The 2012 Tour de France Begins Saturday on TSN and NBC

Ryder Hesjedal is one of the hottest cyclists in the world coming off a victory at the Giro d’Italia. Winning back-to-back Grand Tour races is just about impossible; however, TSN is still hoping more casual viewers will tune in to watch him at the Tour de France. Hesjedal is also representing Canada at the Olympics in London later this month. Here is their press release detailing their coverage of the 2012 Tour de France.

TSN and TSN2 deliver live Canadian coverage of cycling’s most prestigious event, the TOUR DE FRANCE, beginning on Saturday, June 30 at 8 a.m. ET on TSN2. Canada’s Sports Leader will broadcast 70 hours of live TOUR DE FRANCE coverage as Canadian Ryder Hesjedal looks to make his mark in the 99th running of the gruelling race. In addition to live race coverage, TSN and TSN2 will feature daily TOUR DE FRANCE RECAP SHOWS in prime time (see complete broadcast schedule below).

TSN and TSN2 will feature NBC Sports broadcast coverage of TOUR DE FRANCE with acclaimed voices of cycling, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen calling all the race action.

SPORTSCENTRE will feature daily highlights and updates of all stages of the race, including TOUR DESK REPORTS from on-site host Liam McHugh alongside former cyclist and TOUR analyst Bob Roll.

The demanding three-week event will feature 22 teams of the best cyclists in the world of racing, cycling through France in pursuit of the yellow jersey. The TOUR DE FRANCE covers a grand total of 3,497 kilometers and this year features nine new stage towns, along with three of the 20 stages having riders race alone against the clock: Stage 1 (6.4 km), Stage 9 (41.5 km) and Stage 19 (53.5 km).

Canada will be represented by Victoria, B.C. native Ryder Hesjedal, returning to his sixth TOUR DE FRANCE and headlining Team Garmin-Barracuda this year. Hesjedal has had an impressive season so far, as he won Giro d’Italia last month and was named to the Canadian Olympic road cycling team to represent Canada at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Hesjedal will compete against 2011 TOUR DE FRANCE winner Cadel Evans, along with brother-duo Andy and Frank Schleck, who finished second and third. Racing fans will be able to track Ryder’s attempt to make history and be the first Canadian to win a TOUR DE FRANCE title with tracking his progress after each stage with The Ryder Report. also has daily video highlights along with a live interactive race tracker and bios of cyclists competing in the event.

Continue after the break for a complete broadcast schedule for TSN and NBC. All times are Eastern.

Saturday 6/30, 8-11:30am – Prologue: Liege, Belgium – TSN2 (recap: 11pm on TSN2)
Sunday 7/1, 8-11:30am – Stage 1: Liege to Seraing – TSN2 (recap: 4pm on NBC)
Monday 7/2, 8-11:30am – Stage 2: Vise to Tournai – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Tuesday 7/3, 8-11:30am – Stage 3: Orchies to Boulonge – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Wednesday 7/4, 8-11:30am – Stage 4: Abbeville to Rouen – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Thursday 7/5, 8-11:30am – Stage 5: Rouen to Saint-Quentin – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Friday 7/6, 8-11:30am – Stage 6: Epernay to Metz – TSN2 (recap: 10pm on TSN2)
Saturday 7/7, 8am-noon – Stage 7: Tomblaine to La Planche des Belles Filles – NBC (recap: 11pm on TSN2)
Sunday 7/8, 8am-noon – Stage 8: Belfort to Porrentruy – NBC (recap: 11pm on TSN2)
Monday 7/9, 8-11:30am – Stage 9: Arc-et-Senans to Besancon – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Tuesday 7/10, 8:00pm – Rest Day Recap Show – TSN
Wednesday 7/11, 8-11:30am – Stage 10: Macon to Bellegarde – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Thursday 7/12, 7-11:30am –  Stage 11: Albertville to La Toussuire – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Friday 7/13, 6:30-11am – Stage 12:  Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Annonay – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Saturday 7/14, 8-11:30am – Stage 13: Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux to Cap d’Agde – TSN2
Sunday 7/15, 8-11:30am – Stage 14: Limoux to Foix – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Monday 7/16, 8am-noon – Stage 15: Samatan to Pau – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN)
Tuesday 7/17, 8:00pm – Rest Day Recap Show – TSN
Wednesday 7/18, 6:30-11:30am – Stage 16: Pau to Luchon – TSN2
Thursday 7/19, 7:30-11:30am – Stage 17: Luchon to Peyragudes – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Friday 7/20, 8-11am – Stage 18: Blagnac to Brive-la-Gaillarde – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Saturday 7/21, 9-11:30am – Stage 19: Bonneval to Chartres – TSN2 (recap: 8pm on TSN2)
Sunday 7/22, 10am-noon – Stage 20: Rambouillet to Paris – TSN2 (recap: 1pm on NBC)

