Champions League Final: Tomorrow on Sportsnet and Fox

I’ve got two Champions League press releases tonight. Sportsnet and Fox will both have their own unique coverage of the UEFA Champions League final from Munich tomorrow afternoon. Gerry Dobson and Craig Forrest will host Sportsnet’s coverage from Toronto, while Rob Stone, will present Fox’s coverage from the Allianz Arena in Munich with analysts Eric Wynalda and Brad Friedel. I expect Sportsnet will use the international feed commentary (BBC’s Martin Fisher and ESPN’s Craig Burley were the commentators last year), while Fox will use Sky Sports’ commentary with the legendary Martin Tyler and Gary Neville.

First up, Sportsnet’s PR.

All eyes will be on Sportsnet on Saturday, May 19 as FC Bayern Munich hosts Chelsea FC in the UEFA Champions League Final, live from Munich at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT on Sportsnet East, Ontario, West and Pacific.

SOCCER CENTRAL’s Craig Forrest and Gerry Dobson set the stage for the prestigious match with a special 45-minute pregame show. Stephen Brunt joins the panel with a feature story on Roman Abramovich’s quest to win the Champions League Final as owner of Chelsea. The show will also feature “Forrest’s Finest”, as the Sportsnet soccer analyst names his “Best XI” team from the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League competition. The panel will also provide half-time and post-game analysis of the match.

Prior to game day, fans can prime for the match by visiting for the latest predictions and analysis from the panel. Online coverage continues on Saturday, with a full match report, video highlights, photos and postgame analysis.

Following a thrilling comeback against defending champion FC Barcelona in the semifinals, Chelsea earned a berth in the Champions League Final for the first time in four years. Similarly, Bayern Munich upset Real Madrid in the semifinals to clinch their spot in the final.

Sportsnet is Canada’s home of UEFA Champions League soccer, recently announcing a three-year partnership extension through the 2014-15 season.

And Fox.

Only two teams and one game remain in the 2012 UEFA Champions League, the world’s most-watched elite club soccer tournament. On the grandest stage of European soccer, German club Bayern Munich and England’s Chelsea FC face off inside UEFA Fußball Arena Munchen on Saturday, May 19 in Munich, Germany. Bayern has the advantage of being the first team to play a UEFA Champions League Final in its home stadium, while Chelsea is on a quest to capture its first European Cup. For the third consecutive year, FOX Sports is broadcasting this showcase event live, with coverage beginning at 2:00 PM ET.

Live from Munich, FOX Sports’ Curt Menefee serves as event host, with FOX Soccer’s Rob Stone hosting on-site studio coverage. FOX Soccer analyst and American National Soccer Hall of Famer Eric Wynalda joins Tottenham goalkeeper and former United States National Team player Brad Friedel for pre-game, halftime and post-match analysis. Legendary Sky Sports play-by-play announcer Martin Tyler calls the match with analysis from former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.

I’ve heard good and bad reviews about both networks’ coverage. I am interested to hear who is watching which channel though. Enjoy the game everyone.

10 thoughts on “Champions League Final: Tomorrow on Sportsnet and Fox

  1. I will be watching the FOX feed. If there is one thing that twitter has exposed, it is how arrogant Canadian Journalists are. Only one journalist, Bruce Arthur (who contributes to TSN and TSN Radio), has the class to comment on a rival’s post (last week’s Damian Cox Column about the Marlies) the worst hypocrite happens to be Damien Cox, if you look at his posts Sportsnet and the FAN 590 can do no wrong.

  2. I’ll be watching Sportsnet… I can’t take how Fox have to “NFL-ize” their coverage. Everything from the music to having Curt Menefee as the host (I have the same issues with how they do UFC) and I also find Rob Stone and Eric Wynalda annoying.

    Only reason to watch Fox for me would be for Martin Tyler

    • Sorry, I got off on a tangent there. I will be watching FOX because of Martin Tyler. Don’t really care about the pregame, halftime or postgame shows

  3. Hard not to agree with you abt Damien Cox, but for the match… I’ll be watching Fox, I think, and avoiding their little off stage awkwardness with serious vigilance. I won’t pass up an opportunity to catch Tyler with “AGUEROOOOOOOOO” in his back pocket. Awesome. Thanks for the info, too.

  4. Watched it on Sportsnet.As Kamel said, can’t do the NFL style coverage on Fox and not to sound terrible but I can’t take lsitening to Americans discuss Footy. It always sounds fake to me for some reason. Sad day for Football when John Terry lfts the European Cup though.

  5. I was willing to endure the Fox NFL style of presentation to enjoy Martin Tyler’s commentary but Gary Neville seriously puts me off, so I switched at kick-off to have Michael Robinson’s analysis with Martin Fisher on Sportsnet.
    Somehow methinks the international feed lined up Michael Robsinson expecting a Barca / Real final ….

    • Of the little I saw of Robinson, he was terrible. And he’s lost his English accent (just as I see Friedel has lost his American accent too). It certainly was strange having that accent on a television broadcast. Was a bit hard to describe (and understand).

      Fisher is okay, but he isn’t big game okay. He isn’t Tyler, Darke, Champion, Mowbray etc.

  6. I hate how they just throw Stephen Brunt onto every “big” sports broadcast now. He brought nothing to table on Saturday. He should just stick to hockey and/or stayed at the Globe.

  7. Martin Tyler is incredible!!!! As much as i hate the overuse of the nfl on fox theme(its ruined it for me,especially cuz it took away a brilliant mlb theme). I actually didnt mind the studio show other than the poor transitions into the tyler and neville commentary.

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