2012 NBA Conference Finals TV Schedule

The NBA Conference Finals began last night. The Eastern Conference Final begins this evening. TSN is showing every game of the Conference Finals in Canada.

Marv Albert, Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller and reporter Craig Sager are the commentators for the Western Conference Final, which is broadcast on TNT in America. The commentators for the Eastern Conference Final, which is on ESPN in the US, are Mike Breen, Jeff van Gundy and reporter Doris Burke.

(1) San Antonio Spurs vs. (2) Oklahoma City Thunder
Game 1 – Sunday 5/27 at 8:30pm ET on TSN2
Game 2 – Tuesday 5/29 at 9:00pm ET
Game 3 – Thursday 5/31 at 9:00pm ET
Game 4 – Saturday 6/2 at 8:30pm ET
Game 5 – Monday 6/4 at 9:00pm ET
Game 6 – Wednesday 6/6 at 9:00pm ET
Game 7 – Friday 6/8 at 9:00pm ET

(2) Miami Heat vs. (4) Boston Celtics
Game 1 – Monday 5/28 at 8:30pm ET
Game 2 – Wednesday 5/30 at 8:30pm ET
Game 3 – Friday 6/1 at 8:30pm ET
Game 4 – Sunday 6/3 at 8:30pm ET
Game 5 – Tuesday 6/5 at 8:30pm ET
Game 6 – Thursday 6/7 at 8:30pm ET
Game 7 – Saturday 6/9 at 8:30pm ET

The NBA Finals are scheduled to begin on Tuesday June 12.

5 thoughts on “2012 NBA Conference Finals TV Schedule

  1. It’s too bad that ESPN/ABC have the finals. I would much rather watch TNT, they have better announcers and pre/post/halftime coverage.

    • Agreed. The nba never should have left nbc. TNT’s coverage is leaps and bounds ahead.

      • Maybe it’s just a pipe dream, but I’d love to see NBC and NBC SN take ESPN/ABC’s NBA contract away. Problem is conflicts with NHL, obviously. Wouldn’t be a problem for NBC, but would be for NBC SN during first two rounds of playoffs anyway.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you guys. I find the TNT studio panel to be incredibly annoying and much prefer hearing Magic, Barry, Broussard, and Wilbon talk about basketball in an eloquent manner. This also goes to the commentating teams. The Hubie Brown/Mike Tirico combo is better than anything on TNT and you have to admire ESPN for using Doris Burke as a colour analyst during the early rounds. In a perfect world, their top team would be Brown/Tirico with Burke as the sideline reporter. (Even I have to admit that Jeff Van Gundy is beyond irritating.)

    • Van Gundy is what makes ESPN so bad, IMO. Breen is very good and so is Hubie. Magic is a great analyst (then again, I really liked him as a player too). The Shulman/Burke team is much better than any of TNT’s secondary teams. I wish ESPN would use them more.

      But nobody at ESPN (or any other network) is there with Marv Albert. In a perfect world, he’d still get to call the NBA Finals.

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