TSN Unveils Euro 2012 Coverage Plans

TSN unveiled their Euro 2012 coverage plans today. Euro 2012 begins in Poland and the Ukraine in just over a week. TSN, TSN2 and CTV (yes, CTV, really) will show all 31 games from the tournament. TSN will use the international commentary feed. Who those commentators are is still not known, although I’ll be sure to post as soon as I find out.

Here is a link to the complete Canadian TV schedule. I will also post a daily schedule throughout the tournament that will include TV information for Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Ireland, for those who are interested in such things.

Here is TSN’s press release. You can continue after the break for details of TLN’s coverage in Italian and Spanish.

One of the world’s biggest sporting events is here and TSN is giving Canadians complete coverage of every minute of UEFA EURO 2012. All 31 games from UEFA EURO 2012 will be broadcast in high definition with 26 games on TSN, four games on TSN2 and one game on CTV. TSN’s coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 begins Friday, June 8 with Poland taking on Greece with pregame coverage beginning at 11 a.m. ET. See full broadcast schedule below.

French language coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 airs on RDS and RDS2.

“UEFA EURO is an incredible spectacle of sport and culture where passion and pride are as much a part of the game as winning,” said Stewart Johnston, President of TSN. “No matter who you are cheering for, Canadians can watch all of the excitement and international drama live as it unfolds.”

In addition to live broadcast coverage, TSN will produce extensive UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows along with EURO TONIGHT, a nightly show recapping all of the day’s action. TSN’s studio coverage will be led by the network’s acclaimed soccer broadcast team of Luke Wileman and Jason deVos. Along with highlights and game analysis, TSN’s UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows will also track the EURO frenzy taking place across Canada.

UEFA EURO 2012 on TSN is proving to be one of the hottest broadcast properties for Canadian advertisers this summer. Major sponsors of TSN’s coverage include Adidas, Carlsberg, CIBC, KIA and Unilever.

TSN Mobile TV

TSN gives fans on-the-go live coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 games exclusively on TSN Mobile TV. The mobile services will also feature TSN’s UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows and EURO TONIGHT.

TSN Radio

TSN Radio in Toronto (AM 1050), Montreal (AM 990) and Winnipeg (AM 1290) have extensive live UEFA EURO 2012 coverage with games throughout the Group Stage as well as the Playoffs and the Final.

TSN Radio stations will also give fans up-to-the minute UEFA EURO 2012 news along with analysis from Wileman and deVos throughout the tournament. Bell Media sports radio stations TEAM Radio in Vancouver and TEAM1200 in Ottawa will also have live game coverage.

Following its record coverage last summer of 3 top international tournaments from Germany, Columbia and Argentina, TLN continues its longstanding tradition of broadcasting the world’s biggest international soccer tourneys, with multilingual, multichannel coverage of Europe’s top tournament, UEFA EURO 2012, being held in Poland and Ukraine from June 8-July 1. Matches will air in Italian and Spanish across TLN’s family of channels including main flagship channel, TLN Telelatino, all Italian language channel Mediaset Italia and all Spanish language channel TLN en Español.

Celebrate the tournament ‘fanatic style!’ and revel in the energy and excitement of the Italian play-by-play and colour commentary featuring Tuscany’s own Antonio Giorgi returning after his widely praised coverage of the 2011 FIFA U20 World Cup Colombia) and Canada’s renowned soccer analyst and TLN host Alf DeBlasis. Explosive Spanish commentary features ESPN Deportes network’s world renowned announcers including former Mexican international footballer José Antonio Noriega, sportscaster Jorge Ramos and World Cup Argentinean champion Mario Kempes.

31 thoughts on “TSN Unveils Euro 2012 Coverage Plans

  1. Ukraine, not ‘the Ukraine’.

    Sorry, it’s a pet peeve I’ve developed in the past few months with all this Euro talk going on.

  2. I can’t wait! It’s finally here! I love euros and world cup and watching international teams, I’m a huge Germany fan and can’t wait! I’m excited! Sportsnet does great job for EPL and Champions League but Im glad TSN has allege euros games! Come on Germany! Can’t wait for the first Germany and games I’m going to enjoy all of them, especially Germany!

  3. it’s just UKRAINE. NOT the Ukraine. Get it right!

  4. I am so happy that TSN has Euro 2012. TSN and CBC are the best when it comes to the major soccer tournaments. I can’t stand Gerry Dobson and Sportsnet’s coverage of anything.

    Jason DeVos is a good analyst but I wish TSN would bring back the old team of Vic Rauter, Dick Howard and add in Jason DeVos in there. Rauter is still at TSN but I think Howard might be at Sportsnet now.

    • I know Dick Howard has filled in for Craig Forrest on Saturday mornings in the past, but the last I remember seeing him was on Bold in 2010, when they were broadcasting the lesser of the simultaneous group matches from South Africa. I would think that if he was at Sportsnet, he’d be used more than he is right now.

    • Howard is freelance, I believe.

      I like Wileman and de Vos, a lot. Maybe the best soccer commentating crew in North America. I’m not a huge fan of Rauter on soccer. Sportsnet needs to use Forrest and Howard more.

