Canadian Sports Ratings Update: June 24, 2012

Euro 2012 ratings continue to impress (more on that in an article later). Here are some selected sports ratings for June 11-17.

NJ-LA (g6), June 11, CBC: 3.133 million

EURO 2012
FRA-ENG, June 11, TSN: 709, 000
UKR-SWE, June 11, TSN: 578, 000
GRE-CZE, June 12, TSN: 412, 000
RUS-POL, June 12, TSN: 588, 000
DEN-POR, June 13, TSN: 500, 000
GER-NED, June 13, TSN: 608, 000
ITA-CRO, June 14, TSN: 518, 000
ESP-IRE, June 14, TSN: 498, 000
UKR-FRA, June 15, TSN: 479, 000
ENG-SWE, June 15, TSN: 731, 000
CZE-POL, June 16, TSN: 592, 000
POR-NED, June 17, TSN: 927, 000

MIA-OKC (g1), June 12, TSN: 392, 000
MIA-OKC (g2), June 14, TSN: 473, 000
OKC-MIA (g3), June 17, TSN: 316, 000

WSH-TOR, June 11, SN: 463, 000
WSH-TOR, June 12, SN: 594, 000
PHI-TOR, June 15, SN: 594, 000
PHI-TOR, June 16, SN: 530, 000
PHI-TOR, June 17, SN: 703, 000

TOR-HAM, June 13, TSN: 336, 000
SSK-BC, June 13, TSN: 437, 000

Golf US Open
2nd round, June 15, TSN: 463, 000
3rd round, June 16, TSN: 507, 000
4th round, June 17, TSN2: 243, 000

5 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: June 24, 2012

  1. Final round of US open on TSN2 half of 3rd Round on TSN….ouch
    POR vs NED WOW. NBA finals leaves me disappointed, dont think TSN will renew that?????

    • The question is, what can they show that gets better ratings? The ratings were good when the Lakers and Celtics played a few seasons ago. If TSN wants to keep the Raptors, they will have to keep the FInals as well probably. I doubt Sportsnet has much interest with Jays getting up to 2x the ratings. The Score probably does, but they would need to buy Raptors rights too. I think TSN holds on to it. Especially with Bell owning part of MLSE.

  2. I know that TSN did not have any space to show all the pre season games with the Euro 2012 but hopefully thats an era they can fix in the future that would for sure help with the ratings the last minute additions really hurt the ratings. They did not even have a camera crew at the games. At the very least they should have had a camera crew at all the games. RDS often piggy backs off if the TSN produced games and the commentators call the game back in the RDS studios on a slight delay enabling them to cover some english graphics in french. TSN and RDS could have at least had a camera crew from one of the networks at each game. The games could have been called back at the studios and at least would have been available on VOD. Also in the future if this were to happen again I think that ShawTV would have been interested in showing the TSN broadcasts on their Network much like they did with the NFL Network so at least the Western Region would have been able to see their teams games. They would have also been able to show the webcast on espn3. Usually they are blacked out in Canada but they could have shown them in Canada also for the pre season games.
    Just some thoughts on the future planning of pre season games

    • I don’t think it is worth the money to send a camera crew to a game that isn’t being shown on TV. Usually a local channel will send a small crew to the game to cover it for highlights anyway. Same goes for using any other production staff and commentators that it would take to make a broadcast. Even a webcast is a lot more than a few cameramen and a couple commentators in a studio in Toronto.

      ESPN3 is only available on select service providers, none of which are Canadian. Even events that ESPN holds Canadian rights to aren’t available on ESPN3 for Canadians.

      • well i guess it was just most likely a one time kinda thing with Euro 2012. I know in order to get the final rounds the contract called for TSN to also carry the early rounds as well. would not have made much sense to not carry the widely watched event for a few pre season games. oh well just wondering.
        Just seemed like bad planning. Im sure if TSN would have passed the rights to shawtv for the western teams games they would most likely would have been more than happy to cover them. I know that they do have a football crew in place that covers Canada West game of the week

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