CTV Analyst Donovan Bailey Charged With Drunk Driving

Former 100m Olympic gold medallist and current CTV Olympics commentator Donovan Bailey has been charged with drunk driving. The alleged incident, where he blew a Breathalyzer over the legal limit of 0.08, took place in the early morning on March 28, around 12:30am. Just hours earlier he was officially unveiled as a studio analyst for athletics on CTV during the London Olympics.

According to reports Bailey is currently promoting the Olympics in Jamaica. In the six weeks that have followed the incident, he has continued to work for CTV. When reached for comment, the Olympic Consortium replied that they have no comment.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I charged with a drunk driving offence just after starting a new job, I wouldn’t expect to continue in that job very long. But, seeing as Bailey is one of the stars of CTV’s on-air talent, I’m interested to see if CTV will hold on to him.

This is developing news this morning. I will update when more is known.

5 thoughts on “CTV Analyst Donovan Bailey Charged With Drunk Driving

  1. I don’t see much happening to him at all, although I bet he’ll be (and probably is already) on a very short leach with the Consortium for the next three months. It happened six weeks ago, so they seem to be standing by him.

  2. He is much too high profile and important to their coverage for them to dump him.

  3. Not a big deal, but legal limit is 0.08.

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