Canadian Sports Ratings Update: June 13, 2012

Here are sports ratings for June 4-11. Yes, I already posted some of this yesterday. Anyway; it was a busy weekend in sports. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

NJ-LA (g3), June 4, CBC: 2.155 million
NJ-LA (g4), June 6, CBC: 3.014 million
LA-NJ (g5), June 9, CBC: 3.109 million
NJ-LA (g6), June 11, CBC: 3.133 million

UEFA Euro 2012
POL-GRE, June 8, TSN: 354, 000
RUS-CZE, June 8, TSN: 435, 000
NED-DEN, June 9, TSN2: 529, 000
GER-POR, June 9, TSN: 1.027 million
ITA-ESP, June 10, TSN: 1.101 million
IRE-CRO, June 10, TSN: 799, 000
ENG-FRA, June 11, TSN: 709, 000

TOR-CHW, June 5, SN: 679, 000
TOR-CHW, June 6, SN: 612, 000
TOR-CHW, June 7, SN: 735, 000
TOR-ATL, June 9, SN: 493, 000
TOR-ATL, June 19, SN: 464, 000

OKC-SA (g5), June 4, TSN: 235, 000
BOS-MIA (g5), June 5, TSN: 311, 000
SA-OKC (g6), June 6, TSN: 256, 000
MIA-BOS (g6), June 7, TSN: 335, 000
BOS-MIA (g7), June 9, TSN: 417, 000

Formula One
Canadian GP, June 10, CTV: 345, 000

Horse Racing
Belmont Stakes, June 9, TSN: 290, 000

The Euro 2012 ratings are more than impressive. Over a million viewers puts it in CFL and NHL territory on TSN. The comparable Saturday and Sunday afternoon games from the 2010 World Cup were 1.305 for Argentina vs. Nigeria (Saturday) and 2.275 for England vs. USA (Sunday). Obviously Euro doesn’t bring in as many mainstream sports fans as the World Cup does.

The ratings for the Canadian Grand Prix are actually down from 2010. A bit surprising considering it was on CTV for the first time in ten years. That year the race was on TSN and went head-to-head with the World Cup on CBC. It had stiff competition from Ireland vs. Croatia and a Jays game. Both brought in more viewers. Not good news for Formula 1, which is in the midst of its most competitive season ever. Lewis Hamilton became the 7th different driver to win the first seven races in 2012.

The Stanley Cup Final averaged 2.7 million viewers over six games. That is unsurprisingly less than half the 6.15 million average who watched the seven game thriller between Boston and Vancouver a year ago. 2010 is a more comparable year when the Blackhawks defeated Philadelphia in six games. That series averaged 3.1 million viewers. Amazing how CFL and NHL ratings are both slightly down in 2012. Are Canadians simply watching less sports?

Continuing with the 2010 comparisons, that year was the last time TSN broadcast the Belmont Stakes. It averaged 165, 000 two years ago. Is there a renewed interest in horse racing? A sport that, along with boxing, many experts considered dead. Imagine how high the ratings would have been if Canadian horse I’ll Have Another was able to compete for the Triple Crown (he was a scratch due to injury).


6 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: June 13, 2012

  1. Do you happen to know what kind of numbers TSN got last year for the Canadian Grand Prix by comparison (you said they’re down from 2010)? According to BBM’s archives, RDS got 755,000 for last year’s 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, impressive I guess considering it was a rain soaked event that lasted over 4 hours with a 2 hour red flag in the middle. It’ll be interesting to see how this year’s race did on RDS if it cracks the top 30 on the French television side when those numbers are available.

  2. This is cool to see I enjoy seeing ratings of stuff I watch NHL, CFL and Soccer(football) consistently, and like to see comparing ratings with euro, the euro ratings are great to see and many of those games are on during work or school so it’s not as easy for everyone, I skip school to watch Germany game like I do for Chelsea and it’s great see my teams and all the ratings, good stuff here :)

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if the Euro Final can top the Stanley Cup in ratings this year. I feel it has an outside shot if the right 2 countries matchup.

  4. More numbers from BBM.

    NHL: Stanley Cup Final averaged 529,000 for games 3 (6/4), 4 (6/6), and 5 (6/9) on RDS.
    F1: Canadian Grand Prix on RDS drew 454,000, way down from last year’s number above.

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