CTV Announces 2012 Olympic Coverage Details

The CTV/Rogers Olympic Broadcast Consortium announced details of their 2012 London Olympics coverage this afternoon. CTV, TSN, Sportsnet and OLN will combine to show over 1000 hours of coverage in English, with an additional 700 hours airing in French and over 200 hours in other languages. CTVOlympics.ca will also stream over 2000 hours of unedited coverage straight from Olympic venues.

The Consortium also announced a key change to TSN’s morning show. SportsCentre’s morning loop team of Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole were originally scheduled to host the show. However, Kate Beirness is now scheduled to host Olympic Morning on TSN. No reason was given for the change; however, Beirness was particularly strong in her role hosting NCAA March Madness on TSN earlier this year.

Here is a complete breakdown of the number of hours for every language.

English (TSN, CTV, SN, OLN): 1114 hours
French (RDS and V): 704 hours
Others* (OMNI.1, OMNI.2, ATN): 223 hours

*Coverage will air in Bangla, Cantonese, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu on these channels.

CTVOlympics.ca will also stream coverage from CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, RDS and V. In addition, 2100 hours of IOC international feed raw coverage will air online.

Here is a quote from Adam Ashton, President, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium:

We are committed to bringing Canadians a robust Olympic Games experience, whether on television or digital platforms. With 26 sports, plus a sizeable time difference and so many people on the go during the Summer, it is important to provide Canadians with a choice on how, when, and where they want to consume London 2012 content.

Overall, I am quite impressed with CTV’s 2012 plans. CTV will show 16 hours of original Olympic coverage per day, about 5 hours more per than NBC. In total, almost 275 hours of coverage will air on CTV (not including overnight encores). During Beijing 2008 CBC showed between 15 and 18 hours of coverage per day.

The big difference is on cable though. TSN had 150 hours of coverage in Beijing. This time TSN will show over 200 hours of coverage, with an additional 200+ on Sportsnet. While CTV’s coverage is similar to what CBC did during the Athens 2004 Games, the cable offering is easily the most significant ever for a Summer Olympics in Canada.

CTV Analysts… In commentator news, Russ Anber, who used to host the boxing show In This Corner on TSN, will be CTV’s boxing analyst in London. Still no announcement on who will do boxing play-by-play.

Former TSN hockey commentator Paul Romanuk, best known for his calls of the World Junior Hockey Championships, will do play-by-play triathlon and wrestling. Romanuk semi-retired from broadcasting when he moved to London in 2005. He will get to work the Olympic games in his home city for the broadcaster in the country he was born. Romanuk was CBC’s basketball commentator at the 2008 Olympics.

One other addition to CTV’s team is RJ Broadhead, who will call beach volleyball.

Here is  complete list of Olympic timeslots for the consortium.

CTV Morning – 4am-12pm ET (hosted by Dave Randorf and Catriona Le May Doan)
CTV Daytime – 12pm-6pm ET (hosted by James Duthie and Jennifer Hedger)
CTV Primetime – 7pm-11pm local (hosted by Brian Williams

TSN Morning – 6am-12pm ET (hosted by Kate Beirness)
TSN Daytime – 12pm-5pm ET (hosted by Michael Landsberg)
TSN Primetime – 7pm-11pm ET (hosted by Darren Dutchyshen)

SN Morning – 6am-12pm ET (hosted by Don Taylor)
SN Daytime – 12pm-5pm ET (hosted by Darren Millard)
SN Primetime – 7pm-11pm ET/MT/PT* (hosted by Brad Fay)

*SN Primetime will air at 7pm ET on East/Ontario, 7pm MT on West and 7pm PT on Pacific.

RDS Morning – 4am-12pm ET (hosted by Claude Mailhot)
RDS Daytime – 12pm-6:30pm ET (hosted by Alain Crête)
RDS Primetime – 7pm-11pm ET (hosted by Chantal Machabée)

V Morning – 4am-12pm ET (hosted by Yanick Bouchard)
V Daytime – 12pm-6pm ET (hosted by Frédéric Plante)
V Primetime – 7pm-11pm ET (hosted by Jean Pagé)

12 thoughts on “CTV Announces 2012 Olympic Coverage Details

  1. Noooooo! I was looking forward to waking up in the morning to see Jay and Dan!

  2. What will Jay and Dan be up to? I could see them doing something like Cabbie does during the Olympics.

    • Correction: I could see Dan & Jay hosting their own daily 4 to 5 minute podcast style show that could air on CTV and/or TSN.

      • I think they will do the 6pm ET edition of SportsCentre. TSN will probably want their top team to do the SportsCentre that will first show highlights to many Canadians as they get home. Especially since Rod Smith and Kate Beirness have other roles. Will probably have to go head-to-head with Hazel Mae at Sportsnet too.

  3. I am surprised that Dutchyshen and Hedger are not paired as they work well together. Having Duthie working with her is a mistake.

    I think Staniszewski should be on TSN morning instaed of Beirness. Staniszewski overall is better at the anchor desk. Her diction and voice are clearer than Beirness.

    Do you think Sportsnet will have a second announcer to pair up with Mae?

    • Why is Duthie a mistake? He is going to replace Brian Williams as the face of sports on CTV/TSN once Williams retires. Much like the role MacLean had at CBC for years. He was great in Vancouver, where the mistake was pairing him with Lisa Laflamme, who knows little about sports. Him and Hedger should be great together.

      Beirness proved herself during March Madness as a host of a big event. Staniszewski hasn’t proven herself in a similar role whatsoever.

      Not sure if they will or not. If they do, probably Ken Reid, I’d guess.

  4. I think that Dutchyshen and Hedger bond well on the anchor desk and that should not be broken. Breaking up anchors is a risk. It would not be a wise decision to have Onrait and O’Toole separated and insert someone else. I do not think Duthie has worked much with Hedger. I think Duthie does a terrific job and I agree, pairing him up with LaFlamme was a major error.

    It looks like we have opposite opinions and Beirness and Staniszewski. You are correct, Staniszewski has not been in the same role but, she has proven herself on the anchor desk. She also covered the 2010 Grey Cup.

  5. Who will do the opening ceremony with Brian Williams? It was Lloyd Robertson and Catriona LeMay Doan in Vancouver. Even though he no longer anchors the national news, Lloyd should be in London, given his long history of covering the Olympics.

  6. they changed from onrait and o’toole on the morning show because they are for grown-ups. best combo in sports broadcasting.

  7. I think your female swim commentator is painful to listen to. It sounds like she is on the verge of crying all the time and makes me want to watch coverage on another channel.

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