CBC; TSN Announce Conference Finals Commentators

The NHL’s Conference Finals will begin Sunday night in Glendale. Today CBC and TSN both announced their coverage plans for the 3rd round. Here is a quick summary.

Western Conference Final – Phoenix Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings
Games 1-3 (TSN): Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro (reporter: Sara Orlesky)
Games 4-7 (CBC): Bob Cole & Garry Galley (reporter: Scott Oake)
NBC/NBC SN: Dave Strader, Brian Engblom & Darren Pang

Eastern Conference Final – Rangers/Capitals vs. New Jersey Devils
All games (CBC): Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Elliotte Friedman)
NBC/NBC SN: Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

Both networks will use the regulars in studio as TSN has James Duthie, Bob McKenzie, Aaron Ward and Marc Crawford. CBC will use Ron MacLean, Don Cherry, PJ Stock and Kelly Hrudey.

16 thoughts on “CBC; TSN Announce Conference Finals Commentators

  1. I thought Ryan Rishaug was doing the reporter duties for TSN.

  2. So is CBC keeping MacLean and the studio crew at home for round 3; in the past they’ve always gone on the road for one of the conference finals. I guess it makes more sense to keep them in Toronto until the finals so MacLean can anchor every night.
    Surprised they’re sending Bob Cole out west. Two years ago they kept him in the east for the ECF featuring Montreal while Hughson/Simpson got relegated to 1 game of the WCF between San Jose and Chicago. For TSN it looks like they alternate pxp men… Miller gets the conf finals one year, Cuthbert the next year and so on.

  3. Extremely pissed off Bob Cole won’t be calling the ECF. He is the voice of the playoffs in Canada. I can’t be staying up late to watch that series so the treat of hearing Cole call a playoff series is gone. It’ll be a couple of 1st periods and maybe a weekend game for me.

    Also: No Bruce Boudreau? CBC is dropping the ball here.

    • Some of the West Final games will be 8pm ET starts. Even 9pm ET isn’t bad, is it? I guess maybe I’m just used to staying up later anyway with shows like CSI and Hawaii 5-0 not on in HD until 11:00 here.

      There will be an afternoon game in that series too, probably on Sunday May 20.

      I expect Boudreau may be involved for some games. He wasn’t mentioned in the 2nd round PR either, but they used him for a few days.

      • I am glad that there will be 1800h Pacific starts during the week. I hope that on Saturday, May 19, the semi-final game will not be any earlier than 1200h Pacific.

        I am surprised that Bob Cole is being used for games four to seven in the Kings-Coyotes series. I thought Mark Lee would get to call those games. I wish Ferarro would be sent to Europe and Johnson would do the playoff games.

        • The May 19 game is a 1:00pm ET start because NBC has The Preakness later in the day.

          It is probably in Cole’s contract to do a Conference Final. They can’t just decide to use Lee because Cole is old.

          Ferraro is TSN’s #1 for the long-term. I don’t see a problem with him doing the NHL games. Johnson has done the Worlds a few times before now. Him and Randorf work well together.

          • The CBC better expect low ratings for May 19. I heard on the radio that game three of the Devils-TBA series could be a morning game in the Pacific and Mountain timezones. I was praying that until NHL.com releases the game times for the two semi-final series on its website, it would be on later in the day at 1700h Pacific. It is obvious now that it will not be happening.

            I understand the Cole situation, it is just a preference for Lee instead of Cole. I am not a fan of Ferarro. He is a decent colour commentator but tends to ramble on far too much. I think Johnson is better and has a clearer voice plus he can gel with any play by play commentator.

            • I don’t think an early PDT start will hurt audiences of the East Final, to be honest. Remember, some 70-75% of the Canadian population lives in Manitoba-east.

              And yes, game 3 of the Devils series will get the Saturday afternoon slot.

              • The 1700h PT start is a good start time and I am not complaining about that. The ratings will be decent for the CBC and more western viewers will be able to watch more of the game. Remember, Vancouver is the second largest english television market in Canada.

                It is the game three start at 1000h Pacific on Saturday morning that western fans do not like. The ratings for the previous Saturday early game was quite low. The audience for the Capitals-Rangers game on May 5 was just 614,000.

    • I doubt most people tune into a game just to hear the commentator.

      • Be careful, that might get you some thumbs down. As dumb as it sounds, there are people who do. And there are people who won’t watch because of a commentator. For me, the on-ice product comes first.

        • I still enjoy hearing Bob Cole’s voice, even if he does make alot of mistakes these days. If he were doing play-by-play of the ECHL I’d watch.

        • The on ice product comes first. Nowadays with the internet, you can find another feed with a different commentating team. Some people prefer the radio feed and mute the TV because they don’t like one of the announcers.

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