some other filler programming would. By comparison the World Series averaged 688,000 on Sportsnet last year, only a couple hundred thousand more viewers for MLB’s championship series compared to the NBA’s. Also with TSN’s parent Bell buying into MLSE, it’s in their best interests to try and promote basketball if only for the Raptors sake.

      • Let’s be fair though. NBA Finals averaged 401, 000. That’s closer to 300, 000 lower. Also, for me at least, the 500, 000 mark is always where a sport becomes big news, or relevant. NBA FInals didn’t hit that once.

    • Relative to its tv ratings, the NBA & basketball coverage across all media platforms is actually overdone. After the NFL, it is most hyped sport in North America. But beyond the slam dunk highlights & a handful of glamour teams, there are a lot of meaningless regular season games being played before small crowds in cities that shouldn’t have teams if not being sudsized. In essence, little more than filler programming for Sportsnet.

      In Canada, there is minimal appeal for the NBA beyond Toronto. In Toronto, its tv ratings are more often 4th behind the Leafs, Jays & Argos.

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