2012 Stanley Cup Final Schedule

The National Hockey League has announced the full schedule for the 2012 Stanley Cup Final. It will begin a week from tonight (May 30) at 8:00pm ET on CBC, NBC and RDS. Either New York or New Jersey will host games 1-2, 5 and 7. Los Angeles will host games 3-4 and 6. None of the networks have officially unveiled their coverage plans; however I expect the commentators will be Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy (CBC); Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk and Pierre McGuire (NBC); and Pierre Houde and Marc Denis (RDS). I will post the press releases for all three networks when they are available.

For now here is the schedule. All times are Eastern.

Game 1 – Wednesday May 30 at 8:00pm (in NJ/NY)
Game 2 – Saturday June 2 at 8:00pm (in NJ/NY)
Game 3 – Monday June 4 at 8:00pm (in LA)
Game 4 – Wednesday June 6 at 8:00pm (in LA)
Game 5 – Saturday June 9 at 8:00pm (in NJ/NY)
Game 6 – Monday June 11 at 8:00pm (in LA)
Game 7 – Wednesday June 13 at 8:00pm (in NJ/NY)

One thought on “2012 Stanley Cup Final Schedule

  1. Judging by the schedule for RDS, I would suspect Pierre Houde will miss game 5 as he’ll be covering the Grand Prix du Canada. Last year he and Alain Crête just swapped places with Crête calling the game on site and Houde hosting in studio. They should give game 5 to Félix Séguin in my opinion, he’s rounding nicely into a number two pxp for them and he’s actually called pxp all year for them unlike Crête.

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