TSN Showed 272 Hockey Games in 2011-12

TSN issued a press release today stating that they showed a total of 272 hockey games this season. Here is a breakdown.


  • 85 games – NHL Regular Season Regional Games (Jets, Canadiens)
  • 74 games – NHL Regular Season National games
  • 30 games – NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (3 Rounds)
  • 27 games – Hockey Canada domestic and international events
  • 26 games – IIHF World Junior Championship
  • 21 games – IIHF World Championship
  • 9 games – NHL Pre-Season

Is this really relevant in any way? Nope. I thought some would be interested though. And I’d love to see one from Sportsnet with NHL, CHL, University Cup and Memorial Cup games.

2 thoughts on “TSN Showed 272 Hockey Games in 2011-12

  1. These are the numbers of regular season games that Sportsnet broadcasted according to their press releases at the beginning of the season:

    Leafs – 29
    Flames – 60
    Oilers – 60
    Canucks – 57
    Senators – 52

    Total NHL: 258 – I believe there was an individual broadcast for every game even if they played each other. So you shouldn’t have to figure out how many games featured two teams.

    Memorial Cup: 8 for sure (possibly 9 if there is a tie breaker)

    Friday Night Hockey: 12? I don’t know if there is a concrete number out there but I would get 12 is the lowest number of games.

    Total CHL: 20

    University Cup: 7? That is the total number of games that were played. I forget if all were broadcasted or not.

    Just by doing some quick math that would be: 285 games.

    I don’t know if you can compare those numbers evenly with TSN because of all the regional games but in terms of production and behind the scenes effort Sportsnet put on a lot more hockey programming then TSN but you could argue that more goes into a National broadcast then a Regional broadcast.

    What does everyone else think?

    • Memorial Cup is 9 (there is a tiebreaker). The University Cup was only 2 (UNB’s semi and a final).

      There weren’t individual broadcasts for Oilers/Flames games. So knock of a few there. Sportsnet did do a few preseason broadcasts though.

      So, Sportsnet had more hockey than TSN. Of course most of Sportsnet’s was NHL regional, but then so was 1/3 TSN’s. Thanks for doing the math.

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