12 thoughts on “The 2012 Tour de France Begins Saturday on TSN and NBC

  1. I have not been able to watch any live coverage. The ink is inactive. What is going on? (I live in Alberta)

  2. We want FULL coverage not bits here and there. Come on TSN.

    • It’s pretty full coverage. This weekend is joined in progress because TSN has Wimbledon finals and TSN2 has Formula 1. But both days are on NBC anyway.

      Same for the final weekend. Coverage is joined in progress because TSN has The Open and TSN2 has Formula 1.

  3. I have pre-recording Le Tour de France each night prior to going to bed.
    But am disappointment that in the evening I am not able to watch the Le Tour de France Primetime Recap anywhere on the Shaw Cable Channels.. Zip Nothing.

    On June 30th and July 1st but July 2nd & now July 3rd – there is nothing? Why the change??

    And yet the Announcers on the Le Tour de France keep reminding us to watch the Primetime shows at 8pm each night ??


    • Coverage was on TSN at 8pm ET on July 2 and 3, so I’m not sure what you are referring to. The announcers are referring to when the primetime show is on NBC Sports Network in America. Some nights it is on TSN/TSN2 later than on NBC Sports Network because both channels have live sports (for example on July 8 TSN has CFL football and TSN2 has MLB baseball).

  4. Why can’t we get the Tour on Demand? I forgot to set the PVR today and now I can’t see the tour till 11PM! In the US you can pay for the On-demand converge. I paid for it a couple of years ago when A Canadian could. Now we can’t because TSN has the rights in Canada… So why hasn’t TSN set up a on-demand service? Or let us pay for the US if they don’t want my money!

    • This was offered through Rogers, I’m assuming? I know it wasn’t on the provider I’m with (Shaw Direct). I don’t think it was on other either. Probably had a lot to Rogers owning OLN. They offer a lot of the programming on networks they own on Rogers Cable on-demand.

      • It wasn’t via any cable service. It was through the internet. It was awesome because I was travelling for work at the time so I had no access to a PVR or even a VHS machine. Oh well. At least with TSN and TSN2 we get HD coverage. When OLN had it all we could get was Standard Def.

  5. I am not a happy camper with how TSN and TSN2 that I have gotten especially to watch the Tour de France here in Vancouver,BC on Shaw Cable. Well today again could not watch Stage 8 even though I did set the Record on the PVR Box.
    This is getting to be a complete disappointment. Shaw is offering on TSN (Channel 147 on Shaw Cable) Tour de France in the Morning (supposedly) but even though I am doing everything correctly – I am ending up with tidbits of maybe 2 minutes and then I am into some kind of Sports Event.. And the same thing on TSN2 (Channel 220) is happening.

    Frustrated, upset and becoming rather annoyed !! What is going on. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We all pay enough for our Cable service and they tell us all is supposedly okay, but it isn’t the Cable companies, it is TSN and TSN2 that causing the problems.

    We get to see the Tour de France ONCE a YEAR ONLY ! I am not interested in watching a bloomin Ball game, Football game or Tennis game..

    Please do something.

    • TSN and TSN2 had other programming commitments on Saturday and Sunday morning. They had the Wimbledon finals (which is also a once a year event, FWIW) and Formula 1. Both days of coverage were on NBC though (see the schedule I’ve posted). TSN and TSN2 have showed the Tour de France exactly as they planned to. And so far between those two networks and NBC every second of every stage that is available to television networks has been shown in Canada.

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