    • I loved the World Cup and even CBC did a fine job doing it, Glad TSN doing Euro’s its nice to see, Im excited and counting the days down and I’ll be happy with any of the selected analysts, but I will have to disagree with on the Sports-net analysts part, I like Dobson and Forrest they do a great job for EPL and Champions League and whatever, I like all CBC,TSN, Sportsnet analysts, but Im most familiar with sportsnet’s as the TSN guys are good but not out there much and CBC just had World Cup after they lost MLS rights but ya I am excited for Euros! I love Football(soccer)!

  5. I assume that CTV’s broadcast on Sunday, June 17th is because there are two simultaneous group games and the Canadian Grand Prix to be aired by Bell Media. I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t put the GP on CTV instead – it’s one of the glamour events of the Canadian sports calendar, although I also realize that the audience for footie will likely be larger.

    • Canadian GP is he week before. I think the other event on TSN2 is NASCAR. I’m not entirely certain though. Sounds like CTV will show Canadian GP as TSN has Euro 2012 on June 10, a change from the original schedule that had Euro on TSN2 and Canadian GP on TSN. Will probably be officially announced next week.

      • I just went ahead on Canoe’s TV listings to 6/10 and it lists the Canadian Grand Prix on CTV, although it appears to have the time incorrect at 1pm ET. Speed will air a 30 minute pre-race show for the Canadian Grand Prix before coverage switches to Fox and then back to Speed for a 30 minute post-race at 4pm ET (I don’t think they would blackout the pre/post race shows on Speed). TSN will have the soccer and TSN2 will have NASCAR Sprint Cup from Pocono.

  6. Will these matched be available to stream live on the TSN and CTV website like the 2010 Olympics were?

    • I think they are announcing deets for this next week, from what I read elsewhere.

      I’m going to be majorly pissed if it isn’t available online.

      • I see nothing that says they will stream online – that’s something I’m sure they’d mention in their press release. They do mention that the games are on TSN Mobiie TV. Remember that the Olympics and the Euros (and for that matter, the World Cup) are different beasts, playing by different rules.

        • From the @TSN_PR: “Details on TSN’s digital coverage for #Euro 2012 will be announced in the coming days…”

          You’re right though, I don’t know why they wouldn’t announce it in the original release, seems stupid.

  7. I like Luke Wileman and Jason DeVos doing the EURO 2012 coverage, prefer them much more than Vic Rauter, Rohan Ricketts, Noel Butler etc… They have built a good chemistry through covering MLS & their new “TSN FC” podcast, think they’ll do a good job. The only other guy I may want in studio is Nigel Reed, he seems to do work for SN, TSN & CBC…

    • Nigel is freelance. To be honest, for the most part, I can’t stand him. No need of having two hosts in the studio anyway. Regardless of his role at CBC, Reed certainly isn’t a pundit. CBC used John Collins in 2010. I thought he was half decent though.

  8. Nigel Reed is a pompous dumbass

    • Well, now we know. We have been told. Just out of pure idle curiosity, who appointed you the judge and jury of pompous dumbasses? Was there an election? I wonder if the expression “takes one to know one” has any relevance here? Are there any more character assasinations that you would care to honour us with? We’re waiting with bated breath to hear your next pronouncements. Tell me, oh great Pooh-Bah, what should I have for lunch today?

  9. Really lookng forward to this. I’m in the minority though of wishing Sportsnet had the coverage over TSN. I Like Gerry Dobson and Craig Forrest, maybe it’s just that I watch them all year during the Premier League broadcasts. Not really gonna bother me though as the actual games themselves will have international feeds anyway. Think it’s going to be a really interesting tournament.


    • In that case I wish theScore had rights so we could hear the Footy Show guys.

      Dobson seems like a great guy. He’s knowledgeable enough. I like him. Forrest, I’m not so sold on. de Vos is much better IMO.

      The thing for these UEFA and FIFA international tournaments. It doesn’t really matter where they air because 95% of the broadcast is the same regardless of whether TSN, Sportsnet or CBC show them.

      • Good point about The Score, I actually consider Kristian Jack the best soccer analyst in Canada.

        • Agreed. Its him, Bobby McMahon and de Vos, then a big gap, then everyone else for me. Him and James are top guys too. At least that’s what I’ve gained from my interactions with them.

    • Ya I know what you mean I enjoy Dobson and forrest over epl and they did great analyst job, and world cup CBC did a fine job with analysts and TSN will do great too, I’m excited for Euro and just like the EPL and Champions league, the broadcasts our from the Europe main networks which is great to hear and love hearing them, I love them. It’s going to be a great month of euros and should be enjoyable whoever is anaylists, there all good even The Score guys, I wish I could be one, one day :)

  10. With TSN having rights, why not use Nabil Karim as the studio host, I thought he did a great job for CBC during the World Cup. Just keep Vic Rauter away, he doesn’t seem that knowledgeable about the sport and while others can get away with it, for him it’s far too obvious.

    • This was probably included in Wileman’s contract (they had acquired EURO a month before they signed him). Arguably a much bigger gig than calling MLS games because these should bring in larger audiences.

  11. For those without cable….I have No TSN…Does the schedule mean that CTV which I get off my HD antenna is only showing one game on June 17th ? I can’t find any other non cable options as i have CTV and CBC free on my HD Antenna system? comments ? Thanks.

    • Correct. CTV is only showing one game (TSN has US Open golf that afternoon). One option would be to subscribe to TSN’s online streaming package (see link below). It is $20 for the whole tournament, but there are other options if you only want to see some games. All games are on TSN/The Team Radio as well (in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and streamed online).


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